Neat Solutions Dora the Explorer Potty Topper Disposable Stick-in-Place Toilet Seat Covers, 10-Count

Neat Solutions Dora the Explorer Potty Topper Disposable Stick-in-Place Toilet Seat Covers, 10-Count

Protect your children (and the whole family) from germs on public toilet seats. Normal tissue seat covers tear apart, soak through, and slide off the seat. Potty Topper cleverly “sticks in place” with adhesive tabs, providing a reliable sanitary barrier between little bottoms and big germs. The oversized dimensions cover the sides of the seat too, especially where your child holds on. A soft absorbent top is super comfortable, and a plastic liner below eliminates wet seats from soaking through. You and your child will love the adorable designs.

Main features

  • Protects children and the whole family from germs on public toilet seats
  • Sticks in place with adhesive strips
  • Soft and absorbent top is super comfortable
  • Plastic liner underneath eliminates wet seats from soaking through
  • Zip close travel packs with 10 covers fit conveniently in your diaper bag

Verified reviews


work great

they are cute, soft and stay in place, the only thing that i m not sure about it, is to uncover the tape and place it, it might take longer than my toddler will be able to hold, but we are just starting the potty training

Millie Byromville, GA

Good Quality. Good Buy !

My 2 yr old daughter it now potty trained.. I dont like her touching the public seats.. this is perfect.

Billie Vader, WA

Great ideaM

My daughter loves Dora so these are great. Just wish they were a little longer all around since her legs are short they tend to touch the front of the seat and she likes to hold onto the seat and I wish this covered it completely.

Clarissa Wharton, WV

Adhesive not so great

I notice that many reviewers say that the covers stick in place and don’t slide around; unfortunately, that hasn’t been my experience. The adhesive tabs are very small and don’t cover much surface area on the seat, so when I pick up my daughter to put her on the seat, if her legs dangle or if she moves around, the cover has picked right up in the parts that aren’t stuck down– meaning that they weren’t very effective unless I managed to get her to sit down perfectly on the first try, with no wiggling. When they do work right, they’re good– big enough to cover where her hands hold on.

Jessica Manheim, PA

Love These Potty Toppers

These are a must have for potty training mommies. Keep them in your purse, glove box, change of clothes bag, desk drawer, etc. They put your mind at ease when creating a germ-proof barrier between body and filthy toilet seats. The four star rating is due to the difficulty in QUICKLY removing the adhesive strips. This takes some time which sometimes lead to accidents with an urgent toddler.P.S. Great for adults too…in case, one day you really need to sit! (smile)

Megan Frisco, TX

Not my favorite

This is my second different purchase of potty covers. I have to say by reading the reviews I thought that these would be big enough to cover the toilet and have enough overhang for my daughter to hold on to the toilet but they are not. Next time I need to order I will go with the Summer Infant again.

Kelly Woodruff, AZ

Love these!

These arrived in 4 packs of 10, which makes them more compact and easier to carry. I keep a pack in my purse and a pack in my daughter’s diaper bag. They have sticky tabs on the back if you’re not comfortable just laying this on the toilet and hoping your child doesn’t shift while going potty. Of course my daughter and god daughters love these because they’re Dora! Awesome purchase. They are flushable which makes for quick, easy, zero mess potty stops when traveling.

Janna Santa Rita, MT

Works for the most part

I hate public toilets. Just totally nasty especially for little girls that are just starting to potty train. But these do work as design but they don’t cover the overall toilet seat and you know how kids can touch everything.

Lorie Shaw A F B, SC

keeps them clean

There are other seat covers out there, but this one is superior. The tape keeps them from falling in the toilet and they are waterproof, for icky situations. Great for travel. I even use them myself when we are in a restroom that doesn’t supply the paper ones. Of course, we can’t flush them. I just put them in the sanitary napkin disposal bins.

Irene Portland, TN

Great for clean bottoms

I have these Neat seat potty toppers, the Summer Infant keep me clean and the Potty Cover, disposable seat cover. Of all three, this is my 2nd favorite. They are better than the Summer Infant Keep me Clean as they provide sticky tabs at three angles which seems to be better for sealing to the toilet seat. The price of these definately bet teh Potty Cover brand, but the Potty Cover seat covers provide ULTIMATE cover, they also seem to stay in place without any sticky tabs. Nevertheless, I will alternate between these and the Potty Cover brand. For areas where you dare too have to use the bathroom, you can’t go wrong with the Potty Cover, but for everyday use and areas where you just desire toilet seat protection, these will suffice.

Adele Thurman, IA

Makes potty training really convenient outside home

I bought this product after reading the reviews and it really met the expectations.- It is pretty, so it makes potty training attractive outside home. She wanted to keep it or to leave it for someone else to use afterwards!- It is wide, so her little hands don’t touch the toilet. When I used toilet paper, it is difficult to cover the sides.- It has two stickers to afix it, but I have to say, I was expecting something different. I thought the whole surface sticks, but it is only two parts that stick. But it is really sufficient, much better than what I expected, which would be difficult to manage in a hurry!Well, simple product that works. I plan on having these for a long time with me and my daughter!!!

Gayla Vredenburgh, AL

Doesn’t stick to the toilet

This is a great idea but they don’t stick to the toilet. As soon as I sit my daughter on the seat, the cover pulls off. It’s easier (and cheaper) just to put toilet paper on the seat.

Deidra Saint Joseph, TN