Nightstar Contour Changing Pad

Nightstar Contour Changing Pad

Contour changing pad with comfort shield, 3 sided enclosure helps keep your baby safe and secure.

Main features

  • Vinyl
  • Durable vinyl cover locks out stains and moisture
  • Easy to maintain, wipes clean effortlessly
  • Plush contour pad comfortably cradles your baby
  • Safety strap with easy release buckle gently keeps baby in place
  • Converts any flat surface into a safe, convenient changing table

Verified reviews


NOT organic – treated with flame retardant, vinyl cover

Oh please! Although Serta’s Organic Contour Pad is free of phthalates and polyurethane foam, it IS treated with harmful flame retardant (see tag on back stating compliance with California law #133) and has a vinyl cover which contains PVC that can leach dangerous chemicals that at low levels to affect reproductive, endocrine and immune systems. How is this organic? Try again Serta.

Raquel Elfin Cove, AK

great changing pad

I ordered this based on these reviews here and because it was $7 less than Babies R Us for a similar eco friendly changing pad. This pad didn’t have the same paper insert listing all of the organic/eco friendly assets that the changing pad has or the same print on the pad as the Babies R Us pad did, but this pad didn’t smell like plastic when it came out of the package so I didn’t have a problem using it for my daughter. I am not an everything must be organic type of mom, but I just wanted a pad that was well made, and didn’t reek like chemicals. It seems to be very well made, and worst case scenario if something happens to it within the first year of ownership it’s guaranteed for one year! Another plus was that is Made in the USA. If you want all of the eco friendly labels and a little bit cuter sheep print then go to BRUS and buy their organic Serta changing pad, but if it’s not a huge deal then just save a $ and get this one instead.

Bernice Duluth, GA

love it!

I love this! I never got a changing table, due to the fact that I had bought a graco pack ‘n play and that came with a changing-station-type-thing but as my daughter got bigger (she’s 7 months now), I got more & more worried that I’d be changing her and all of a sudden, she’d just fall and get hurt, so I had been changing her on the floor and wanted her to be more comfortable so when I saw this for only $25, I had to get it because it’s vinyl, so it wipes down clean and it has the cutest design. I got it the day after I ordered it..I’m not kidding. so I just put this on the floor and it’s wonderful! you don’t even need an actual changing table to put it on, unless you wanna spend the money to get one. I definitely recommend this.

Cathleen Rawlins, WY

only one tiny complaint

Every pad cover that I have purchased for this thing BARELY stretches over it. Makes for a tight fit I suppose so baby doesn’t mess it up, but it’s kind of annoying when I’m trying to quickly change it after a diaper disaster. It does clean off very easily though with baby wipes, or clorox wipes for the big messes, and the material is durable and hasn’t ripped on us or anything. I don’t know about this Eco-friendly bullcrap. I don’t buy into that real well, but this works nicely for us. It’s a good size, and our little boy gets super happy when we lay him down on it for diaper changing time, so he certainly doesn’t seem uncomfortable! Our baby is 3 months old, so as far as the longevity of this thing, couldn’t tell you, but I don’t foresee any issues with it and plan on using it for baby #2 in a few years.

Leigh Seaside, CA

As expected

This pad is nice and thick so I know my son is comfortable enough on it. He’s peed a few times on it (through the cover) and it wipes up easily. My only complaint is that after 9 weeks of use the top corners of the pad are breaking down. I’m not sure why since the baby doesn’t lay on them! Only thing I can think of is my cover is pulling on them and breaking them down. Kind of annoying but not a deal breaker since it doesn’t interfere with the pad’s performance.

Dorthy Eagle Bay, NY


I give this changing pad 5 stars because it does the job perfectly and is thick some pads are flimsy and when I went to the store some even could bend they had no substance this is great. Its thick its a little bigger then most but the nojo changing pads i purchased with it fit prefectly and the size of the pad is great for a larger baby or smaller baby its contour shape confines the baby and i absolulty love it!

Wanda Collison, IL

A Baby Must!

I bought this changing pad after looking at many others and being unsatisfied by them. I like that this one has 3 raised sides to offer a little extra protection for the baby, as well as having the easy snap strap to hold the baby in place better than most standard changing pads. The inner foam is very soft and offers a nice cushion for the baby. The size of the pad is standard so you can find almost any cover to fit it. Plus, the exterior of the pad wipes clean easily in the inevitable case of a potty accident and just to clean periodically. I highly recommend it!

