Neat Solutions 10 Pack Water Resistant Drooler Bib Set, Multi-color

Neat Solutions 10 Pack Water Resistant Drooler Bib Set, Multi-color

This water-resistant bib comes in a set of 10 so you’ll always have a clean one handy to protect your baby’s clothes at mealtime.

Main features

  • Front 75% Cotton/25% Polyester Back/100% Peva
  • Imported
  • Easy Closure
  • Multi-Pack
  • Characters/Sayings
  • Water-Resistant Backing
  • Protects Baby’s Clothes

Verified reviews


Don’t waste your money

My son was starting to drool a lot because of teething. So I ordered these because they seemed like a great deal and they had a waterproof lining so I thought they would keep my baby’s clothes dry. When I purchased them, I assumed the waterproof lining was sewn in between two pieces of terrycloth….but, that’s not the case! The lining is exposed on the back with a really thin piece of terrycloth on the front. I felt like I was torturing my son by putting one on him. These bibs are loud, extremely tight around the neck (have no stretch whatsoever), very small, and cheaply made. Don’t waste your money! I ended up throwing them away.

Jeri Connerville, OK

Do the Job

These bibs are pretty cheaply made, but it is expected for the price. I do love the plastic backing in the back. It does a good job of protecting my baby’s clothes. I have washed and dried (though it says air dry) these bibs a few times already and they seem to hold up just fine. Overall, its a good deal for the price.

Carole Williamstown, KY

great but….

They get the job done for a great price. Only thing is u have to turn your dryer on low or medium or the back will melt with the first wash. I found that out the hard way.

Tessa Curwensville, PA

They do what they are supposed to.

I just wish they had another layer of terry cloth on the back to wipe my son’s face when he’s done eating.

Janine Cecil, WI


Very nice vibrant colors with cute designs and texts .. I love these its the best for this prize i recommend it

Jodie Helenwood, TN

Bibs don’t last long…

These bibs only lasted me a month or two. The "loop" side of the velcro wore out completely, and now the bibs won’t stay on. Unfortunately, the "hook" side still works, and sticks to EVERYTHING in the laundry….tearing at the stitching of other clothes. Don’t waste your money here. Get some with snaps or velcro that will last!

Penny Bonneau, SC

Do the job, but are thin

I did not pay much for these, so expectations were not too high. They are a great find for sending my 6 m old off to daycare. I don’t care what happens to them. They do the job okay, but are super thin and I would not say water resistant. She is a drool machine and will go through 3 bibs in a few hours.

Lucile Fort Defiance, AZ


These bibs are great for the price. We go through a ton of bibs each day with our little drooler, and these work fine to keep him dry. However, I ordered these in addition to some I already had in different prints; upon arrival, I received the same prints I already had. So, I contacted Amazon and they sent me a replacement set, free of charge. Sweet. They arrived today, the same exact prints, NOT THE ONES SHOWN. So, I now have THREE sets of the same exact bibs. So, review for the bibs–they’re fine, and honestly I haven’t found one magical solution to capturing drool, and these keep him dry. However, if you’re expecting the prints to be as shown, don’t be surprised if they’re not correct!Update 11/26/2013A lot of people say these bibs aren’t dryer safe and complain about the backing. I’ve had one set of these for 7 months, and 2 additional sets for about 1 month. I’ve washed and dried all of them with no problems. In fact, washing and drying them seem to soften them and lessen the “crinkling” that others claim to be so bothersome. Perhaps my kid just drools like a maniac, but the waterproof backing is a MUST and these work pretty well. As for the size, I have a large 7 month old (31″, 22lbs) and these bibs seem appropriately sized. I guess I don’t really understand what people are expecting for the quantity and price. I am pleasantly surprised and am upping my 4 stars to 5 stars, simply because I use about 6-7 of these a day with a super drooler and don’t know what I’d do without them!

Aileen Liberty, PA

Too small, can’t put in dryer, hazard

You can’t put these in the dryer even on the lowest heat setting because the plastic backing will melt. Additionally, the opening for the neck is not that wide, so it didn’t even fit my 6 month old. Lastly, when I tried to sell them to a consignment store (I only tried one in the dryer and only tried to sell the others), they informed me that this type of thin plastic backed bib is considered a choking hazard and they could neither sell them nor donate them, recommending that they be thrown away.

Pauline Stilwell, KS

Great at first but after wear they’re not staying on

These were great at first – wonderful colors and cute little animals and sayings. Not to mention they were nice and water resistant to my drooling, teething, baby. After just a few months of wear the Velcro is not working very well at all. The part that connects to the velcro is very small in comparison and has started to wear away. We wash only on gentle cycle but they still aren’t holding up nearly as well as other brands we’ve purchased. We still are using them, though, since they’re not destroyed completely – yet!

Alyson North Star, MI

Good quality, great price.

