New Clevr Baby Kids Safety Playpen 8 Panel Play Center Home Indoor Outdoor Pen

New Clevr Baby Kids Safety Playpen 8 Panel Play Center Home Indoor Outdoor Pen

The Clevr Safety Playpen is an eight (8) hinged-panel system to keep your little one safe! The Clevr Safely Playpen includes six (6) hinged panels, one (1) activity panel with a picture house, ball spinners, play telephone and one (1) swinging door gate with safety lock. You can build it in a variety of shapes such as an octagon, rectangle, or square or you can add/remove panels to make it as big or as small as you like! And with the Clever brand, you know you’re buying a quality product you can trust. Product Features:Premium Quality from Clevr 8 Panels including one (1) Activity panel and one (1) Safety gateExtensionable as big as you need. Extra connectors and walls sold separately. Includes both suction cup feet and slider feet

Main features

  • Quality ClevrTM Brand, beware of cheap imitations! If the box doesn’t say Clevr on it return it for a 100% money back refund! The seller WILL pay for the shipping back!!!
  • Activity board: picture house, ball spinners, play telephone.
  • 8 Panels. Premium Quality. Designed for safety first. NEW Locking Joints provides superior safety
  • Swinging hinged doors for Safety. Safety lock on doors.
  • Fully assembled dimensions: 73″ in diameter, panels: 31″ W x 23.5″ H.

Verified reviews



We chose this after reading the reviews. It assembles insanely easy. Just snap pieces into each other. We only put the mirror sticker on after reading the other review about the others being peeled off. Only thing I’m not crazy about is the mirrors not really that good, really blurry. Other than that I love this thing! Well worth it.

Glenda Salley, SC

Great playpen

After having repeated bad experiences with the Northgate playard with my first child, I ordered this play pen for my second son. I love it! The only reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I could do without the stickers which have a history of coming off or being peeled by babies. Since my son has a history of eating paper I didn’t bother putting the stickers up.Assembly is super easy, and you have a variety of layout configurations to choose from. It is very spacious to fit my 9 month old, my 2 year old and myself to play without feeling cramped. I may still end up buying a second one to create an even larger play space. I like the walk through gate.My favorite feature of it all? The suction cups at the bottom of the panels that keep the playpen in place when used on tile. I used to hate my son dragging his old playpen all around the room.

Consuelo Hollywood, SC


This works amazing! I love it. It definitely keep my 11 month old twins where i need them. Highly recommend to anyone!Only complaint is that the rubber suction things on the bottom of it stopped working as well soon after i bought it. I wish we could replace them out. Because that makes this thing so wonderful!

Cathleen Middletown, MO

a pen is a pen is a pen

Back in the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was a young and beautiful mommy, we had playpens. You put the untrustworthy in them so you could bring in groceries or to cook a dinner. They were about 4×4 and you could haul them outside or drag them into the kitchen. Now we have these things which we like to call baby Guantanamo. Bigger, safer but they take up your whole living area, but if you want to pee in the next 3 years without taking company in with you, you better get one. I do not think the kiddo likes it anymore than his mommy did, a pen is a pen is a pen, and he may be short but he does get that he is penned, but he is safe. Safe counts for a lot. As far as pens go, it is nice, has a door so he can go in and out to get his toys, but the door stays closed when an adult closes it. It is big enough to get into with him which worked well for me when I had to babysit him after a back injury, we were both penned for a day and we lived to tell the tale. it is too big to move from room to room, but oh well, did I tell you the safe part,,,safe, it is safe.

Carmella Vandalia, MI

great playpen

cant wait to use this inside and out what a bargain price 8 panels wow and a gate love love it thank you so much my grand daughter will be protected now

Hattie Ekwok, AK