Neat Solutions Disposable Floor Topper, Disney Mickey Mouse, 5-Count

Neat Solutions Disposable Floor Topper, Disney Mickey Mouse, 5-Count

Neat Solutions Disney Mickey Mouse 5 Count Disposable Floor Topper. Protects floors and carpets from spills and stains. Great for meal time or playtime. Disposable for easy clean up. Generously sized 36″ x 36″ disposable mat. Protects floors and carpets. Great for travel. BPA and phthalate free.

Main features

  • Generously sized 36″ x 36″ disposable mat
  • Protects floors and carpets
  • Great for travel
  • BPA and phthalate free

Verified reviews


It does the job and cute!

It does the job, sticks on any restaurants table surface and it is cute! Easy to put it on and remove!

Saundra Nutrioso, AZ

Multiple Uses

I have been buying Neat Solutions Disposable floor toppers for years because I have cats, carpets, tile and wood floors. I place these toppers under the litter boxes to catch litter, spill-overs or accidents. I use disposable litter boxes and Arm&Hammer disposable diaper changing pads so that every few weeks all I need to do is pick up the whole mess & dispose of into heavy duty plastic contractors bags, tie up and leave out on trash day. No more dreaded floor & carpet cleaning as these have solved the cat-pee issues.

Adriana Shickshinny, PA

Its small and flimsy

It doesn’t have much coverage and its pretty flimsy. I need something larger and more sturdy to meet my needs. Something my child’s highchair can roll over without it moving.

Tommie Dalton, OH

Good coverage

I only wish they were a bit bigger (they of course are standard size for floor toppers). But they do the job well and I can use one for about a week or so before replacing.

Viola Motley, MN

Good for parties and smash cakes!

I’ve only used this one time for a birthday party. It held up well to smashed cake and other food being thrown on it. I have not tested with liquid but seems to do a good job with a one time use.

Imelda Yale, MI