Night & Day Bottle Warmer

Night & Day Bottle Warmer

A real sleep saver for Moms who are formula-feeding, this bottle warmer makes fixing nighttime bottles much faster and easier. The compact unit travels to and plugs in anywhere—a bedside table, a nursery, a hotel room, or the babysitter’s house, keeping all the feeding accessories close at hand. An insulated cooler on the back of the warmer uses a frozen ice pack (included) to keep two bottles cool for an 8-hour period and is removable for easy transportation. A nightlight provides just enough of a glow to prepare bottles in the dark without waking baby. Bottles fit into a warming chamber on the front of the unit and quickly warm up to the right feeding temperature in just five minutes. A light illuminates when the bottle is ready and, for safety, the warming mechanism automatically shuts off when finished (just in case Mom or baby falls back asleep again). This warmer has two droppers on either side for storing and measuring out water for heating additional bottles. This bottle warmer accepts all bottle types, including angled, disposable, and wide-neck styles, and also heats baby food jars. –Cristina Vaamonde

Main features

  • can warm bottles or keep them cold! wonderful tool for those late night feedings!

Verified reviews


So not necessary!

The only reason why I’m giving this a 1 star is not for the convenience it provides to others, but because it is so not necessary to have…another baby product on the market that is not needed. I, being a first time mom, wanted all the baby products out there! Well…I too read all the reviews for this item, registered for it, and received it as a gift. Well…we found absolutely no use for it. If you start your baby with warming his milk, then you’re only getting him use to it. I’m sure most everyone either receives the Arrowhead or Sparkletts (or other) bottled water in their homes…well, the water is already at room tempreature…no need to “warm” it up in the bottle warmer device…just add your formula in the bottle, shake and give to your baby! It’s already leukewarm. The only time I warm up the bottle is if it’s been in the fridge…at that point, I just run it under hot water to warm it up. My baby does not have 5+ mins to wait…nor do I! Save your $$ and/or those of your friends/family who get it for you!

Melba Huntsville, IL

Waste of Money!!!

Personally I think bottle warmers are a waste of money. If your baby is hungry they want to eat now and don’t want to wait for a bottle to warm up in this thing. It takes too long. I got one for my shower and I’m so mad that I threw the box away because I wish I could return it. I have always just warmed the bottle in the microwave. So many people are against that but as long as you shake up the bottle before you feed the baby there’s no problem. Only an idiot wouldn’t check the temp before feeding their baby anyway. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND JUST USE THE MICROWAVE. It’s so much faster!!

Tamera Carson, IA

Just don’t like

I just don’t like this product. Basically it is boiling the water and the bottom of the bottle gets really hot and if you use the Vent Air bottle the water drips out of the bottom is it is really hot. I just started using the mircrowave and it seem to heat faster this way. It takes forever for the formula to get warm by this product.

Gabrielle Crum, WV


I wrote an earlier review giving this warmer 5 stars because it heated the bottles so fast and the cooler portion made it easy to use anywhere in the house and travel. BUT I noticed that the ON/OFF switch SPARKED EVERY TIME you turned it off.Luckily, I had kept the box so I just exchanged it for another only to discover the second did the exact same thing! This is a HUGE FIRE HAZARD! I have contacted The First Years about this problem but so far have not rec’vd a reply. I even searched for information about Recalls on this warmer but found nothing. Maybe it was just a fluke that I purchased the two out there that did this – but if I were you I wouldnt take the chance that there are more with this problem, avoiding it altogether and buy a different brand!Initially I would have recommended this warmer but now I say DONT BUY IT! The on/off switch needs to re-designed before it is safe to use. (I wouldn’t be surprized if this gets recalled!)

Ana Spencerville, OK

Returned it after I found out it takes 5 minutes to warm a bottle

This is a good idea in theory, but in reality, what baby will wait 5 minutes for a bottle to warm? The faster, easier solution is to microwave a few ounces of water in a bowl (we use a large Pyrex measuring cup) until the water is hot and put the bottle in the bowl until it’s warm. This method takes less than 5 minutes, i.e. you don’t have to hear your baby scream for 5 minutes.

Yolanda Wyoming, MN


I found this to be unecessary. I don’t usually store formula so I didn’t need the cooling compartment. As far as heating up the bottles when I need to, I find it quicker & easier to just pop a mug of water in the microwave for 2 minutes & then let sit the bottle in it for a minute or so. Plus, there’s nothing taking up counter space.

Matilda Burbank, IL


I use platex nurser with the disposable liners, and when I tried to heat it in the warmer sometimes it would be cold other times it would get so warm that the liner would leak. I would not recommend buying this item. It is much easier just to the bottle in a glass on warm water

Johanna Blanchester, OH


It is fast and works great! It is much faster than the old fashioned way of warming bottles, and it is portable. We’ve taken it out of town several times. Plus, it doesn’t leak!

