New Boba Wrap in Red with Matching Carrying Pouch : Infant Baby Carrier : Preemie – 18months

New Boba Wrap in Red with Matching Carrying Pouch : Infant Baby Carrier : Preemie – 18months

The Boba Wrap baby carrier is the ideal solution for babies from birth, including preemies. The incredibly soft material, making the wrap easy to use for beginner and advanced babywearers alike! Simply tie the wrap snug against your body and it will fit perfectly every time – no need to readjust or retie during the day.

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Great beginner wrap

We have one BOBA and one Ellaroo. The BOBA came first. It is GREAT for learning to wrap your baby. It is also great for when the baby is an infant for front carries. What a lifesaver. Your baby feels safe and you can get something done! We have since moved on to the Ellaroo. While the Ellaroo has a much harder learning curve because it’s a stiff wrap, both my husband and I find that it distributes the weight of the baby better (especially as she gets bigger) and you can do back carries with it, which you CAN’T (or definately should not) do with any flexible wrap like the BOBA. Another major reason that we purchased the Ellaroo is that our baby was born in April. The BOBA was going to be way to hot and sweaty to carry our baby in during the summer. The Ellaroo is much more breathable and better for hot weather babies. FYI, YouTube has some GREAT videos for the BOBA (and other wraps) that explain how to get the thing on your body FAR BETTER than the booklet that comes with it. Watch them, you’ll save yourself a lot of grief (I got grumpy with the wrap, grumpy with my poor husband… prior to watching the videos). Get a visual, you won’t regret it. Even though I like my Ellaroo better, this is still a great wrap and one of the best baby gifts you could get for yourself or anyone you know that has a baby coming.

Allyson Dixon, MT

Worth a million dollars

I cannot overstate how much we LOVE the boba. We had been given a Bjorne & ergo used from friends but our 6 lb 8 oz baby disappeared in them. We looked for something for smaller than 8 lb babies online & tried the boba. Don’t be intimidated by thinking its complicated to tie– the picture directions that come with make it very easy. Once our little lady developed reflux & stopped sleeping well day & night, the boba absolutely saved us. She could sleep comfortably upright in it & I could still get things done. Now she sleeps well at night but is still a bad napper. When all else fails, putting her in the boba always always works. A friend at lunch was so amazed when my baby started to get tired & fussy, I popped her in the boba & she just passed out in 2 minutes. :)My friend is pregnant & went home & added it to her registry! We run all kinds of errands and shop with this too– so much easier than toting a car seat, my hands are free & baby is more snuggled and happy. Its made of very nice soft fabric & it washes well. I’ve even worn this on 100 degree days and while carrying a baby around will be hot in that weather no matter what, the fabric is surprisingly breathable. I’d give the boba 100 stars if I could. I will buy this for every pregnant friend from now on. It’s one of my three all time favorite worth their weight in gold baby things (other 2 are rock & play sleeper & miracle blanket)

Shelia Montrose, NY

Love it!

My son is over 20lbs. and after walking a mile in this, he still didn’t sag, and liked it enough to fall asleep.This was very comfortable and I have been in two car accidents a year ago.At, a lot of the moms said a stretchy wrap would be no good for a heavier baby, but I just wrapped this very tight and had no problems.I also had enough length left over to wrap around to my back again and tie it. This gave me the ability to stretch that fabric over my son’s feet and make stirrups. I can also use this length if I use the wrap to hold my 10 pound Min Pin in it. I tie the extra up around my neck.One thing I don’t like is the print is not double sided.I can’t wait until I can afford to order a solid color or two.The website has great instruction videos.I own three different Infantino wraps & carriers as well. This is the best of all of them. My second choice for something cheaper would be the Infantino Union Ergonomic Carrier.

Linda Rose City, MI

Even for preemies.

