Neat Solutions 3 Pack Applique/ Print Interlock/ Knit Terry Pullover Bib, Boy

Neat Solutions 3 Pack Applique/ Print Interlock/ Knit Terry Pullover Bib, Boy

3 Pack Applique/ Print Interlock/ Knit Terry Pullover Bib- Boy.

Main features

  • Front 100% Cotton/Back 80% Cotton/20% Polyester
  • Imported
  • 3 pack applique/ print interlock/ knit terry pullover bib- boy
  • Applique/ print interlock/ knit terry pullover bib
  • 3 pack boy 1-alligator green, white/ blue stripe, 1- fish bone blue, red/white stripe, 1-whale blue, green/ white stripe.

Verified reviews


Poor quality bibs

We’ve only had these bibs a couple weeks and they already look years old. The printed fabric shrunk more than the terry back fabric, causing it to curl up. The cute patterns have faded terribly over just a couple of washes. These won’t last long. I love the pullover style, and the neck hole is just the right size, but other brands (I like Green Sprouts) are holding up better. The bibs themselves are a bit smaller (less coverage) than other pullovers, though I’m okay with the size. They do still serve their purpose of staying on my little Houdini who can pull off any bib with Velcro or snaps.

Eugenia Seabrook, TX

i love it

great product great quality , and goes right over my sons head so it doesnt scratch his neck, i would buy more

Ingrid Genesee, PA

great bibs

I really like these bibs and my son uses them as soon as they are re-washed from his previous meal. I like that they just slip over his head because it’s fast and velcro scratched up his neck and snaps are good but they do take a bit longer to put on than this bib. If my son is being fussy and squirmy because he is anxious to get some food, then putting this bib on him is so fast and easy. I suppose the one thing that is a possible con, is that he pulled on the bib trying to take it off and this caused the neck to stretch a bit so I have to pull it down in the back so that his neck is covered. Not a big deal though.

Hattie Georgetown, TN

wonderful product

these are a new addition to my son’s drawer and they seem to be doing quite fine so the beginning i was skeptical about whether they will fit as i have had several cases of buying clothes only to find they cant pass over his head (46cm) but these are comfortable. also the coverage is great: 9″W * 7″L.i notice a few other reviewers say they get out of shape after a few washes but i dont have this problem. maybe it’s because i hand wash.

Phyllis Billings, MT

great product, great price

these are much cheaper than the ones I’ve seen in the store, where you would get only 1 for the same price that you pay for 3 here on amazon. love that they go on right over baby’s head, and he can’t pull them off 2 seconds into dinner time!

Angelita Forest Falls, CA

Very large and good material

These bibs are very big and will be perfect for when my baby starts solids in a couple months. The holes are wide with additional stretch so they fit over his head well. The material is also very high quality.

Janell Dickson, TN

Cute, but they really shrink.

These bibs are very cute and protect baby clothes well, but they shrunk significantly even just the first time I washed them. Now they are 9×11 inches and only 6 inches from neck to bottom of the bib. They still work okay, I was just a little bummed that they aren’t as big as they were before.

Gilda Cottonwood, AL


This bib is so nice to just pull over babies head. They are great for road trips. I always hate having the ones that clip or snap in the back rubbing on his neck for a long car ride. LOVE LOVE LOVE these.

Felecia Rexford, NY

these are great

bright colors, nice print. not too thick, but enough for drool. I love the lack of Velcro. That was my whole purpose for getting these. opening is large, so works well for a 6 month old and up.

Alisa Justice, WV