Alexis Leander, KY

Very Useful

This is very useful and it heats up bottles quickly and easily. Like the other reviewers stated, it is quite convenient! We take it when we travel and it is quite helpful since we do not have to leave our room in the middle of the night to warm a bottle. The only small negative is that the cooler isn’t attached and makes it harder to transport.

Crystal Kittredge, CO

Best Purchase yet!

We just had a new baby boy and I feel like a new mother! My older son is now 14 years old and boy have baby products changed since then! I seriously considered comments and reviews when deciding which items I wanted, which I could live without, and what was an absolute must have. So I hope you find my review just as helpful when deciding on your purchase. I call this bottle warmer one of the best purchases we’ve made so far! I read the mixed reviews on this product before purchasing it and I’m glad I ignored all the negative reviews. I quickly learned that the problem with those used wasn’t the product, it might have been “user error”. I have found this warmer to be extremely easy to use. The trick is to play with the warmer and get the water levels right before attempting to use it. So far we use it daily and it’s always heated consistantly and quickly (1-2 mins max). I still ALWAYS shake the bottle and check the temp before giving it to my son!

Clarice Westmoreland, NH

nice bottle warmer but not fast enough for my baby

I really like this bottle warmer. It heats up the bottles well. It gets 4 stars because I think it takes way too long to heat up a bottle. My son screams waiting for the warmer to get done. I have also never used the cooler. In my opinion to me it’s just as easy to grab a bottle out of the fridge. It is a nice warmer though and I would recommend it to others just as long as their baby is patient enough to wait the minute or mintue and a half that it takes to warm up the bottle.

Alyce Rushland, PA

A lifesaver

This is a wonderful must-have. I was given this as a shower gift and it has been a lifesaver. We use it anytime we need to heat up a bottle, day or night. We prefer to use it instead of heating the bottle in the microwave, but sometimes the bottles get too hot, and that is probably because we may have put a little too much water in the measuring tube. But most of the time, they are just right. We simply pour the water into the warmer unit, put in a bottle, and while we are changing her diaper, the bottle is heating. By the time we are done changing her diaper, the bottle is ready. We just keep the warmer in her room for convenience. In the beginning we used, the cooler, but we kept forgetting to put the ice pack back in the freezer after she’d taken the 2nd bottle, so now we just use it for the warmer and it has truly worked out really good for us.

Cherie Taiban, NM

A must have….

We have used this warmer every day since our baby was a few weeks old and we love it. You do have to pay attention to the amount of water you put in so that the bottle does not get too hot, but after using it you get a “feel” for the timing and amount of water.The water measuring lines on the tubes that came with the warmer did rub off quickly. However, I called the company and they sent new ones that have had no problems.This warmer has been a life saver.

Milagros Oakland, ME


This device is great!!! It heats the bottles to the right temp fast very fast. Easy to use. I could not live without it. The detached cooler is great for trips and family functions. Keeps the bottles cool to you are reasy for them.

Rebecca College Point, NY

Great for night feedings

This is a great item for nighttime feedings. No running downstairs to the kitchen for bottles. I put it on my nightstand so I don’t even have to get out of bed to get a bottle. It holds 2 bottles. Because my son actually needs 3 bottles during the night, I use a insultated bottle tote to hold his bottles.

Betsy Waldron, MO

Very convenient!

This warmer worked great and it was so convenient for the middle of the night feedings to not have to go up and down the stairs. I used it for almost 3 months and then I went to the microwave. I know everything warns you not to use the microwave but it works just fine and is much quicker. Now that my 3 month old is sleeping through the night, I don’t have to worry about the convenience factor. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend this warmer.

Corina Oak Hill, OH

Wish I got it sooner

I got tired of getting up at night and going to the kitchen to warm up the bottle. This is much better. It takes a little bit of time to warm up, but does a good job. You have to play with it to see how much water you need to get the bottle the right temp. But once that is done it is great. It makes a sizzling sound, but you get used to it and now my son waits for the bottle to warm up and looks at it eagerly, but doesn’t cry. It hold two bottles, but when I bought it my son just decided to drop the midnight feed so now I use it for the 5 a.m. feed only. I have to use extra ice blocks to keep it cooler longer, but it does save me from getting out of bed since his crib is next to my bed.

Cathy Waverly, GA

Great concept but it needs a little more tweaking!

