Nike Jordan Classic ’23’ Red and Black Infants or Baby Bodysuit Cap/ Hat Booties+ Free 3.5mm Anti Dust Plug- Iviva

Nike Jordan Classic ’23’ Red and Black Infants or Baby Bodysuit Cap/ Hat Booties+ Free 3.5mm Anti Dust Plug- Iviva

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Main features

  • 1 soft cotton bodysuit with a lap collar and easy-change snaps along the bottom
  • 1 pair of booties with embroidered Jumpman logos
  • Cap with fold-over brim and embroidered Jumpman logos
  • Bodysuit & Cap 100% Combed Cotton
  • Booties 72% Arcylic, 17% Polyester, 8% Wool and 3% Spandex

Verified reviews


Not as pictured, poor construction

I purchased this at a local Target and after assembling it discovered that the top bar does not create an arch as pictured at all. In fact, it goes straight across because it appears to not be long enough and not sturdy enough to create an arch of any kind. I was hoping to be able to hang lightweight stimulating toys across it at the top but when you do, the toys are right in baby’s face and not hanging high enough. Also one of the three parts that make up the base does not lie flat/flush against the ground, it is slightly above the ground so if you put it on a flat surface it feels very rickety. Finally the mirror on one of the sides is slanted in a weird way so that baby’s face has to be way up close to it (which is difficult the way the seat is) in order for him/her to see their reflection. Overall I don’t think this is worth the cost, I’d rather try the Rainforest Jumperoo which looks to have a sturdier base.

Ines Wellington, KS

Works Great

When I talked to other moms, I heard the Jumperoo was a preferred option (to other jumpers or exersaucers). I picked this one because I like the design. I love that it’s not as big or over stimulating as other jumperoos. I love the toy selection and the music options. The 360 seat is also nice. And for moms who want to use it, I’m sure the snack tray is an added bonus.My son seems to love it. He likes the objects that spin the most, and he seems to pick up on the fact that when he wiggles and jumps the lights and music come on. It’s fun to watch him do so.I just wish it could hold a baby for more than 25lbs. My guy is almost 20 at 4 months, so I’m not really sure we’ll get our monies worth out of this. Also, he’s a pretty long guy, but even at the lowest setting he doesn’t touch the floor well enough to really get a good jump going. I guess the product may be designed for older babies, but even so my little man is about the size of an average 7mos old. Aside from not being low enough, the mirror toy is raised too high for him to really see his reflection, which is a shame cause he loves when we sing songs and snuggle in front of the bathroom mirror.If you’re hesitant after looking over the lower rating reviews, I’d suggest you go down to your nearest Target (if there is one near by) and check it out. There is always one assembled on display.Overall, the purchase was worth it, as my son is out growing his swing and doesn’t really love his bumbo. I just wish it cost a little less and was built for a wider range of growth.

Grace Southington, CT

Love it!

My son is only three months old so he’s just started using the jumperoo and interacting with it. But he seems to really enjoy it. I like it too, because I can sit him in there for about 20 minutes without him being bored. Plus I am obsessed with the music it plays, the songs are stuck in my head ALL day! 🙂 Definitely recommend it

Natalia Bergenfield, NJ

Great for Baby and Parents

I am surprised by the few negative reviews about the quality and construction. We found this item to be of good quality and easy to assemble properly. I even drag it from room to room and nothing has come loose. This toy has been a lifesaver. Our daughter was diagnosed with reflux at 4 months and had to be kept upright after meals. We brought out the jumparoo before we had planned on introducing it and she could sit happily in it after meals. She was too little to touch the ground even on the lowest setting, but enjoyed spinning the ball which was all she could reach. She loved that the music came on when we would bounce her gently. It also allowed my husband and I to have our dinner together while she was nearby, safe and happy. Now she is 8 months and can enjoy all of the activities. The animals on the bar above help little ones stretch their arms and focus on objects at a distance. On the second setting, they can reach the suspended animals. They are not frustrating or worthless. I love that it grows with the baby. Ours is on the second setting at 20 lbs, and the seat can be raised one more time which means she will likely be bored by it before she out grows it – which is good. There are many things for baby to do and try without being overloaded.

Alyce Osterville, MA

Best Baby Purchase I’ve Made

I buy A LOT of stuff to entertain my hard-to-entertain 6 month old. But this one is a home run. Since 3 months, he’s bounced his way to sheer happiness for up to 90 minutes a day. It’s an absolute life saver. I don’t know what I’d do without it. And the khaki sands variety is so subtle and not obnoxious like most baby stuff. It blends in with my modern decor (as well as a big bouncy thing can).

Deidra Wyandanch, NY

We like it but…

The only thing I don’t like about this product is the front arch that holds the hippo and the monkey is bent downward a little and stretched when put together so that it isn’t in the shape of an arch, just a messed up sad wannabe arch. The straps twist easily also and are hard to straighten. Other than that this toy seems to do its job just fine! (The unperfect arch just bothers me personally.)

Lara Wallace, NC