NeneSupply Tubing for Medela Lactina and Symphony Breast Pumps, BPA Free, 2-Count

NeneSupply Tubing for Medela Lactina and Symphony Breast Pumps, BPA Free, 2-Count

We make quality breastfeeding accessories. This product is designed to fit Medela Lactina and Symphony Breast pumps. The yellow adapters connecting to pump and breast shield are made of materials which can minimize air leak, and thus provide better suction. Each batch of this product is tested by independent lab to ensure compliance with EU Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 for plastic materials that intended to come into contact with food. Breast pump tubing is not easy to clean. For safety and hygiene, be sure to replace new one when tubing can not be cleaned by water. Each pack is carefully sealed and enclosed with usage and cleaning instruction. Buy with confidence.

Main features

  • Contains 2 replacement tubing for Medela Lactina and Symphony breastpumps; Replace Medela part 8007213, 8007194, 8007179
  • Two 42″ long, and clear plastic tubing with yellow adaptors on both ends
  • In sealed retail package with Usage and cleaning instruction
  • Stronger attachment onto breastshield; No more sliding-out from breastshield while pumping
  • Made from BPA free materials; Comply with EU Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 for plastic materials that intended to come into contact with food

Verified reviews


Comes out of the breast shield all the time

Those tubes are made with both ends being a wide end like the one that fits in the pump. The original Medela ones have one wide end, and one slim end to fit in the shield. Because of this the tube comes off of the breastshield all the time while pumping. Not a good buy.

Julie Clarkston, WA

It worked, but I didn’t wash it

These work on the pump, which is about all I care about. I can’t find the name brand tubing except at specialty shops, which want $20 for 2 tubes plus local sales tax. I will say that the directions say to wash the tubing and that if you can’t get the water out of the tubing later, to toss it. This sounded like a recipe for disaster, so I just didn’t wash it. Hope I am not getting tons of airborne chemicals into the milk…

Sherry Kilauea, HI

Tubing for symphony

I bought this tubing for my Medela symphony breast pump and it works good with the pump. Have not had any issues.

Margery Putnam Station, NY

No issues at all

Works great! No problems. I was fearful that they might not work correctly but I have zero issues using them with my hospital grade rental, Medela Symphony.

Marissa Magnolia, OH

Just as described

Good quality product. Would definitely recommend to a friend. Arrived brand new and just as described. Good brand and quality.

Alba Worthville, PA

Simple and Inexpensive

These are exactly the kinds of tubings that work with Symphony breast pumps. We needed to get replacement tubing, but the only option that we saw in most stores was to get the whole pumping set, which was a bit of an overkill. Fortunately we were able to find this tubing on Amazon, and they were shipped to us promptly. The tubes are the same length and build as the original ones, and they worked just as expected. Highly recommended.

Rosie Munford, AL

off brand, not made by medela

these pieces work ok, but are much shorter than normal medela tubing. also the end pieces are a bit different than normal medela tubing. i had some problems in cold weather because the plastic just slid right off the end piece since it wasn’t super tight. i also had situations where the end pieces flew off of the plastic tube when i would shake it to get the water out. probably better just paying the $20 for new medela tubes, however I do still use these tubes sometimes.

Sasha Nederland, TX

They works, but fall out of my pump pretty easily.

I use the Medela Symphony pump. I purchased these to replace the original tubing that cracked. I find these tubes work, but I have to be careful not to pull them from the machine even a little bit because they will fall out. They stay attached to my flanges well, but don’t seem to connect to the machine as snugly. They are also not as flexible as the Medela brand tubes, but that wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t fall out so easily. They do the job, and are an inexpensive, but less quality replacement.

Caitlin Stockton, CA

Its what i needed.

Easy to use and what I needed, it was hard though to determine if these where the tube’s i needed, but i think that is Medela’s fault and not the sellers.

Benita Collegedale, TN


got these for backup tubing on my symphony, so i haven’t used them yet, but they look to be exactly like the Medela ones and i’m sure they’ll work great. word of advice, keep them away from your cats! lol my cats put teeth marks all up one set of tubing that i had, i’m glad i had an extra set at the time… 🙂

Alisa De Witt, MO