Nicolas Diaper Tote Bag

Nicolas Diaper Tote Bag

This full-size diaper bag is fashionable and functional. It’s padded, has many pockets and comes with coordinating accessories including a changing pad. The stylish striped print print in shades of brown, pink and white looks terrific, too. Water-resistant fabric inside and out Metal feet at bottom of bag Two large outer pockets with zipper closure; two open side pockets Two inner mesh pockets; two inner nylon pockets Includes changing pad Includes wipe case Includes matching zippered pouch Measures approximately: 18″L x 7″W x 11″H When purchasing bag you will receive 75 diaper disposal bags box for free

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Fabulous well-designed bag & contents

I LOVE this bag. It came with a great zippered diaper/wipes holder, has two large outer pockets for wallet, tissues, binks, keys and other quick-need stuff. Has two bottle slots at end of bag, good sturdy handles and a zip top. Wide enough to pack clothes in for a 1 year old to wear.

Hilda San Cristobal, NM

Good bag.

I received this bag as a babyshower gift and have been very pleased. I have never purchased anything else from this brand but thought it looked nice and the reviews were good so I added it to my registry. I have used it for 8, going on 9 months now and it has worked out great. It isn’t too big for those quick trips and is just right for those overnighter’s. My only issue is that the stitching is starting to unravel from the zipper – where it meets the bag. Nothing that a quick stitch job won’t fix. Other than that I love the bag and would recommend it to all.

Pamela Morrisville, VT

Durable and cute

My mom gave this to me for my baby shower. My son is now nearly 3 and this bag is still in great condition! Even though it’s pink, my husband even uses it when he takes the boy out alone.1. Easy to clean, it’s made of vinyl-I think2. Roomy inside. No inside pockets, but the matching little bag is great for storing things like baby tylenol, gripe water, or use as my own purse.3. Has 2 bottle holders on the outside, and two zippered outside pockets.4. Comes with a changing pad and a plastic wipes holder.5. Big enough to hold everything we need to take with us, or to the sitter’s.Overall, I have enjoyed this bag. I am expecting baby #2 and think it might be time for a change, only because I often change my own purses!

Tamika Twelve Mile, IN

loved it

I used this diaper bag exclusively for a year after my daughter was born. It was just the right size, with just the right number of pockets. I received many compliments on it too! It’s very cute. Who want’s to spend $70 on a diaper bag? This was perfect. It needed to be replaced when I gave birth again, 20 months later. I wish I could have found it again then, the one I purchased instead wasn’t as good.

Ofelia Swanton, VT

great diaper bag

3rd time mom, I always hated a bag that had too many pockets. I just tossed in one extra clear tote for all the lotions, and powders, handsanitizer, and what nots, and if something leaks it’s not lost in some pocket. It’s not too large, but not too small. It’s not big bulky bag that you can overfill, and it wont fit over the stroller handles, but it looks nice, and fits the essentials without being a bulky overwhelming obnoxious bag. I love the colors, and like someone else mentioned, it’s not too big or girly for your man to carry. The quality also seems quite sturdy and all of it wipes down easily.

Tabitha Franklin, MI