It didn’t take me long to make the decision between Moby and Boba. Being a first time mom on a pretty strict budget, both the price and learning curve steered me toward this wrap. My take so far:- Forgiving learning curve. Being made of a nice quality french terry knit with spandex means you can wrap this thing snugly around yourself and pop your baby in afterward, without having to figure out how much slack to leave. I read the instructions once and had it on correctly (I may have stuffed my cat in it. Don’t judge.) on my first try, just a few minutes later. I never had to look at the instructions again.- Cheaper than a Moby, and the fabric is nicer.- Good for even the tiniest of babies. My daughter was born 12 weeks early and came home at 36 weeks gestation, weighing in at almost exactly 5lbs. We used the Boba right off the bat with ZERO issues. She’s always snug, comfortable and secure.- Comfort. If you take the extra 45 seconds to wrap your Boba well, making sure it’s smooth against you wherever possible, you can wear a younger baby comfortably in this thing for hours at a time. I can’t speak for larger babies, as I don’t have one yet.- It can be rather warm. I imagine it could be pretty uncomfortable if you live in a warmer climate. This is more of a perk for me, as I have a winter baby and live in an area that gets pretty cold this time of year.- Not really ideal for larger babies. I don’t see how this wrap could be considered a long-term babywearing option. I haven’t had a chance to learn from experience yet, but it seems to me that it would be pretty uncomfortable (for both of you) to wear a baby over 15lbs or so with this wrap. I expect to get plenty of mileage out of mine, though. At 3.5 months actual and 2 weeks adjusted, my LO is just over 7lbs. We’ve already been using it for nearly 6 weeks and it’s held up wonderfully.- Hard to use outdoors. Or really, anywhere you wouldn’t want it touching the floor. Unwrapped, this thing is about fifteen feet long. I don’t care how tall you are. You’re not keeping 15 feet of fabric off the floor while winding it around yourself.Overall, this wrap is certainly worth it, so long as your baby isn’t too big for it to be practical. I would buy it again, given the choice to make a second time and would most definitely recommend it as an early option for wearing your baby.

Jackie Bolivia, NC

Its Okay

After having my baby, I had a hard time not having my hands free to get more done around the house. I received a sport carrier from a shower but it was best used when my child could support himself more. So I decided to purchase a wrap mainly to be more hands free for my infant (0-3 months). It is not as hands free as its made out to be. The material is a stretchy/slinky type material. It can be pulled very tight or kept loose. If you wrap it too loose your child is not very secure and bounces around a lot with little head support. The instructions tell you that it should be tight enough to pull the child into you. If its too tight, its uncomfortable for you and the baby. When it seems to fit well, I find my child still bounces around a lot and you have to still support him with your hands (like your hugging your baby like in the picture). If I lean over at all I have to hold on to him and support his back and neck. It really doesn’t allow me to do much more with the wrap than without it. I tried to do some things around my yard too but we both ended up very sweaty. The material itself does not seem too hot but when you press a little body next to yours and wrap it tight, it gets hot! Even inside my child would be sweating after wearing it for a little while. My expectations were much higher than the outcome. If you are looking at buying this to free yourself up to do all your chores, its not as free as it sounds. It helps a little (I was able to wash some dishes okay but had trouble with anything that requires bending over or much movement) so I gave it 3 stars.

Sallie Hamilton, AL


I bought my wrap while still in the hospital after having my baby & it arrived the day we got home (love amazon prime!). I never used a wrap with my older daughter but did babywear her. After watching a few YouTube videos & practicing putting it on I really fell in love with it. It took practice in the beginning like any baby carrier I’ve used but once I got the hang of it it was perfect. I had a very difficult baby in the beginning (reflux, had to change formula a few times) & she didn’t sleep well. The only way my newborn would nap for any period of time was when she was worn. She would sleep 2 hours in this carrier but if she wasn’t in the carrier I’d get lucky if she would sleep 20 minutes.The wrap kept me sane…seriously.

