Neat Solutions 8 Pack Multi-Color Solid Knit Terry Feeder Bib, Boy

Neat Solutions 8 Pack Multi-Color Solid Knit Terry Feeder Bib, Boy

8 Pack Multi-Color Solid Knit Terry Feeder Bib -Boy.

Main features

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  • 70% Cotton/30% Polyester
  • Imported
  • 8 pack multi-color solid knit terry feeder bib -boy
  • Knit terry feeder bib
  • 8 pack 3-blue, 2-green, 1- yellow, 1-red, 1-orange bib

Verified reviews


Love em!

Just got these today and used them and we absolutely love them! They are nice and large and they don’t have the plastic backing, so though they are not waterproof, I still love them. The waterproof ones crinkle and my son loves that sound and that only entices him to pull the bib off, whereas these don’t make a sound if anything, he’ll stick them in his mouth cuz they are like a washcloth and he loves chewing on them. If you are looking for waterproof, these are probably not for you; otherwise, highly recommended! My boy is 6 months and a big boy and they are nice and large and will fit him for quite a while!

Madeline Show Low, AZ

Velcro does not stick

We have been using Green Spouts waterproof bibs on our 18 months old for the past 6 months and have been happy with them. Now that my toddler drool less and we use bibs more for wiping noses and wiping his mouth after meals, we wanted to get away with waterproof bibs and wanted something thicker and softer. The Neat Solutions solid knit terry bibs are excellent for these purposes. I like the fact they are also solid bright colors and can go with any outfits and they wash well and hold more soil then regular bibs. Good buy!Update: the velcro of these bibs lost its stickiness after a couple of washes and the bibs no longer stay on my son’s neck. I threw them all out and went back togreen sprouts 10 Pack Waterproof Absorbent Terry Bibs , Boys

Leona Ridgeway, IA

These bibs are just okay.

These bibs are very thin. The hook part of the velcro is quite scratchy. But they do launder well and they are colorful.

Isabella Ashville, PA

Absorbent and soft

These bibs have been great. I don’t like the plastic feeling ones for baby to wear around all day for drooling and spit up. These are nice and soft but absorbent. They are a little bit big for my 3.5 month old but not too big and he will grow into them quickly. I left some at daycare too and will likely order another set so we have plenty to go around.

Inez Richview, IL

Prepared for a soaking

I liked the look of these bibs as I don’t like characters and such but my son is 4 months and is now teething. At this point, we have to KEEP a bib on him because of all the drool. These bibs provided NO protection. We have to change the bib every hour- and you run out of bibs! We had to run out and get some bibs with a plastic back. These bibs are fine for the baby that isn’t drooling very much. They are fine for just a normal feeding or a mild drooler- but if you are buying them for a teething baby, think again. I have just bought the Green Sprouts bibs that look like this but claim to have 3 layers of protection. So, far so good. Stay tuned lol

Adele San Gabriel, CA

hate the velcro

These bibs are cheap but you get what you paid for. The velcro comes off easily and the loopy side is very rough and sharp. My husband tried to take the bib off of our baby once and it slipped and gave him a bad gash on his neck! Our baby drools and spits up a lot too and it goes right thru the bibs and onto his clothes. It’s not worth it. We’ll stick with the Carter’s ones from now on since their velcros are very soft and it actually sticks.

Casey Waseca, MN

Good buy for the price!

These bibs are a good buy for the price. I prefer the terry cloth over the plastic bibs because they absorb messes well. They are also easy to launder. I would buy them again!

Kaitlyn Mendota, IL

Absorbent but velcro does not last long

I bought these for my 4.5 month old who started pre-teething and drools continuously. They are absorbent and work well but the velcro (2 months later) is not as sticky anymore. One of the sides is just a sort of soft fluff which after repeated washings seems to not hold. I may buy some velcro from a craft store and fix them.

Valarie Williams, OR

Good Bibs, not waterproof

I am buying a second set of these bibs for my 3 month old twin boys. Ones a drooler, one spits up a lot. These do soak up a lot, but they are not waterproof and babies shirt will get wet with a lot of liquid. However we wash and use ours like crazy and they have worked pretty well for us so far. Good value for the price, we are happy with these.

Sherry Vilas, NC

Good everyday bib, but velcro tab is small

I used these daily – good bib for the basic meals and drooling. However the velcro tab is just a small dot and my 8 month old easily yanked them off with a tug. I’ve gone to using bibs with a stronger velcro tab. Now these have held their shape just fine – wash them in warm or cold water with oxyclean or clorox 2!! I never use hot on baby clothes/bibs, due to shrinkage. Overall they are a decent thickness, price is good but if you have a strong baby, you’ll either need to sew in additional velcro or hand them down to another baby.

Henrietta Newton, IL

Nice size and soft

Just received these bibs today cannot wait to use them they are a really nice size, soft and pretty thick.They do not have the plastic behind them which is a plus.Considering you go through a lot of bibs with a newborn these were a great deal for the money. I will most certainly be buying more if I run out or need baby shower gifts.

Brenda Freeland, WA

Too big for my baby

These are just entirely too large for my 8 month old son. There’s just too much space between his neck and the bib. Also, the velcro is a less than 1 inch triangle as opposed to the Green Sprout 10 Pack Waterproof Absorbent Terry Bibs which has a larger velcro area. More velcro means I decide when it’s time to take it off, not him. The Green Sprouts cost more, but I like them more. Maybe he’ll grow into these but for now they’re packed away.We part time cloth diaper but the velcro area is so small that it’s not a factor in the wash.

