Neat Solutions Neat-Ware Table Topper, 60-Count

Neat Solutions Neat-Ware Table Topper, 60-Count

60 Count Neat-Ware Bio-Degradable Table Topper Disposable Placemats.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • 60 count neat-ware bio-degradable table topper disposable placemats
  • Disposable stick-on placemat. protects children from germy tables when eating out
  • 12″ x 18″ neat solutions table topper

Verified reviews


Must have for eating out!

These are a must have when taking your little one out to eat. There is adhesive on all four sides, and they stick to the tables well. I like this b/c my daughter is still young enough that we put her food in front of her (not on a plate b/c she will toss it) and a lot of tables at restaurants/ fast food places are not properly cleaned between users. So this is a quick (cheap) way to not worry about cleaning the table.

Delores Forest River, ND

Simple and affordable

I purchased these to use when we are eating out with our toddler, who likes to feed himself, but can’t yet be trusted with plates. They work exactly as you think they would; you simply peel off 4 strips of plastic and stick the mat to the table.The designs are cute, and we have fun pointing to the different shapes and colors, however, they do make some foods a little hard to see, and I would prefer something paler and less busy. That’s not enough to lose a star, though. It received only 4 stars because my 9 month old figured out how to unstick the mats on the 3rd time we used them. A mat that can be "unstuck" is worse than no mat at all! (I can distract him a bit if I wrap the mat around the table ledge and stick the edge of the mat closest to him on the underside of the table.)

Brandy Union, OR

Wish I knew about these with my first child!

This is one of the best solutions ever for dining out with a toddler. It keeps our hands free – no more having to hold plates down while the littlest one eats.The only negative for us is that you have to take off four separate strips to place it…and hope your kid doesn’t stop you in the process. Once you pull it up, it won’t really stick well again…and the process can be a little consumer.Our youngest kiddo loves the pictures on it too!

Dolores Mio, MI

They do the job

I don’t use these as much as I thought I would. That being said, they work pretty well. Good sticky on each side.

Margaret Schroeder, MN

Work great but leave residue

I got these to substitute for placemats at home. They work great! They stick easily, peel easily, and you can remove them after each use. You won’t have to constantly wipe down placemats. The only problem I had was that they left a sticky residue from the glue. It came off easily enough after some scrubbing so it wasn’t too big of a problem. I would highly recommend not using these on wood tables because of this.

Rosie Waterford, NY

Don’t go to a restaurant without them

These table toppers are the best! There is some slight frustration trying to pull off the plastic to expose the sticky parts because the part you pull off has so much static cling it sticks to everything! But once you have this down, its great! No worries about how dirty the table is underneath and no mess to clean off the table once your kiddo is done eating.

Jeri Sabana Seca, PR

Not use very often

It’s good, but we just used it several times, then the kid figured out how to tear it off, so they just play with it, and we decide to stop using it.

Ofelia Lake Crystal, MN

great to have when you’re eating out and you want …

great to have when you’re eating out and you want a clean surface to put food down for your child to eat. There is adhesive on all four sides so it doesn’t move around, the bright colors keep him engaged, and it’s biodegradable.

Lilly Rockwood, ME

Wonderful Idea!

Wonderful with those with little ones that eat anything off the table. I always carry a few in my diaper bag to have when we go out to eat. This way you don’t have to worry about the kids throwing plates off the table, you can put the food right there for them to eat off the mat.

Rosemarie Tiger, GA

One of the smartest inventions for kids!

My son isn’t big enough to use these yet-but I have used them with my niece.I always thought it was gross for the child to eat directly off of the table-especially in a restaurant! You don’t know what types of germs are there!These are perfect for putting on the table to protect your child and entertain them while you are eating out! The only thing is that it not easy to get them completely flat. But-that doesn’t prevent this product from working and doing what you need it to do!

Sue Hiddenite, NC


This is great for going out to restaurants so that my little one can eat from the table with us. She’s 10 months old and loves her puffs, so this has been great to keep her occupied while we are eating our dinner. At first she kept trying to eat the edge of the table, which is gross, so we started overlapping the edge of the placemat around the table. Since it’s sticky, this works perfect. The adhesive is firm, yet easy to peel off when we are leaving the restaurant. I don’t know what we would do without these. We just keep a bag of these in her diaper bag at all times and are surprised at how often we end up using them. Would recommend to anyone who eats out even on an inconsistent basis like we do.

Diane Kekaha, HI

Must have for eating out with toddlers!

GREAT GREAT GREAT! This really helps with meals outside of the home. I can put food out for my toddler to grab and eat without having to worry about dirty tables. I tuck the bottom half under the table so she’s not touching any part of the table. She likes looking at the graphics and I can easily peel it off once we’re done. The servers love it and I love it!

Jill Garrattsville, NY

Five Stars

Great table topper set. Comes with a bunch. Sticks on all four sides and does it’s job.

Patsy Gretna, VA


I inherited a set of these from a momma who no longer needed hers. I was hesitant at first as I didn’t want to accumulate "stuff" but am so glad I took these! Glad enough that I bought three more so I don’t run out. These are genius and easy to pack away in the baby backpack. Even better that they’re easy to set up on any table. Additional kudos that the design is not Disney or Sesame Street – educational and colorful numbers, letters, and unknown cartoon characters. If you have a kiddo eating solids who hasn’t developed the restraint to throw a plate full of food across the room, then this might be your life savor too. I simply place her cut up pieces of food on the topper and she safely eats off the table. The mess is quickly cleaned up by un-sticking the topper from the table, rolling it up, and throwing it away. Like I said, genius. If only they had a solution to catch all the food she drops…

Ebony Buchanan Dam, TX

Some mats only had 3 sticky sides! Argh!

