Neat Solutions Sesame Street Table Topper Disposable Stick-in-Place Placemats, 50-Count

Neat Solutions Sesame Street Table Topper Disposable Stick-in-Place Placemats, 50-Count

The restaurant table looks clean, but is it “clean-clean”? No worries. Just reach into your trusty diaper bag, pull out a disposable Table Topper and stick it securely in place with adhesive strips. Voila, instant clean table! Studies show restaurant tabletops harbor viruses and bacteria which are dangerous to a child’s weak immune system. Table Topper sticks in place with adhesive strips, providing a sanitary eating surface for baby. Your child’s favorite characters form a fun and educational design, teaching age appropriate lessons and keeping baby occupied while you eat. Resealable zip-lock packs are convenient to carry in a diaper bag or purse. 50 mats per jumbo pack.

Main features

  • 50 disposable placemats
  • Sticks-in-Place with adhesive strips
  • Ideal for restaurants
  • Protects children from germs on table surfaces

Verified reviews


Excellent. One of my Must Haves for young Kids

These things are great.There are two strips of sticky stuff that holds these place mats down to the table. They are sticky enough that it takes some time to work the place mat off of the table if your child tries. Yet they do not ruin any furniture.The mats are very useful for a variety of purposes and places. We have used ours to protect our table when painting. WE use them all the time when we are eating out. THis is very good for the young finger feeding child. You can put small bits of food right in front of him and not worry about a plate getting broken because the child threw it on the floor. When you are through eating, you simply roll this up and throw it away. Mess is gone.Excellent. Useful. I carry them in my purse at all times.Well worth every penny.

Janie Dorrance, KS

out to eat

this item is great for putting on tables at fast food restaurants.

Lenore Sedan, NM

What a waste of $$$…

My son also rips these right off the table. He is almost 11 months old so hopefully he will do better with them when he is older (fortunately I only bought the 20 pack). This is a great idea in theory but for my curious son it is not practical. I am back to using my antibacterial wipes to clean the table off which is the only effective method that I have found so far.Update: I have recently found two alternatives of this same concept that have worked out well. The local Dollar Tree sells their own version of table toppers that cling quite well (pack of 8 for $1) and the Hippopatamus brand that Target sells that have great educational themes of ABCS and numbers 1-10. These wrap around the edge of the table and cover more area than the previously reviewed brand.

John Coalport, PA

A must have for eating out with toddlers!

I am not a neat freak but the thought of my toddler eating of tables that look like they haven’t been cleaned in who knows how long really grossed me out. We tried using plates but that is usually short lived with my son. These are the perfect solution. I always keep a few in my diaper bag. My one complaint is that out of my pack of 50, about 12 were defective and coulnd’t be used. Don’t know if anyone else has had this issue.

Jerry Deansboro, NY

Table Topper

I admit it–I’m one of “those” parents who wipes down the restaurant highchair and the table with antibacterial wipes before my child sits down. I still do that even with these placemats, but these definitely make me more comfortable about having my toddler eat off restaurant tables.We have used these in countless restaurants and have been quite pleased. We have found that they don’t stick well to all tables, but I suppose that is to be expected. Use care when removing these placemats from wooden tables because we did remove a bit of finish from one table…oopsie! Also, our most recent batch of Table Toppers seems a bit faulty–the sticky substance on the bottom edge of the placemats is too far from the edge of the mat–leaving about 1.5 inches of loose placemat at the bottom of the mat…very tempting for our toddler to tug on!!We always buy our daughter the Sesame Street Table Toppers and now she asks for Elmo and Zoe when she is ready to start eating at a restaurant. Such a great invention and definitely one I wish I had thought of!! 🙂

Lydia Cherokee, OK

The BEST a must have!

We’ve been using these since my son started eating solids (it’s been a long while, he’s 21 months now). I always carry them with me wherever I go and wouldn’t know what to do without them. Just peel the back and stick on any suface, we even use them at restaurants where they have tablecloths. When my son’s finished eating I just peel it off the table, roll it into a ball and into the garbage it goes. It’s sanitary, helps keep the mess under control and my son LOVES to see his “friends” (cookie, elmo, big bird etc.) as he’s eating. You have to buy these, they are incredible!

Jasmin Grand Ridge, FL