Renee Sharps, VA

Not for the sleep deprived, clumsy, hurried, or easily frustrated

I’m trying all sorts of carriers because I’m looking for one my son (1 month old) likes and that I can get him in and out of fast enough and smoothly enough to avoid him getting revved up. This is not the carrier for us. It is essentially a very, very long strip of high quality sweatshirt-like material… and it will definitely take some practice getting on (the parent) and then getting the kid in. If you have a placid child – this maybe for you! If you have time or are someone who isn’t clumsy, this may be for you. I made through trying it twice and gave up.Also gave up on ring sling style carriers too. I have an Ergo with infant insert, but I don’t like how the infant insert sits, but I figure it will work better when he is bigger and no longer needs the insert. I also have a friend’s Bjorn — that is fairly quick to get in and out of too. I just wanted to see if I could find one of the softer, wrap-type carriers that kept you in close contact with your baby because generally that is where my son likes to be, but the jostling (and my ineptness?) makes the Boba (and the ring sling) not useful.

Jerry Pitcher, NY

not spit-up friendly

i would not recommend this for babies who spit-up frequently, because it will end up all over your chest! it is also a ton of material for me (5 ft tall) and very hot.

Kim Far Hills, NJ

Comparison: Boba Wrap, Baby K’Tan, Lillebaby, and Ergo Baby.

I used four different carriers for my baby: a Baby K’Tan, this Boba Wrap, an Ergo Baby, and a Lillebaby. Here are the pros and cons of each:First, the Baby K’Tan. I tried this one first and loved it for my newborn. The main advantage to the K’Tan is that it is sort of a Boba or Moby Wrap for Dummies: easier to put on, and made of less stretchy fabric. This held my baby snugly to my chest, and this was the ONLY way she would nap most afternoons. I spent a lot of time with her in this! The fabric does stretch out eventually, but I simply put the K’tan in the washer and through the dryer on high heat, and it went back to its original size. Cons: The K’Tan is sized, so unless you want to buy two (or you are the same size), your partner wont’ be able to use it. As my baby got heavier, we needed a carrier my husband could use, too. Also ,the support strap ties in back, and this is uncomfortable if you want to wear the carrier while sitting (for example, on a long airplane flight).Second, the Boba Wrap. This was the second carrier I bought. I love the soft, stretchy, thick fabric–much better feeling than a Moby. Also, the wrap ties in front so there is no knot in the back when you are sitting. Unlike the K’Tan, this one requires you to figure out how to wrap and tie, and it is a bit of a learning curve. However, the plus side was that my husband could use this, too. Now that my baby is over 6 months old, though, we mostly use the Lillebaby as it is more supportive and distributes her weight better.Third, the Ergo Baby. We ended up returning this one. For one, the infant insert just did not work out for us. Every time my husband tried this, the baby would start crying and fussing. For a newborn, it is definitely better to use a stretchy wrap like the Boba or K’Tan.Finally, the Lillebaby. This is the carrier we are currently using for our 7 month old. It supports her weight well, allows for multiple positions (including outward facing, which she now prefers), and does not require her to dangle from her crotch (as a Bjorn does). But this would not have been as comfy for her as a newborn.Overall, if you plan to get two carriers, I’d recommend the Boba (for an infant) and the Lillebaby for a larger baby.

Hannah Stratford, CA

boba wrap

I was really excited to get this wrap, hoping it would be more comfortable than the front carrier I received as a shower gift. However, it is a bit complicated to put on and even in very mild spring weather I was burning up in this (and I’m very thin)! My baby didn’t seem uncomfortable and even fell asleep in it while I did some chores around the house. I’d recommend having a wrap carrier, but wearing it with minimal clothing on top or using it on cooler days.

Vickie Farmdale, OH

Not convenient, and my baby hated it

Okay so first and foremost, any wrap style carrier is a PAIN. There is an insane amount of fabric (this thing is LONG) that you have to wrap around yourself. It’s SUCH a pain when you’re going to the grocery store or whatever, trying to keep the fabric off the dirty ground. It’s simply inconvenient. It’s so much to deal with when all you want to do is run into the store with your baby attached to you.Secondly, my little one screamed every time I tried to put her in this. 4 out of 5 times she simply would not have it. SOMEtimes she would be okay, but always kinda fussy. She’s just not a "cuddly" baby personality (some babies are, some aren’t) so she HATED the wrap thing. She loves buckle carriers like the Bjorn and the Ergo, but she hates the Boba.I would have given it one star, but the Ocean pattern is really pretty, and my back never hurt when I had her in this–it was very comfortable. But just not worth it to me for the inconvenience and the fussiness.