Sophia Chatham, NY

Great bibs – practical and good value

At my baby shower, I was given really adorable bibs. A friend of mine mentioned that you can never have too many bibs so I decided to order this pack of bibs since they were a reasonable price. Although these bibs are not stylish as the ones I received as gifts, these are extremely functional and I always prefer to use these over the other bibs that I have. These are soft, flexible, and hold up well for wiping up drool and spit up. They have been doing well with multiple washings as well. I’m curious to see how they hold up when my baby is old enough to start solid foods which will get even messier.

Nadia Bainbridge, OH

Good bibs but for bigger babies

These bibs are not small enough for newborns but they are nice, bright and soft. Can’t wait to use them on him when he gets bigger.

Myra Rochester, IN

Fun colors, built to last

my son is a messy eater. Loves fluttering his tongue to share food with the rest of us. These bibs are absorbent and wash well.

Brittney Carrollton, AL

They stay on

They’re a little too big, but they stay on. I haven’t found too many bibs for a better price than this, so I’m satisfied.

Shelly Haworth, OK

Love these!

These are a must-have for any parent with a teething baby! We go through the entire pack every day and they do not fade or change color with frequent washes.The colors are bright and very pretty, the terry is pleasant to the touch and super soft (which is great for my poor drooling baby!), and the bibs are as simple as it gets. I also love that they do not have any decor on them because this way my son does not scratch himself when we chews on the corners.

Stella Mount Vernon, KY

Ok bibs

I bought these because I really hate bibs (and clothes) with cutesy sayings on them. Why can’t we just have plain bibs? These don’t have the waterproof inner layer, so they don’t work well as drool bibs, and they don’t work well for solids. On the plus side, you can throw them in the dryer as long as the velcro is fastened and they don’t get ruined like the waterproof ones. I have had the heat ruin more than one of those when I forgot to hang them up. These also start to pill after awhile and just don’t stay looking nice very long. They start to droop down the middle of the baby.They are ok for what they are, but I like the Green Sprouts bibs better.

Gussie East Moline, IL

Not quite perfect…

My baby is a huge drooler/spitter upper. He goes through about 8-10 bibs a day on some days so we need a lot of bibs! I love the large size of these bibs, however, the neck hole was way too big for his tiny baby neck (he just turned 4 months old). I ended up buying iron on velcro tabs at JoAnns and added an extra "soft" velcro to make the neck hole about 3 inches smaller. Once he gets bigger I will go back to the original closure. I couldn’t really find an age range for these bibs so maybe they just aren’t meant for younger babies. If they hold up, I’m sure they will be perfect for when he starts on solids.

Olga Bynum, MT

Love them!

I use these when feeding my baby solids. They really cover all of this clothing well, and the velcro tabs stick well. They are cute and do the job for us!

Ella White City, OR

Love these flexible bibs

If you’re looking for an everyday practical bib to keep your baby clean, this is a great bib for you. However, if you’re looking for something cute to take your babies first feeding photos in, this is not the bib. They have held up under repeated washings. They are large enough to use to catch more than just drool. We used them a lot for feedings when my son started solids. What I really liked is that they are flexible and absorbent so it is easy to wipe my baby’s face with it too. Unlike these bibs, I found the designer bibs looked nice but they weren’t absorbent enough to clean up spit up or food, which would just roll off of it. So we used these Neat Solutions bibs as our everyday, “home” bibs and kept the fancier bibs just for photos or going out if it didn’t involved mealtime.As for other reviewers comments about the velcro, my son could remove bibs of all sorts with velcro, snaps, tie closures as he got older. I bought baby buddy bib clips (also sold on which took care of that problem and it also taught him not to fiddle with removing his own bib. I’d recommend getting that clip if you’re having a similar problem because as babies get older they get more proficient with ripping off their bibs regardless of the type of closure. At least that was my experience with the various bibs we tried with our son.

Edna West Blocton, AL

These are great!

My 4 month old is now producing buckets of drool, and I’m changing his bib 4 times a day minimum. I needed to add to his collection, so I got these because they were cheap. They are actually my favorite now. Vivid colors that last through washing, thick & absorbant, and super soft. Wouldn’t change a thing.

Clarissa Palmyra, TN

nice bright colors…a little thin and large neck holes…

This was a good deal for 8 bibs. My son is drooling like crazy and these aren;t as absorbent as I hoped, the neck hole is a little too big for him right now too. My son is 6 months old. I think they’ll work out better in a few months when he is a little bigger. Overall, not a bad bib for the money.

Gwen Kenai, AK

Good but very big

These bibs are much larger than many I have purchased in the past from other companies. It basically covers the entire shirt. I’m sure that can be good for some, but it seems to get in the way a bit when eating or crawling around (we tend to keep bibs on during teething). They seem to be holding up well in the washer.

Sierra Talmage, NE

Perfect Bibs

Large, colorful, and absorbent, these bibs are everything that we wanted in a bib. They are large enough to fit around my neck, yet they work perfectly for my 2 month old son. They catch and absorb a lot of spit-up to keep his clothes clean and dry during and after feedings.

Lara Welch, WV

regular bibs

For the price you pay you get a good pack of 8 bibs! The quality is ok, however I came to realize that for feeding active infants it’s better to get water proof and stain proof bibs, that do not get dirty in a second and than it takes u forever to remove the stains!

Gussie Mansfield, PA

velcro not strong enough

these look like the babies’r’us terry bibs but the velcro patches are much smaller and they do not hold up to a baby tugging on them.

Haley Kiowa, CO