NEW Valve × 2 & Membranes × 4 Replacement for Medela Breastpumps Part #87089

NEW Valve × 2 & Membranes × 4 Replacement for Medela Breastpumps Part #87089

A retail package of NEW valves(x2) and membranes(x4). It does NOT contain BPA and it meets or exceeds both USA and EU food safety standards. It can be sterilized in water steam or boiling water.

Main features

  • “BPA Free” It can be sterilized in water steam or boiling water.
  • Membranes are more flexible than the OEM membrane so it can respond faster to the pressure change during pumping.
  • Valves are better angled to increase the flow rate for breast milk collection.
  • Storage case included provides better protection plus it is more convenient when traveling.
  • Convenient pack of 2 valves and 4 membranes

Verified reviews


You need these if you pump!

I have Medela pump and love it. I am a stay at home mom so do not pump everyday. I do pump every few days so I can have an emergency supply in the freezer. I thought my pump was broken because The suction was almost non-existent. I was going to order a new pump, but after reading a few tips online I found that I may need to replace my valves and membranes. I ordered these and they fixed the pump immediately!! I didn’t have to buy a new pump. Try these if your pump is losing suction!

Dina Canton, NY

Perfect replacement

Fits my pump in style perfectly. Easier to clean that the medela valves too. Milk would build up in the old valves vs this one i’m able to stick a finger down and rub clean.

Christa Randolph, IA

BETTER than Medela’s!

Medela’s valves have a 90 degree angle at the bottom and I need to take a small plastic syringe to suction out the milk left in the valve cavity behind the membrane. THESE valves have a 45 degree angle and more milk comes out – so I don’t have to use a syringe! Just a couple of taps and all the milk is out. It’s a nice time saver – gravity! The extra set of membranes are very nice to have as well. EXCELLENT value – I will definitely by these over the actual Medela ones due to the better design and price.

Janie Iola, TX

Work great with Medela

These aren’t Medela brand, but they worked perfect with my shoulder bag pump. I liked the case they came with and the extra membranes. Great product!

Karla Tionesta, PA

Great alternative to more expensive Medela parts

I bought these valves as an alternative to the more expensive Medela products. They fit well and work without problems for the two Medela pumps I use, the Symphony and the Pump n Style. With one set of the Medela breastshield connectors, they stick somewhat and I have to jiggle them in order to get them out. A minor problem for an otherwise perfect product.

Millie Escalon, CA

Replacement Part

Nice replacement part. Comes with valve and four membranes. They all fit inside a handy storage container. Not exactly like the medela ones that came with my pump, but almost identical and work perfectly.

Justine Duff, TN