Nickelodeon Dora the Explorer Step Stool – Red

Nickelodeon Dora the Explorer Step Stool – Red

Ginsey. Safe Giggles™, it just feels right™.

Main features

  • Dora The Explorer
  • Solid and durable
  • Non-slip top
  • Strong full base
  • 24 months to 7 years

Verified reviews


useless: too low, too light, too narrow

This stool is a complete waste of money. It is too short to allow my toddler to reach the toilet OR the taps on the sink. It is too light to stay in place if he happens to tap it with his toe while he is trying to step up on it (even though it has a non-slip grip around the cheap plastic edges). It is not wide enough to make him feel reassured that he has plenty of room to stand on without watching his feet carefully carefully, which is hard for a young toddler.SKIP this stool and all the other ones like it like Dora, Bjorn, etc. I got the KidKraft Step N Store, and it is everything the others are not. It is heavy so it doesn’t move easily. It is much higher so toddler can actually comfortably reach the toilet AND the sink. There are two problems with it though, but we could work around those problems whereas we could not work around the problems with the cheap plastic stools. On the KidKraft the painted surfaces can be slippery especially if the child wears socks in the house. We put a non-slip film or rubber on ours, and on the feet too. Also the KidKraft manufacturing is quite poor and we had to improvise with one screw hole that was not drilled properly. But the KidKraftKidKraft Step ‘N Store – Whitehas been good ever since, although toddlers seem a bit unsteady on it when they have to turn around at the top to sit on the toilet.We also tried The Potty Stool.The Potty StoolIt was totally worth it. It is much more expensive than all the other stools, but it is high enough for a toddler to reach the toilet, it has long rails so they are completely secure, and it is sturdy. Also, we didn’t have to modify it like we did the KidKraft stool.

Justine Jamestown, RI

Works well

Our two year old has been using this to reach the potty and it is working very well for him. Its a good height to reach the toilet, but not really tall enough for a 3 foot tall kid to reach the sink and wash his hands.

Joann Sedgwick, KS

Ordered red, received pink.

I ordered this step stool to match my daughter’s red Dora portable potty seat cover, but when it arrived it was pink. I’m keeping it anyway because my daughter likes it. Just know that you may not receive a red one if your order the red color. Other than that, I like it! It’s light enough for her to carry around on her own and it’s pretty sturdy.

Lorena Buckhannon, WV

Perfect for Potty Training

Durable, easy to clean and pretty. I actually purchased a second one – but in my Toys R Us shop. Amazon charged me about $7 over the price at Toys R Us. But great little stool – would recommend.

Bridgette Big Laurel, KY

Good non-slip top. Stays put on bathroom rug. Good height.

We’ve been happy with this so far. My 3 year old uses it to wash his hands/brush his teeth at the sink. We have it sitting on a bathroom rug and that doesn’t interfere with it staying put.

Sally Broken Bow, NE

Cute, but find it too narrow

Our daughter loved this step stool when she opened it at Christmas. But doesn’t choose to use it much because it is so narrow and awkwardly shaped to pick up on her own. She prefers the traditional shaped plastic step stool.

Tanya Midland, IN

Er, wrong stool received

I am giving this product 4 stars as it works great and my boys love it. HOWEVER, I should like to point out that we ordered a RED Dora stool to match a red seat we already had. We received a PINK stool with Dora dressed as princess. Hmmm. At the time of ordering this pink stool was not even a listed option so I have no idea why we were sent this. Fortunately my boys liked it anyway so we kept it.

Cristina Dunbar, NE

great stool

My daughter loves this stool. Its great for use in the bathroom in front of the sink. Also light enough for my daughter to move around.

Neva Westfield, IL

Works fine

Not much can go wrong with a step stool, I suppose. This one works fine. I move it around wherever the kids want to get up a bit higher and my 3 year old can do the same.

Sonja Lebanon, NE

Great Little Stool

This little step stool is perfect for my two year old, who uses it to get into his race car bed. I like how the stool is curved and has no sharp corners. It has a wonderful slip-proof top too, that is slip-proof even with socks on! My son is little and with this stool, he can easily get into his bed. I also like the little elmo designs on the front. I am trying to get him into Sesame Street and what better thing to get him used to the characters! Later this little stool will be great for the bathroom when he learns to use the potty. It holds 200lbs of weight too, so it is perfect for my husband and I to use around the house. Highly recommend this!

Virgie Westfield, IL

Too small

It’s very sturdy and non-slip, but it’s too short for my 3 year old to reach the sink or toilet. It is also very tiny and so it’s hard for her to turn around if she’s standing on it because there is not a lot of room to step. It is a pain in the butt to move unless you bend over and pick it up (sometimes I would like to be able to just move it out of the way with my foot and this is impossible.)

Matilda Industrial, WV


Fits my need. Wish it was a little wider but it is consistent with all the stools I bought and/or looked at.

Rena Terryville, CT


This stool is so dope. You can totes let your kid use this to rock the toilet on his or her own. She can totes pee and that is way better than changin’ diapies. Changin’ diapies stinks… see what I did there?

Adrian Ferdinand, ID

Very sturdy

I’ve struggled with other step stools that are too wobbly when my toddler stands on the edge instead of in the middle, and they can easily flip. This step stool is very sturdy and my kiddo loves the Sesame Street characters.

Annie New Salem, PA

Great, cute step-stool

This stool is the perfect height for my three year old to use at the sink when brushing his teeth or washing his hands. He bounces around a lot and hasn’t slipped or fallen off.

Emilia Elgin, PA

Perfect sized!

My 2 year old loves her Dora step stool. It’s the perfect size for getting on the potty, or washing her hands.

Lillian Banner, KY

Works for us!

When I took this step stool out of the box my husband said there is no way that will be high enough. i bought it for my 2 year old twins to be able to wash their hands at our bathroom sink. it does look small but we tried it and it was the perfect height for my boys and they love the independence it gives them. this being said our house is older and we have lower sinks than in newer homes. I can see where it would be too low for higher sinks.

Greta Stanleytown, VA