Yes, it’s great because it is convenient; it’s right at your bedside or baby’s cribside so you don’t have to take an extra 5 minutes to go downstairs and it can be plugged in anywhere so you can take it on the road with you if you’re staying overnight somewhere. And yes, all of your feeding accessories are close at hand and you can store 2 bottles at a time… BUT the bottles simply stay “cool” as the description states when they really need to stay COLD. The nightlite does NOT provide just enough glow to prepare bottles in the dark – you will break something if you rely on their light. (We use a nightlight that plugs in to the wall…) AND for some reason, we can never get the bottle to the right temperature no matter how much water we put in the dropper. We can even use the same amount of water 3 times in a row and one bottle will be too hot, the other too cold and maybe the last just right. We’re still working on it, though- even though we’ve had this for about two months (and please note that this is our second one – the first one stopped getting hot after two weeks). We use Dr. Brown’s bottles and they fit perfectly and we don’t remove the vent or the nipple like another reviewer had to. Maybe that’s why the bottle doesn’t warm the same way each time. It could also depend on how cold (or “cool”) the bottle is. The colder the bottle, the longer the warming time and vice verse. It’s a great concept but it needs a little more tweaking. Guess what though – I still use it every night!!!! (If someone knows of a better warmer, please email me.)

Alberta Evans, WA

Must Have for Two Story Homes

During my first pregnancy I received a Night and Day bottle warmer as a gift. I had triplets and the Night and Day bottle warmer could not hold the number of bottles I needed at night so I ended up giving it away. I would not recommend this product for homes with multiples. You might be able to use it if you have twins and they only get up once during the night.When I became pregnant a second time, one of the first things I asked for was a Night and Day Bottle warmer. There are not too many models out there.It is a very simple to use and set up. The two water holders slide onto the side of the warmer and the cooler is placed in the back. There are a couple of different basket holders. One for bottles and one for jars of food.There is a chart on the side of the cooler. You find the size bottle you are using and what type. You fill the water to the number on the water holder.When you want to warm a bottle you dump the water into the warmer place the bottle in and hit the button. Button will glow orange as it warms. When it is ready the light will shut off. Takes about 2-5 minutes.Good Features:On and Off switch on the cord. Very nice when you have toddlers that like to push buttons.Indicator light to tell you when bottle is done.Warms a bottle in the amount of time it takes you to change the diaper.Very stable. No tipping and not top heavy even with coolerFits many size bottles, See note below about Dr Brown’s BottlesPoor Features:Water holder clips can break during shipping, inspect your warmer as soon as you buy itWater bottle for cooler, must fill with water. Does not stay frozen for longer than 7-8 hours.Cooler lock is plastic bump. Breaks very easily. Cooler will no longer lock if one is missing. Steam can get into cooler because seal is broken. Top will not stay on if lock is broken.Will only hold 2 bottlesDr. Brown’s BottlesUnscrew the top just enough so it does not have a complete seal, then warm bottle. If you do not unscrew the top or remove the straw, the formula during heating will rise up the straw and flow into the warmer.When I opened the box I discovered one of the water holders was broken. It was just the plastic clip on the side. Then a few nights later I noticed that the lock on the cooler was broken. I emailed First Years and told them about my broken pieces. I never received a written response but a week later a new cooler and water holder arrived in the mail.The Night and Day Bottle warmer is a must have for Families that have 2 story homes or very large homes. It is very convenient to remove the bottle from the cooler, place in warmer hit start. Better than going to the kitchen and warming a bottle.*update* 8 oz Dr Brown’s Bottles will not fit into the cooler unless you remove the cap.

Jessie Redwood, VA

I love this warmer!

I read reviews on the BRU website like a crazy woman before choosing products for my new baby. As a new mommy, this advice from other mothers who actually used the products was invaluable when deciding what to spend money on. I decided that I would follow the leader and add my reviews. I couldn’t wait to review this product! It is my favorite! As other reviewers mentioned, it is a life-saver! It makes middle-of-the-night feedings so easy!! I have a two story home, and love that I don’t have to go downtstairs to get a bottle or heat it! The cooler holds two bottles, which is enough for us, as baby is eating every three hours. The really “wee hour” feedings can be covered without my having to go downstairs. How nice it is to walk into the nursery, take a bottle from the cooler, put it in the warmer, change baby and feed her…all in good time, without leaving upstairs! I don’t feel the need to move the warmer from the nursery during the day because I take baby there to change her before all her feedings anyway. I would never call this product silly or unecessary because I don’t think getting a bottle to a nice room temperature instead of out-of-the-fridge-cold for my baby is being over the top! I make up all my bottles at once; They’re kept fresh and cold; I heat them as I use them; It’s a snap! I’ve had no long waits, no mess, no problems. I use Dr. Brown’s bottles, and yes, you have to take the cap and nipple off, but I leave the tube in with NO PROBLEM. I have had to tweak the heating time a little for the short, four ounce Dr. Brown bottles, but again, NO PROBLEM! Seriously folks, this isn’t rocket science! Read the directions! With common sense and very little adjusting, this product is priceless! I love it!

