Neat Solutions Table Topper, Disney Mickey Mouse, 18-Count

Neat Solutions Table Topper, Disney Mickey Mouse, 18-Count

Neat Solutions 18 Count Table Topper with Travel Case. The disposable placemat is a sanitary, clean eating surface that acts as a barrier against bacteria and germs. Generously sized 18″ x 12″, disposable placemat. Provides a sanitary eating surface that sticks in place with 4 adhesive strips. Protects from germs. BPA and phthalate free.

Main features

  • Polyethylene
  • Imported
  • Generously sized 18″ x 12″ disposable placemat
  • Provides a sanitary eating surface that sticks in place with 4 adhesive strips
  • Protects from germs
  • BPA and phthalate free

Verified reviews


We use them all the time…

Perfect for eating out and new moms. I gave these as a baby shower gift and it was a big success. I used them with 4 kids all the time.

Ada Thayer, MO

Great product for a great price!

I love these! They stick great to all types of tables and are very portable to carry in your purse or diaper bag! My son is 20 months old and when we go to restaurants I use these to put his food on because he would just throw a plate on the floor. Definitely recommend!

Berta Davenport, IA

LOVE these!

Excellent invention! So awesome for that phase when they’re too young to eat off a plate. And they fold up nice & small, so having a few on hand in the diaper bag is no big deal!We have had no issues with the adhesive.

Leslie Braddyville, IA

Not perfect, but it works

It’s a very nice piece to carry in your pack. It does the job, mostly, but the "sticky" is just OK at best. I know this can’t be easy for the manufacturer, because you don’t want it to stick so much that it damages the table. But our 14 mo old can easily peel this off and once it’s done the first time, its not going to restick well at all. Also, it’s a lot of waste, as you have this big piece of plastic that’s trash afterwards. If you really want a disposable table topper, this is good, but there are better alternatives that aren’t disposable (but they require suction cups or the like which also have issues).

Monica Parmelee, SD

Works perfect!

These placemats are a lifesaver when you have a little one or are eating on a picnic bench or other questionable table. The sticky parts are great, and the illustration is very cute. Makes for very easy cleanup!

Madeleine De Ruyter, NY

Great product

This is a necessity for going to restaurants with a baby. For obvious reasons you can not give a baby a plate. This place mat stayed on the table, even after my 10 month old tried to rip it up. It is much more sanitary than having a baby eat directly off the table. The colors are bright, and my son enjoyed looking at Mickey mouse while he ate.

Bettye Toone, TN


My daughter just rips it off the table as soon as I put it on, she doesn’t even look at the picture first.

Erma Ingalls, MI

Good price, do the job

These are great if you are dining out and have a messy toddler that puts food all over the table, I feel better about the cleanliness of the surface she is eating off of, it’s easier to contain and clean up the mess afterwards, and I can attempt to entertain her with the counting activity. I’ve tried other packs of these placemats that had different designs which I liked bit more, but at the end of the day it’s a disposable placemat

Della Paradox, CO

Perfect for on the go meals

We love these for when we eat out so that our son’s food doesn’t touch the table and pick up extra germs.

Marta Conesville, IA

Fabulous solution to dirty restaurant surfaces!

My son is too little to use a plate, and so I would bring Clorox wipes with me everywhere, and when we’d go out to eat, I’d frantically Clorox wipe the table and hope that it disinfected enough before I had to wipe it down with water so that my son could eat off it. (It was a horrible process, and I’m sure he ended up eating more germs than I realized, but oh well!) I finally discovered disposable placemats and have never looked back. For some reason, I very rarely ever see these out in public being used by other people so I didn’t know about them until my boy was about 15 months old. The Neat Solutions ones are great because they have adhesive on all four sides and don’t slide off the table until you pull them off. I highly recommend these and will always have a stash from now on!

Sophie Annville, PA

Good product

Love the pictures on these. Be sure that your table isn’t wet before you tape them on. They stick well if you do it right 🙂

Earline Clackamas, OR

best toddler item

These are fantastic to use when toddlers are just starting to eat solids and explore feeding themselves! We take these to any restaurant and just stick them to the table, letting our toddler make as big a mess as she needs. Then at the end of the meal, we just peel it off the table, folding it up and containing the mess she made and it can be thrown away!

Angela Fort Lawn, SC

Perfect for on the go.

These are great to have in the diaper bag. They are perfect to place on the table when visiting friends and family or eating out. I especially love the easy clean up. I can just peal it off and take the remaining mess with it, and toss it in the garbage. They have a great peal and stick area on the back to keep the edges down. These will be on my products I have to have list when recommending baby products to new parents.

Fern Sandborn, IN

A MUST have!

On my registry, I had requested one of those plastic bendable trays that you can take with you when you eat out to cover the table in front of baby. My mom decided to go this route instead. We LOVE them. They are perfect for eating just about anywhere. They stick to the table (we did find it harder to stick to the tables at Qdoba) and are super colorful to catch baby’s attention. One of the nicest things about these is that they do not move until you roll it up to throw it away. My son loves to move his food around as he is trying to get it to his mouth, and he now has a large, clean surface to use. It gives mom and dad piece of mind, and baby a fun place for meals. Love it! 🙂

Isabelle Jesse, WV


These are super handy to carry in my "Grandma" diaper bag. Quick and easy to stick on a table when taking my grandson out to eat. Wouldn’t be without them.

Trisha Poolville, TX