Selma Northboro, IA

Doesn’t smell and it’s affordable!

I liked that this pad had three sides, it provides padding for baby’s head on my changing table with raised edges. Many of the four-sided pads looked like they were too shallow, or looked like they didn’t have much space for the baby to lay on. I got the “Summer Infant Ultra Plush Change Pad Cover, Sage” which is made for the standard two-sided pads but fits this pad just fine, you won’t notice a difference.All of the pads I’ve seen in stores had a terrible smell to them, and that’s a complaint I’ve seen on many different pad reviews. It seemed like if I wanted something that wasn’t stinky, I would be paying at least over $50. I bought this one based on another review that it didn’t have a smell, and was very happy to open the packaging and not get hit with that nasty rubbery smell. I will be using this as a changing pad and for co-sleeping, so I will be spending a lot of time with it and I have no problem with the idea of putting this in bed, where many others left me feeling like leaving it outside to “air out” would never be enough. It’s worth it to spend the extra $10.

Deidra Donner, LA

Does the trick and pretty cheap

need i say more? It was 1/3 of the price of the one at Buy Buy Baby. I love it.

Tania Couderay, WI

Great changing pad

We purchased this changing pad after doing some research on our own. We love the three-sided contoured edges, and the size fit our delta changing table with no problems. The straps are a big plus also, though our table also has straps, so we will probably end up using those. I also purchased aBasic Comfort Ultra Plush Change Pad Cover – Sage, and this cover fits just fine. We were glad to see that a regular cover would fit this pad. The pad is soft and comfortable, and had no smell when we removed it from the packaging. We are going to purchase a second one for use downstairs. I definitely recommend this shipped quickly too!

Lana Macksburg, IA

Great for kids of all ages

I have one of these which I have used now for 4 years between my two kids. I love it so much that I bought one for my sister for her new baby. The contour design makes it so that young infants have a much harder time rolling off the changing table pad, or even rolling over while trying to change them. The vinyl surface is great for cleaning up leaking diapers which soak through whatever covers you decide to purchase. On that note I have had great success using the covers by munchkin which have been cheaper from Target on these pads. Over time the vinyl on my pad has torn and is looking very poor however we took the pad with us on a move between states and it was often forced into a section of the car which required it to be folded. Had we not abused it I’m sure the vinyl would have lasted longer.

Stacy Allyn, WA

I liked my Babies R Us Changing Pad Better

I’ve used a friend’s Babies R Us generic changing pad for the last two years – and then she got pregnant and needed it back – so I bought two of the Nightstar (one for each of my kids’ rooms). Don’t get me wrong, the Nightsar is nice and works well. My issue with it is that the bottom isn’t slip resistant like my former one. This means I’m constantly adjusting it and putting it back into place. I also have to watch my daughter even closer when I’m changing her because she can extend her legs and slide the changing pad cover away from the wall. I will also fairly note that I do not have these secured with the screws to the dressers, and I’m sure that would help with the slipping. I would prefer to have one that is slip-resistant and not have to screw unnecessary holes in our furniture!

Melva Fort Garland, CO

Great changing pad

We use this on top of a dresser. We placed a anti-slip mat underneath and it stays put. Seems to be comfy for my baby. The only issue was finding a cover, but we just use the small covers from Target to cover the top area.

Katie Strongstown, PA

Love it

This is changing pad is great. It goes with our mattress. We are very please with the Serta products. Buy with confidence.

Nelda Conetoe, NC

Works very well

Fits nicely in my changing table. Contour holds baby well. Easy to wipe clean. Been using it for 4 months now. Recommendable.

Shari Rowland Heights, CA

Great pad, will be using again for second child

I am still using this pad for my 15 month old. Although he’s almost too big for it now, I plan on using this pad out. We are expecting our second so I plan on moving this soon to the baby’s room. I’ve had no issues with this. It was easy to hook up to our dresser and I love the security belt. Would recommend this pad to new parents as you won’t need to replace with another for other children.

Madge Springfield, AR

Just as advertised

I bought a used changing table for my house for occasional use by visiting grandbabies. This changing pad was the perfect finishing touch. It’s roomy and comfortable for even a big baby, easily wipes clean, and has lots of cushion. We even take it with us for a portable changing area when needed.

Margaret East Chatham, NY