Terrie Morley, MO

Easy to use and a must have for new moms!

The bottle warmer is a must have for new moms. It’s such a pain to heat a bottle in boiling water – and it takes so long. This bottle warmer will heat your bottle in 1-2 minutes — it’s quick and easy. The product has held up nicely and doesn’t take up too much counter space.

Liliana Marceline, MO

Great for Breastfeeding Too

This has been one of the best gifts that we received for our son! Although we are breastfeeding, there are times when we bottle feed breastmilk. This item is a lifesaver. The directions are so easy and the unit has everything you need! We add two bottles to the cooler compartment and fill the water tubes before we go to sleep. Let me tell you that at 3:00 am, being able to just dump the water in the warmer and add the bottle is a real plus. Even with just the light of a nightligt, it is easy to use. This ease of use means that we can complete the feeding and get back to sleep in minimum time. I love the safety feature of the auto shut-off and you will be amazed at just how quickly it works. In addition, being able to use it for a variety of bottles, milk storage bags and even baby food jars makes it a product that grows with your baby.

Maura Cotuit, MA

Excellent Bottle Warmer

I wish I would have purchased this bottle warmer from the very beginning. I purchased the Avent Bottle Warmer because I was using Avent Bottles but I recently had to switch bottles and had to purchase a bottle warmer to accommodate those bottles. Little did I know, this bottle warmer works well with Avent bottles as well. The only very small problem is that the numbers on the measuring cups rub off after a week or so which makes it hard to fill them with the correct amout of water for your size bottles. I guess I will have to guestimate at this point.

Madelyn Cedar Grove, NC

Save your money!

I thought that I just had to have this bottle warmer. Boy was I wrong. I found this warmer to be more of a hasssle than anything. I used Avent bottle (which I love – no gas!!) so maybe the bottles are the problem – who knows. The bottles were either too hot or too cold. It is just as easy to install an instant hot water thingy on your faucet and make a warm bottle in seconds.

Chelsey Union City, PA

Best one out there!

I simply love this machine! After you learn how to use the measuring and all that this machine saves me so much time and worry. Time over boiling water in a cup to let the bottle or baby food warm up in and worry over is it too hot or too cold still or is it warmed up evenly. With the night & day bottle & food warmer I don’t have to worry about anything. If your looking for a bottle/food warmer buy this one!

Molly Falls, PA

Good, but you don’t need the cooler

This warms your bottles just fine, but it is a little hot once you pull it out. The cooler doesn’t keep the bottles cold enough, so I’d get the cheaper version without it.

Tammy Cottondale, FL

heating times???

I definately liked the convenience. During the early stages of breastfeeding and we needed to suplement, it was nice to have the bottle there and not have to go downstairs in the middle of the night. However, I’ve had the hardest time figuring out how much water to use to warm the bottles. They have a chart, but it is not geared towards the platex bottles with the drop ins. It either gets too hot or I have to do it several times until it’s hot enough because my guess of how much water to use is always off. HELP!!! I’ve also got the one without the cooler in my kitchen.

Ophelia Codorus, PA

Not a necessary item, but nice for some!

We bought this anticipating my husbands on-call performances at night time with our second child (my first was up every 2 – 3 hours for a few months and Daddy got the midnight slot). However, as I am breastfeeding and occassionally pumping milk I thought we would use it for sure, once in a blue moon it turns out whenever I am leaving baby with Daddy and an expressed bottle of milk (which he can easily leave out for an hour before as its breastmilk/room temperature!) Our wee one only gets up once a night at 3am so I may as well do it and sleep later into the morning, we’re all up at 6am anyway!So, to conclude, not a necessary item for US and hardly used, perhaps formula feeding and more demanding babies would use it – as a shower gift it would be fine but don’t bother spending extra yourself.

Margery Bernard, IA

A must have

My children are 12 years apart and I wish they would have had this item with my first. It is so easy to use and makes those middle of the night feedings just a little more tolerable. If you get into a routine: ( wake up place the bottle in the warmer change the diaper the bottle is done by the time you are and has even had time to cool for a moment). I only had one problem with getting the bottles 2 hot but that was my fault from heating them twice. Go figure. I had a c-section and we lived in a 2 story house, what trips this saved my husband from going downstairs all night was well worth the money.

Kasey Chesterfield, SC

Save ur $$

Save your money and go to a local Walmart and get the bottle warmer by Parents choice. It allows the bottle to be stored on low for 8 hours and actually will boil water if need be!

Esperanza Meriden, KS