Camilla Socorro, NM

Not for me….

Maybe I’m not "granola" enough…..but I find this product completely annoying. The fabric seems like a mile in length and it takes WAY too much effort to get the thing JUST RIGHT. The enclosed directions are not that great. I have worn it a few times, but found that I still had to place my hand on my baby because it just had way too much spandex or stretchy material. It seems really popular with people, but its just not for me. Maybe I’ll try it again later and use it when my baby is a bit older. He’s three months now, so maybe it will do better? Regardless, for anything outside the house I swear by my Ergo carrier. Love that product.

Susie Blanchard, OK

Boba Wrap vs Moby Wrap

My first baby was born in December of 2012. I was given two Moby wraps as gifts before he was born, and had even given a Moby wrap as a gift to a friend before I had a baby. A few weeks after he was born I decided to try the Moby, I figured out the wrap part pretty quickly but I couldn’t figure out how loose to wrap it to fit my rapidly growing baby. After a few attempts I finally gave up. After another few weeks I became really irritated by the fact that I had two perfectly good wraps, but that I didn’t want to use them. I contacted a woman in my town who sells all types of baby carriers (Frogmamma) and went to see her. She showed me the Boba wrap, I fell in love. It was the same type of wrap carrier that I wanted, but the material was stretchier (and softer to the touch) compared to the Moby. You tie it so it is snug against your body and then put baby in, the material stretches to the perfect fit everytime.My son is now 5 months old and 16 pounds. We still use the Boba wrap (I have two) constantly. In those first few months it would help to calm him down during his fussy moments, which always happened in the morning. This wrap allowed me to actually get breakfast while he would sleep. I bought another Boba wrap and keep it in the center console of my car. If I know in advance that I will be using it, I will put it on before leaving the house so I don’t have to do it in the parking lot. That is the only con about this type of baby carrier. It’s long and will drag on the ground while you put it on.

Margaret Findlay, IL

Boba Wrap

I kept hearing the hype of the Boba Wrap Baby Carrier and wanted to check it out for myself. I can see now why so many people are voting this as the best baby carrier out there! The stretchy material keeps baby in place and tying the wrap in a criss-cross angle gives much support without a ton of adjustments. This is also a great wrap for the novice!

Gena Stateline, NV

A LOT of fabric to try to manage…

So I buy that wearing your baby is a great thing. I wore my first a lot and she seemed happier for it. My midwife suggested this wrap for my second who is a bit fussier than my first. But this wrap, while comfortable, was totally unmanageable for me. I read the instructions and tried the wrap a few times, but all the adjusting (and not just of the wrap, but the baby once in, your clothes, the tie as the material stretches out, etc) was just too much for me and makes this wrap, in my opinion, impractical. It was difficult for me to imagine trying to use this while out running errands – it just takes too long to get just right. I have a Bjorn that I just slip on, drop him in and buckle him up and it takes seconds. While I thought I was in the market for a better carrier, so far nothing has topped the Bjorn.

Josefina Normantown, WV

Like better than moby, but still use moby too!

Have this and the moby. I reach for this more often because once you learn to tie it REALLY TIGHT (that’s the key), its so much easier than the moby because it is more forgiving. I also like it better because baby can adjust and move a little, yet still be tight against you. But, I only liked it until my baby hit 10-11 lbs (about 2 1/2-3 months). 11-15lbs is moby time because it has more structure. Over 14lbs, we do ergo or something similar. This is a MUST fit any new mom, especially one with more than one child!

Janna Sandisfield, MA

Best Wrap Ever!!!

I have tried Moby, which was not stretchy enough, Maya which hurt my back, and now the Boba. This gives me the best back support and holds even my 16 month old (20lbs) secure without sagging, plus she is so so calm and stays at an even temperature while wearing in the house. This wrap is super easy to put on and put baby in, if you get confused just check out the videos on Boba wearing and it explains everything! Love love love this wrap!!!!!

Shanna Shippensburg, PA

Nice to wear while at the park.