This was so much better than I expected it to be. I thought I could use some extra bibs, since it was a great price. These are now the bibs I primarily use. It has the plastic back, so it doesn’t soak through onto your child’s clothes. My son is a messy eater and these bibs were a life saver.

Abigail Mountain Rest, SC

You cannot beat the price!

Easy to use, easy to clean…do not not put them in the dryer. My wife got a little lazy with that. The price is incredible. This is a great deal.

Lelia Westville, OK

Well priced and well made!

Excellent bibs! They did not shrink and curl up like the gerber ones I have. That alone makes them worth every penny! But, they were inexpensive, so I feel like I really got a bargain. Perfect protection for my 6 month old drool. We hate for our baby to have wet clothes or a wet chest. This fits the bill!

Susan Stanley, NM

excelent product

love it, washed it a they survived perfectly. good to have many options, since my baby drools so much. it is not the best quality, but good enough for the price.

Clara Jerome, AR

Nojo Making Miricle 10 Pack Water Resistant Drooler Bib

These are so fairly priced for the quality & quantity.They are going to be a great gift for Little Eli whom was born 6 weeks early today !His Mummy is going to love them.I would be happy to recommend them to anyone.

Lourdes Anita, PA

Good for the cost

The pictures on these bibs are average. They are a little on the smaller side. For the cost though they are a good bargain. I send them to my son’s daycare cause he’s a drooler and we use multiple in a day.

Isabelle Cornwall, CT



Charlotte Belmar, NJ

Four Stars

Good option

Willie Cohutta, GA

I brought these as a gift they are well worth the money

I brought these as a gift they are well worth the money they are so adorable I love all of the different writing on them they each have something different on them these are really nice for a baby

Rita Hemlock, IN

It’s alright for the price

Not recommended if your baby spits out a lot as the material is very thin and not absorbent. 1 side terry cloth and the other side waterproof lining. I bought these as my baby is drooling a lot.

Kelly Kiowa, CO


These feel like plastic. They have such an overriding plastic feeling that I would even put them on my baby. They have a very scratchy thin feeling to them. I guess they may be good for the price, though. I guess I can’t speak to that. If it’s for catching drool. I find my preference is just a cloth bib. I’d rather change the bib more often and let the baby be comfortable

Elba Drums, PA

fashionable drool catcher for boys

They are too cute and my 7+ month drool machine stays dry. It is refreshing to purchase a gender specific product that is fun with no hidden meanings. I will definitely buy from this company again.

Annette Halsey, NE

We LOVED These!

My son was a major spit-up kid. Yes, we ruined and stained these bibs beyond recognition. Better than staining the clothes! We found that after a wash or two, they were better at absorbing than at first. Since we cloth-diapered, we had a good drying rack, and never put these in the dryer. It worked out well enough.We loved that they were cute, water-proof, and my son could remove them if he wanted. We clipped his pacifier to them, and it stayed well. He did wear them out in a few months, but for less than a buck a bib, does it matter!? Not really!!

Adrienne Aultman, PA

I like it

Its true its perfect for droolers. Just don’t machine wash it as the plastic will get deformed. I accidentally put one bib on mine so be warned. Colors are soooo cutie!

Shelia Lonoke, AR

To cheap

these are too cheap and chinsy for me…. and the stains never come out… after a wash or two they look terrible.

Olga Dover, IL

I would not buy again

The bibs I received do not look like the ones in the picture. They sent a different color scheme. Also, they are smaller than they appear in the picture.

Augusta Hyde Park, NY

Great deal!

I bought these bibs cause my 4 month old a real dribbler! He goes through around 5 bibs per day so I was happy to get a 10-pck at such a reasonable price. Each bib has a thin plastic lining at the back, so any wetness will not soak through to my baby’s clothing. However the bib does tend to skew alot because the plastic lining makes it more ‘slippery’ around my baby’s neck, so I have to adjust it often.

Maura Slayden, TN

Thumbs Up

I needed these so badly when I ordered them. I was going through half of them in a day sometimes. Early stages of teething (gumming) had my son drooling like crazy. It’s always helpful to get a large set of things that you use often with a baby.

Julie La Fayette, IL

The material is too thin

I must admit that I bought this due to the price. But you do get what you pay for. I kept it due to the fact that I use it during feeding but in normal use when not feeding, the bib always end up in his face when he is lying on his back ( not a cause for concern of not getting air as it is light and the material will never seem to cover the babies nose and mouth that the baby will not get air ) or when he starts moving his hands in a sitting position. It is just annoying for both parents and baby. I normally change the bib after feeding to the heavier cloth bib.

Lillie Poplarville, MS

You get what you pay for

These bibs are super thin and I hate that they make crinkly noises. I ended up not using them at all and just donated them to our daycare.

Jean Galesville, WI