NiNi Toy Bungee, Parfait Pink

NiNi Toy Bungee, Parfait Pink

Toy Bungee is a strap designed to keep toys, cups, bottles and other objects from being dropped to the floor, and has been carefully crafted to outsmart the most intelligent toddlers. Dexterity in the fingers is something most toddlers won’t refine until they are well beyond 3 years old, which means they won’t be able to undo the Toy Bungee and release the harnessed object. Toy Bungee can hold a variety of baby and toddler toys, as well as nearly all types of sippy cups and bottles. It is adjustable, with 6 buttons that can be used to adapt to the size of the tethered object. The center clip allows for easy swap out of toys, cups and bottles, while leaving the anchor piece attached to a car seat, stroller or high chair. Total tethered length, including anchor piece, ranges between 11″ and 19″. NiNi products are invented by parents, for parents. The material is durable, easily washable and non-toxic (including lead, phthalate, and BPA free). No more sticky velcro to attract lint and dirt. The Toy Bungee is an award winner and has been independently tested for safety.

Main features

  • Button feature prevents release by toddlers
  • Center clip for easy swapping; Can leave anchor attached to object such as stroller or car seat
  • Durable, non toxic including BPA, lead and phthalate free and easy to clean
  • Fits most sippy cups and bottle sizes; Great for variety of toys; Adjustable in increments with buttons
  • Award winning and invented by parents

Verified reviews


Really useful

Well made, a good length, and saves my back from having to bend down to keep picking up. Made from a very bendy grippy rubbery material. Works well, will buy a couple more.

Jodie La Blanca, TX


I love, love, love the NiNi passi bungee! This toy bungee was not as great. It is not "crystal" as described, it is plain powdery blue. The products are very well made, though.

Yesenia Laguna Beach, CA

Great Idea but it easily breaks and is a choking hazard

I love this so much I bought a second. We used the first one to hold Sophie and it worked great. Unfortunately it only lasted a week. The second one broke the first time I tried to use it. The problem is it isn’t all one piece of silicone and the plastic nodes break off very easily. My 7 month old actually pulled one off and tried to eat it! The broken pieces are very small (much smaller than a dime) and are a choking hazard.I’m very disappointed and surprised someone would be selling these and marketing them to children when they break so easily. Please be careful using this product! It is not worth the risk.

Jacklyn Roberts, IL


This thing broke as soon as I got it…. It didnt even last through 1 trip to the grocery store. I had purchsed it to use on the buggy so my daughters toys would hit the floor. The plastic came apart (just looked like it was glued together) and my husband even tried re glueing it but nothing worked 🙁 so dissapointed!!!

Katelyn Nezperce, ID

Very impractical, poorly made, and hard to use

First of all, these are a great concept! To have something to keep sippy cups and toys from falling to the floor in a restaurant or outside is great, but this one is not a good choice. There are better ones! I have only used this strap a hand full of times. On the first attempt, the button was so difficult to punch through the hole that it took more time than it was worth. Then there was the removal…which took even longer. I do like that the strap has a removable piece, where you can attach it to let’s say a high chair and remove it with one touch of a clasp. After using this product for approximately the fift time, I went to put the button through the hole, and it came off. I tried to re-attach it, but it required glue…too much trouble, so it got tossed. This is a good product in theory, but too much to it. There are simpler products similar out there.

Michael Watertown, CT

Wonderful Idea and Great Addition to my Diaper Bag!

UPDATE:I was contacted by Nini to replace the items I had trouble with. They came through with wonderful replacements that work amazing!! Hint, they now sew at the clips which makes it so much tougher! I’ve been using them with sippy cups and toys in the car and I’m in love :)Original Review:I really liked the idea of this, but it ended up coming apart after I used it a couple of times. The problem that I can see is that the area where the silicone loops over the clip is just fused instead of fastened with some kind of material. I exchanged it with Amazon and they were great and immediately sent me a new one. The second one was apart on both hooks when I took it out of the package before ever using it. If I could have gotten my money back for it because it was broken, but been able to keep it somehow, I would have just taken some thread and wrapped it around and around the two pieces of silicone tightly and added a little super glue or something to hold the thread. I wanted so much to love this product because I was in such desperate need of something like this because my son just throws everything when he decides he doesn’t want to play or drink anymore, but unfortunately it was not functional for me. I ended up just returning the second one and getting my money back. If this company could come up with a new and improved version, I would definitely try it again.

Sharron Bethlehem, MD

Would not buy again

The glue that held the fastener on came apart after washing. Then while trying to to button the strap, the button appeared to be coming loose. I pulled on it lightly and the button came off. I would not buy this product.

Cherry Annandale, NJ

Works great but Sophie slips!

This is great to keep track of toys. I use it in Sophie the Giraffe (chewing toy) but it will occasionally slip off when my son squeezes Sophie! Other than that it has kept my sons favorite toy by his side! Highly recommended.

Dawn Caroleen, NC