Neat Solutions 3 Pack Applique/ Print Interlock/ Knit Terry Pullover Bib, Girl

Neat Solutions 3 Pack Applique/ Print Interlock/ Knit Terry Pullover Bib, Girl

3 Pack Applique/ Print Interlock/ Knit Terry Pullover Bib- Girl.

Main features

  • Front 100% Cotton/Back 80% Cotton/20% Polyester
  • Imported
  • 3 pack applique/ print interlock/ knit terry pullover bib- girl
  • Applique/ print interlock/ knit terry pullover bib
  • 3 pack girl 1- Blue bird, white/ pink stripe, 1-butterfly, yellow/ white stripe, 1- ladybug, white/ green stripe

Verified reviews


Get these bibs!

These are the best bibs and are a fantastic value for the quality. They dont have annoying velcro that catches on everything. They are a nice size for mealtime and I love that they are cloth because you just throw them in the wash and they come out nice and flat, not all shriveled up like some bibs. Mine have withstood very heavy use and look good ans new and I dont even spray treat them. Best of all they are soft and flexible at the neck so you wont upset baby by putting it on and taking it off.

Holly Brighton, MI

Were our favorite bibs

These bibs were our favorite, especially when child was very young. Easy to get on quickly. neck does stretch out after a while, but we still use 1 year later!

Judy Switchback, WV

pretty but edges roll in the wash due to uneven shrinkage

We had the bibs now for over a year. The colors stay true. They are super-soft. Unfortunately the backing does not shrink at the same rate in the wash as the pretty front, so the edges roll up, but they wash well at high temperatures and our toddler likes that she can pull them on and off herself

Beulah Bremen, ND

Love these

Its so so easy to put them on. One hand and its where it should be. My baby fusses when I take too long to snap the buttons on bibs so I wish they were all like these. Great product.

Greta Hartford, WI

Worth Buying

These bibs are the best of what we bought. They are not as absorbent as we would like, but are far better than the others. They wash well and with a stain remover before washing, they look like new and are five months used.

Pamela Sidon, MS

Great bibs for babies drinking bottles!

I love these bibs, the pullover style is so much better than velcro. When you throw them in the washing machine, they don’t stick to all of your other clothes like velcro bibs do! they are soft and absorbant. Perfect for babies drinking bottles! They catch the milk that might dribble down, so that it doesn’t get on their neck/clothes.Now that my baby is older and started eating solids, I do prefer nylon bibs because they are easier to wipe food off of. But these bibs are absolutely perfect for younger babies drinking bottles!

Ada Argyle, NY

SUCH a great value!

Could not believe how nice and high-quality these bibs were when we received them! What a deal! They are thick, two-layered (terry is on back, knit is on front along with adorable appliques and embroidery.) Great value!

Madeline Lanagan, MO

Good For Larger Babies

We’ve been impressed with these bibs, they really seem to soak up a good amount and are great for babies with larger heads. We have a hard time finding things such as hair bows and pull over bibs that will fit out daughter. I was sad to find that they do shrink alot after you wash them but the hole for the head remains large and not tight at all. Great for babies with sensitive or large heads.

Kelly Laketown, UT

Hole isn’t that big.

From other reviews, I thought the neck opening might be humongous, but it’s a good size. My daughter is 5 months (head circumference in the 50th percentile) and her cousin is 6 months. It fits both just fine. It looks really nice new and does scrunches up after washings, but it doesn’t look bad. If you want it to look nice again, just iron it??? For at home use it doesn’t matter how scrunched up it is to me. It is more comfortable than the velcro and snap closure, so I prefer pullovers. I have bought Babi brand from Babies r us for 3.49/ea when it was on sale at 50% off and Strawberry Shortcake ones for 3 for $9, so I really think this is a deal!

Carol Boaz, KY

Not very good at all

These are of very poor quality, cheap fabric, poor elasticity and colors completely disappear after a couple washes. Found much better that has lasted me 18 months so far and at the same price or cheaper.

Francisca New London, MN

Fit well very absorbant

We are very happy with these bibs for our 3 month old. I would recomend this for 3 month and above as smaller kids would drool underneith it.

Dena Warrens, WI

Love the pullover feature

I will never go back to snap bibs again!! It’s much more comfortable to put on my little one and super easy.

Maria Parrott, GA

Large head opening.

These are nicely made but the neck opening is too large for my baby. She is 4 months and 60th percentile for head size. I need bibs because she spits up and drools a lot but since the neck opening is so large her shirt still gets wet with these bibs. Maybe she will grow into them.

Florence Mauckport, IN