Now this is coming from a mom with a 2 year old and a now 4 month old. I tried to decided between this and the Moby wrap and I am glad I went with the Boba instead. Why this is better.1. Its cheaper.2. Its more stretchy.I don’t use this item very often since it does become semi complicated to take on and off. Thats why I gave it 4 stars. It does become easy to remember how to set it up though. I just think it is slightly time consuming to get it set up. But if your in the market to buy something like this skip spending $50 on the moby and buy this one. They are pretty much the same.

Olive Holloman Air Force Base, NM

I absolutely adore my Boba Wrap

I have had other styles of wraps before but I love the fabric that Boba uses for their wraps. It is stretchier but holds its shape better. With other wraps I found myself adjusting as the hours wore on because the fabric would begin to sag and lose its shape. I never had this issue with my Boba Wrap. Washing is also a breeze. I just toss it in the wash and then dry – nothing special. I highly recommend this wrap.

Jaime Glasco, KS

Great baby carrier

I really like this baby carrier. Despite seeming complicated, it is really easy and quick to put on. I also like the fact that the fabric is so stretchy and breathable and can be used by both me and my husband (one size fits all, unlike many carriers). The only knock I have is that the instructions warn about infant’s heads leaning too forward on their chest, but doesn’t explain how to prevent it and what the signs are that they are leaning too forward. As a result, I’m very paranoid while using it…

Suzanne Luling, TX

This is a lifesaver…

Best item I’ve purchased for my son! Just a few days after birth and he is addicted to being attached to mom, but mom likes being active around the house. This was the perfect solution. Even now, my son is about 10 lbs and works great. I couldn’t see using it past about 20lbs though.It was easy to learn how to use it. I checked out a couple of videos on you tube for it, so it only takes 15 seconds to wrap it around, then slide the little one in. I’ve used it while shopping. I’ve used it while eating out. Otherwise I would leave him in his car seat and carry that thing around, but he hates sitting in his car seat too long (key fit 30). When he is cranky and needs to get to sleep I use it (creating a habit I’m sure, but hey, he is 5 weeks) I slide him in and he’s asleep within 10 minutes. I’ve also become an expert in sliding him out of it to lay him in his crib while sleeping. The fabric is stretchy and soft. As long as it isn’t twisted across your back, it distributes the weight and shouldn’t hurt your back. It does make me waddle if I tie it too low, then I feel 8 months pregnant again lol.

Delia Salem, IA

Works great!

This is really easy to use. I watched you tube videos to make sure I was wrapping correctly which really helped. The color is more of a purple an a royal blue. I would order a different color if I ordered again, like green.

Abbie Bernalillo, NM


This is a very comfortable wrap, and my little guy falls right to sleep when I put him in it! There are a ton of different ways that the wrap can be tied, and the instructional videos are on Youtube. However, I am 5’9 and thin, and this wrap is very, very long for me when tied the traditional way. About half of the fabric is leftover, so I tie it around my waist, then tie it in a knot and still have a large amount of fabric hanging down. I don’t mind it, but if you are shorter/smaller, this wrap probably isn’t for you.

Trisha Brooks, CA

A little too much fabric

I bought this wrap because my baby girl loves to be close and this one looks great for snuggly babies. I wanted it for quick trips to the store but this is not convenient like I was hoping it would be. There is so much fabric that you really have to be sitting to put it on or else the foot after foot of fabric would be dragging on the ground as the twisting and wrapping is done to get it on and baby in just right. The print is lovely, and the fabric is really soft, but the concept just didn’t work for baby and Me. I gave it a 4 because it is a nice wrap, but the design just wasn’t what I needed, so I returned it and stuck with the Ergobaby…which my baby girl absolutely loves.

Gale Ferguson, NC

returned it

I am a new mom and was looking for a baby carrier and a lot of mothers on the online forums recommended wraps for newborn. I bought this and experimented with the different wrapping methods provided in the booklet. It was very cumbersome (the wrap was veryyyyyy long) and I did not feel that it was safe for my baby. This is my personal opinion, a lot of other people like it so my advice is try it first and see if it suits your taste. I also wanted to get soemthing that my hsuband would use, and he refused to even try when he saw the length of the material.I ended up buying the Boba 3G as I feel that I am more comfortable with an SSC than a wrap.

