Neat Solutions Sesame Street Multi-Use Pads, 10 Count

Neat Solutions Sesame Street Multi-Use Pads, 10 Count

10 Count Sesame Street Disposable Multi-Use Pads.

Main features

  • 10 count sesame street disposable multi-use pads, Soft, comfortable, multi-tasking pad is great for mom’s on the go! highly absorbent with a moisture proof backing that assures protection from germs, wetness and stains., 15″ x 19″ pad is ideal for use as a changing pad, burp cloth, or cover for car seats, strollers, high chairs and more.

Verified reviews


Perfect for the Big Messes

Nice little sized item that saved my lap and clothes and change table from my babies feces! I keep a pack by my feeding station so I can grab and place in my lap when baby shows signs of defecating. Also good to travel with, especially when a lap change is all you can do. As the picture shows, it can hold an average sized baby IF he/she is curled up. Perfect size to use under baby’s butt (neck to knee), which is fine for me.I deducted one star because it tore easier than I expected (by my pulling, not by baby’s heavy load). Lol!

Miriam Boulder, MT

Very useful to have around the house

Really useful for lining my changing table. I change it every few days and do not have to worry about dirtying the cushion when I change diapers. My son trashes about during diaper change and these pads really save me.

Beulah Pigeon Falls, WI

Four Stars

Could be a little bigger but works fine

Christian Pomona, CA

Life saver!

When you are out and the changing table doesn’t look spotless or we use them alot when it’s a very full and scary diaper, we put the sheet over the pad and then i don’t have to put the changing pad cover in the laundry and we can just toss the sheet. They are invaluable. Any help when you get a full and scary diaper is a blessing!!

Glenna Farmers, KY


Very useful, I would like to be able to buy them in a much larger denomination. Perhaps several dozen at a time. I have a home daycare and so I use them often

Leticia Bay Pines, FL

very nice stuff

I really enjoy those pads. They are very useful for many things. I used it for myself as well as for the baby.

Alyson Colony, KS

You get what you pay for.

These are great just to stash in your diaper bag. If you plan on using them in the nursery, however, I recommend buying the more expensive ones. These tear easily and aren’t the nicest looking pads. However, if you just need them when you use public changing stations these are perfect!

Lindsey Kaltag, AK

These are great!

I use these on top of the non-disposable changing pad on my baby’s changing table to keep the table extra clean. They seem to be liquid resistant, which is great when an accident occurs during a change.

Jodie Rushford, MN


I pack one of these along with a fold-up changing pad in the diaper bag. It’s a good barrier between my baby’s bottom and the slippery changing pad, plus it absorbs messes from leaky diapers or surprise pees during a change 🙂

Della Marengo, OH

okay but the arm munckin ones are better

These are smaller than the munchkin ones but about the same price. They’re fine, I use them, but I’d prefer the larger ones for my money.

Mollie Woodstown, NJ

Too short and the liquid will just run off

Too short unless you only want the child’s bottom covered …which I don’t in the nasty public bathrooms.There are better products out there for sure.

Adrian Shelburne, VT

Great for nasty public changing tables

I use these to change my baby when we are out. I don’t like the reusable ones that come with most diaper bags. They are bulky and annoying to carry everywhere. These disposables are great. I can slide a few in the zipper pouch and have when I need them. Size is adequate, but by 9 months I expect they will be a bit short.

Maritza Whitelaw, WI

Love these pads!

We use these as disposable changing pads for the diaper bag! I hate putting my baby on those public changing tables so these are easy to put in the diaper bag and use as a quick barrier! Also good for those back seat of the car changes! If they dont get dirty, i just fold them back up and use again. If they do get dirty..they are cheap so we throw them away!

Delia Joliet, IL

decent product

These are pretty thin and small, but they work well for a liner on the changing tables in restrooms when you don’t have a pad with you. They are cheap so I didn’t mind just leaving it there for the next person if it wasn’t soiled when I was finished. Honesty, toilet seat liners work just as well and are free, but they aren’t always close to the changing tables. These are also good when you need to change kiddo on the floor (as I learned after my kid peed on the floor at the dentist’s office) or in your car. Chucks work just as well, might be a little cheaper, and are a little thicker and more comfortable.

Hilda Ponca, AR

Works well

These things have saved my changing table from certain doom. As a working mom, I don’t have time to constantly strip down the changing table, wash and reaffix. These things keep the changing table tidy. They should probably be changed on a weekly basis. I wish there was an option for more than 10 per bag that was reasonably priced.

Peggy Scottsburg, NY

Great product – last long and doesn’t rip easily

I take this when I travel to put on the changing pad for my baby and it lasts really well.

Edna Mohall, ND

Best and cheapest…

I got them because they were the cheapest and they have turned out to be perfect. I use them at home and keep some in my diaper bag as well. Nothing soaks through! 🙂

Esperanza Boyne City, MI

Not as good as BRU ones..

These aren’t as thick as the Babies R Us version, but WAY better than most of the other ones. All things considered, I like them.

Dee South Glens Falls, NY