No Hole Stairway Baby Gate Mounting Kit By Safety Innovations

No Hole Stairway Baby Gate Mounting Kit By Safety Innovations

Our Deluxe Hole-Free Gate Mounting Kit lets you install safety gates to newel posts without drilling into them. Our kit works with posts that are 2 3/4″ to 3 5/8″ wide. Each kit comes with mounting wood and a hardware set to mount one side of a gate. Not for use with pressure gates. GATES ARE SOLD SEPARATELY. If your post is round at the bottom and top please contact us and we will ship you a second set of round adapters free of charge.

Main features

  • Easy to install.
  • Used by professional childproofers.
  • Fits posts 2 3/4″ to 3 5/8″ inches thick.
  • No-Holes! No need to drill into your posts!

Verified reviews


Still requires tools and drilling

There are no holes in the post but you will still have to get your tools out and measure and drill into the mounting kit. This kit serves the purpose of mounting to a wooden post where you drill into the mounting post instead of the wooden post. If that is your goal, you will like this kit. If your goal is to mount a gate without drill, this is not for you. Assembly was above average difficulty. Arguments ensued when my husband and I tried to install, followed by my father in law until finally we hired someone to do it. In some cases, it may make your gate sturdier but not always, really depends on the post. Our upstairs post was completely different than the downstairs post and positioning is key.

Stacey Picture Rocks, PA

Enabled us to install a baby gate at the top of our stairway without damaging our railing.

Enabled us to install a baby gate at the top of our stairway without damaging our railing. Stained the wood to match our dark railing.

Nona Elliston, VA

For banisters

I was so excited to find an attachment that I could use for a baby gate for the railings of my stairs but the one problem that I have is that it does tend to rotate around and after a while we have return it so that the baby gate connects with the banister side. But love that it does not put holes in the railing and when done and can remove you will never tell that we had this on their.

Dale Phippsburg, ME

Works very well!

I purchased 2 kits to secure a gate to the banisters at the top of our stairs. The kit was easy enough to install, although installation is easier with an extra set of hands. The mount allows for banisters that are square or round. Still the brackets were not a perfect fit on one of our banister so we had to use a “square” mount on a round spot to make it work; in the end it is very secure anyways. We had to maneuver the brackets around a bit to make sure that the gate mounts were screwing into the kit’s brackets. It took a little work but all in all, not too bad. We worked on it a few times while moving in, so my guess is about an 1 hour for installation but not more than 2 hours. My one year old loves to stand at the top of the stairs and shake the gate; it is very secure! The kit really works well. I give this product 4 stars mainly because of the price which I feel is a little high considering that I needed to purchase 2 kits and then a separate mountable gate. All things considered I would purchase it again and would recommend it to anyone who needs a gate mounted to a banister.

Shelia Hummelstown, PA

Great kit!

This kit is quite easy to install and it works well. I like the idea that I didn’t have to drill into the wooden posts on my stairway. My railing is black, so I spray-painted the wooden part of the kit black before attaching it.

Christina Pilgrim, KY