Millicent Malmstrom A F B, MT

Kinda hot.

I don’t know about all the talk about heat regulation, because when I’m in this thing around the house at 74 degrees, in less than 30 mins, the baby and I are sweating our buns off. Also, I have a wiggler, and if he can’t wiggle because it’s too tight, he gets frustrated and cries and I have to take him out. If I tie it any looser, the wrap is at my knees before I know it. It’s depressing cause even though it’s easy to put on, it does take some time, and when it’s ruined in 30 mins, it’s a big bummer.I like the concept of this, and the wrap is more comfortable than wearing a carrier minus the heat. If you don’t live in a hot area, or it’s winter or something, this will work better for you. It’s quality made and feels very soft.

Effie Albertson, NC

One of My Best New Mom Purchases

I loved my Boba. I purchased this when my son was 3 months old and wore it until he was around 8 months or so (at which time he became too heavy for me to use the wrap for anything other than very short trips because my back started to hurt). I wish I had bought it sooner, but for some stupid reason I thought a Bjorn was the way to go (I was wrong).It took me about three practice runs to learn how to tie it on fairly easily (I recommend finding a youtube video and practicing along with it a few times without actually putting your little one in it before you actually take this thing out for a spin). The fabric is stretchy and comfortable and not too hot, and the price is very reasonable for all the use I got out of it. I’ve moved on to a pricey woven wrap (a Didymos) now that my son is too heavy for me to use the Boba Wrap, but the Boba served us well. I now buy Boba Wraps for all friends with new babies.A couple of things to mention if wraps are new to you….1) It takes a minute or two to get this thing completely put on. That never bothered me, but some moms find it to be too much of a pain and prefer the ease of just snapping on a more structured carrier like a Bjorn, Ergo, etc., so if think this might be an issue for you, you should watch a few youtube videos and see what putting this thing on entails before you make this purchase.2) This thing is pretty long, so if you plan to put it on and take it off in public it will definitely hit the ground. With that said, it is possible to get your baby in and out of this without taking it off, so you can put this on at home and not take it off again until you are back again, but if the thought of this dragging on the floor is an issue for you, a structured carrier may be a better fit for you.

Jayne Spring Lake, NJ

LOVE it!

We use the boba wrap everyday. We started using it during week 1 and gradually increased as we got more comfortable putting it on and getting her in it. Now we are week 9 and for the last 1.5 months I’ve pretty much used it every day. There are just times where she really needs closeness and this allows me to keep her close while still doing the dishes, preparing meals, laundry, etc. I don’t know how we would get some things done without it. We have two, one for my husband and one for me.

Briana Crabtree, OR

So sweet-a tad too stretchy

I love this. True to color and very comfortable. I do not have another brand to compare it to, but I do feel like, while the stretch provides comfort and ease, you do have to re-do it fairly often. I would always have to keep a hand on my daughter (even at newborn stage), because it would really begin to sag. If you have a baby that really loves to be extremely tight and you get really good at tying it, this would probably be perfect. I still used it and I still think I would prefer the stretch to none at all, but it’s not 100% hands-free in my opinion. It is super soft and I do enjoy using it!

Lakeisha Nottingham, NH

LOVE it!

Before I bought this wrap I had done so much research on wraps that I even went to a wrapping demo class and this Boba was the best one. I bought it because I work @ home on the computer and phone and need my hands to work it keeps my baby in place unlike the moby it has no stretchy Don’t like it.. with this wrap I can just wrap him up without having to measure the space. I just simply wrap him and he stretches it to his fit very comfy.. I rather carry my son in the Boba then in my arms because he doesn’t feel as heavy in my Boba the weight evens out which makes it more comfy. My Son falls asleep so much better!! This wrap is even better the a carrier because the child is more @ eye level the carriers are just too low and opens there legs too much and bad for the crotch area. By far this wrap is the best way to carry your child not to mention is GREAT for bonding.. My son is 6 months now and I still use my Boba and will continue for much more months 🙂 It’s not just for infants you can learn different types of wraps for your growing child

Angel Wayland, MA