Although a great price for # of placemats, I was not happy to notice that some mats did not have sticky strips on 3 sides instead of 4 sides. My 1yr old son is quite typical – one tug and the the placemat us quickly unraveling off the table.

Eunice Stewart, MN

Not sticky enough

I love that these are environmentally-friendly but they only have sticky tabs at the tp and bottom and not on the sides so my 9 mo old son rips them right off of the tabel as we are sticking them down…a bit frustrating. Otherwise they are fine and they are biodegradable which makes me feel good about using them.

Heather Liberty Hill, TX

Great – very useful & works well!

Really nice for restaurant use. Sticks on all 4 sides and stays put. It’s really nice not to have to worry about washing a table for our little one.It does exactly what it says it does – and it’s really nice to have on hand in the diaper bag.

John Richfield Springs, NY

not convenient

OK, conceptually I love it, but poorly executed. These do not come packaged well for travel and they are a pain to put out. The plastic strips you have to hear off are small and when you pull them, can sometimes stick together. If these had a dispenser and were self sticking or easier to put down…they’d be winners

Elsie Ravenden, AR

Very handy

We use these every time we eat out. My daughter will flip her plate over if we give her one, so we use this to eat off of while out at restaurants.

Lori Gwynn Oak, MD

One of many gifts I have given

We use these regularly at restaurants. They work well. Some can be easier than others to pull off the plastic from the sticky lines and also from the table.

Terrie Sanderson, FL

Perfect for a baby who isn’t yet ready for a plate

We enjoy eating out w our daughter and when our daughter was transitioning to solid food but not ready for a plate these placemats were perfect. Each placemat has a cute design on it- with animals, plants, etc in bright colors. The designs are not commercial (ie: Disney, TV show, etc) which appealed to us as we try to limit her exposure to these things. They are thin pieces of plastic that have 4 tabs on the bottom that you pull off. The tabs run the length of the 4 sides of the placemat. They are sticky enough to stick to a table yet easy to remove. We never had issues w our daughter pulling the sheet off. You can also do light cutting of food on it as the plastic is somewhat sturdy. They ar absolutely perfect and necessary for eating out w a young child

Charlotte Adams Center, NY

Great for restaurants

These come in handy when going out to eat with our little one. They easily stick to solid tables (I tried once on an outdoor patio wire table and it didn’t stick well at all). They serve as a source of entertainment and a clean place to put toys and food. This pack of 60 was significantly less than just buying each bag individually.

Celina Seiad Valley, CA

Useful but offers no variety and difficult to peel and stick

These table toppers work great once you peel and stick. Unfortunately, when you have a toddler that is hungry, it takes a little too much time to remove all the sides. Ideally, you could easily start at one corner and remove the whole thing at once. It would also be nice if there were a variety of prints to peak my toddler’s interest.

Young Laguna Hills, CA

Perfect for going out to eat…

I’m not a germaphobe by any means (I do think kids should be exposed to some degree of bacteria to get their immune systems up) but after encountering several disgusting countertops and tables I’ve sat my son in front of, I decided there had to be a better way. I almost got one of those portable trays but the thought of actually having to tote home a slobbery tray was not my style, so I gave these a shot. They are perfect – the adhesive is along all four corners and keeps the plastic topper flat. I like the fact that they even have a counting motif so my son can learn while eating. These, along with the floor toppers, are now a permanent fixture in my diaper bag!

Ashley Saint Hilaire, MN

Don’t leave home without these

Love these table toppers!!! We take them everywhere with us and use them out at restaurants all the time. They work really well- only time they don’t stay stuck on the table is when the table has an usual shape or surface and our daughter yanks at it. The designs are cute and we can

Stephanie Tuckerton, NJ

Great for hand eaters!

These are great for restaurants, especially when the table is just not up to standards and your toddler eats with his/her hands or would throw a plate on the ground. Although if they discover to remove the placemat it’s gets a bit complicated…the sticky is stronger than a post it, but any kid can pull it off.

Minerva Van Buren, OH

Love it!

These are great for when you go out to eat. We put them on the table and let our son start eating the food immediately. We’ve had no problems with them. Love it!

Maureen Bergheim, TX

LOVE these!!!

They work so well on all different table surfaces in restaurants. They really stick but also peel off nicely at the end.

Kara Clifford, MI

Don’t Leave Home Without These

We travel a lot and our 10 month old is a mess when he eats so I always keep these in the diaper bag and some in the car. These stick well to most surfaces and makes clean up so easy. We use them on airplane tray tables for ourselves as well – who knows what is on there! The sides are easy to peel off (we’ve had trouble with others) and sticks well enough that the baby can’t tear them up ( we typically put one side on the underside of the table to help this.) I actually like these more than those with trademarked characters on them.

Nita Cripple Creek, VA

Lasted about 30 seconds

Until my son decided it was a fun thing to rip it right off the table. Would be great for a child who isn’t prone to grabbing hold of everything in sight.

Odessa Monroe, ME