NoJo Coral Fleece Sheet Savers – Ivory, Pack of 2

NoJo Coral Fleece Sheet Savers – Ivory, Pack of 2

NoJo 2 Pack Coral Fleece Sheet Saver Ivory

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • 275″ x 13″
  • Machine wash cold, gentle cycle
  • Use only non cholrine bleach
  • Tumble dry low

Verified reviews


“Sheet Saver” means “Time Saver”!

These sheet savers are a great product to tie down in your crib and protect your baby’s sheets from spit up and drool. They securely tie to the crib and are easy to remove for cleaning. Much easier to remove than the sheets every time there’s a little spit up!Disclaimer: one overly cautious pediatrician recommended against the use of these, but they tie so securely I felt confident keeping it in the crib.

Althea Banner, WY

Not a Two Pack

I received this item in pink. Very nice, good quality and nice color- however, there was only one sheet saver in the package- NOT two. Also, as another reviewer mentioned- they seem small for the crib. The could cover baby’s head or bottom, but not both. I have never used a sheet saver before either, so maybe this is a typical size- not sure.

Helen Lake Pleasant, MA

Love These

I like to use sheet savers for my son to lay his face on. He is a stomach sleeper and used to spit up often. They are also good for runny noses when sleeping.These are great! I have bought many different types and these are my favorite. They are super, super soft, even after washed several times. They are perfect for delicate facial skin to be on, especially for a wiggler. They are a nice size covering a good area. Now, I use all of the other brands I have under his diaper area.

Mable Meade, KS


Easy tie ons and soft texture keep me from having to change the sheets nightly from drool or spit up.

Betsy Bendavis, MO

Laundry saver!

Save yourself some loads of laundry and just change out this instead. Keeps your crib bedding clean longer and super soft!

Laverne Pioneertown, CA

Not <quite> what I wanted

While these sheet savers work pretty well (at least until my son got old enough to flip all around the crib), they weren’t quite what I wanted. I had a hand-me-down one that was not fleece, and I like it a lot better. The main complaint I have with this one, though, is that because of where the ties are attached to the corners/edges of the cloth, the edges tend to get pulled up slightly when I tie it to the bars of the crib. So they don’t lay flat very well. if tied securely to the slats. My son then sticks his hands under them (he’s a belly sleeper now that he’s old enough to roll) and gets his hands stuck. So then when he goes to try and suck his thumb, he has a hard time. They do a good job, though, of keeping the spit-up off of the sheets, so OK, just not great. Wish I could’ve figure out what brand my hand-me-down one was, I would’ve bought more of that one instead.

Sydney Troutville, VA

the best sheet savers I have found

I bought a few different brands of sheet savers, and these are by far my favorites. They are SO incredibly soft and they hold up well being washed. I not only use them in the crib/bassinet, but also lay one on the changing table. I definitely recommend these.

Raquel Guilford, IN

Works great, purchased more!

They really are waterproof and we don’t have to change sheets as often. The fabric is soft too. I first got a pack in blue and now purchased the sage color ones too.

Hannah Weldon, IA


These are essentially the same as the mainstream brand. They’re slightly smaller (very slight) and a little thinner and not as soft. But for the money they’re large enough, thick enough and soft enough. They get the job done at a better price.

Marian North Pole, AK

Hard to tie on and off – but better than not having them at all.

If your bed is against one wall — it’s too hard to reach over/into the bed to tie/untie. Have to move the bed away from the wall. I’m short too by the way. If you don’t mind this, then they are great all the way around. Better than not having them! They are very soft, and my daughter loves to lay on soft surfaces.

James Newell, PA

does a good job

Well so far, nothing gets through this. It’s very soft but it’s not very wide. It would have been nice if it were wider.

Tracey Cutler, IN

Sheet saver !! 😀

Lifting a mattress out of a crib to take off the sheet, put another one on, then place the mattress back in the crib is a hassle. Being able to keep baby’s crib sheet clean another day with the sheet saver keeps that whole ordeal at bay.1) Great material: waterproof bottom, soft fleece top2) Discretely ties to the crib bars under the crib bumper3) Washes and dries in a normal cycle with like colors with no special treatmentMust have!!!

Ruth Elgin, OR

I am pleased with the item

I bought the blue one for my pottery barn crib. I did receive two. It was a good fit length wise but i wish that the ties were much longer. Its a challenge to tie it to the crib without knotting it. That’s annoying because thats just as hard to take off at night. Anyways, I am pleased with purchasing it. It is safer than putting a blanket over the spit up. If I really wanted the ties longer I can just buy ribbon and sew it on to it. Not too hard.

Ashlee Forrest, IL

Great for bassinet and crib

These are soft and wash well. The are good to tie into a crib or lay in a bassinet.

Bettie Edison, GA

Great productc

I love it! it’s a great product, is soft for your baby’s face, and really works when your baby burp. I recommended 100%

Emilie Woodway, TX

Too small

Very soft and nice to touch, nice sage color. Comes 2 sheet savers in pack. Straps are very short and its a very small piece of fabric. Also it gets wrinkled when baby moves around.

Beverly Prudhoe Bay, AK


Much smaller than expected. The size it’s similar to a queen size pillow… So although it is soft, not very useful.

Gussie Foster, WV

Nice and soft

The NoJo sheet saver is superb. It absorbs well and very soft to the touch. The item also arrived on time and exactly as it was shown.

Belinda Stonefort, IL

Great for the Price

These come two per package and for the price you cannot go wrong. They are soft and plush, and work well to protect the sheets in the crib.

Toni Genesee, MI

Great price!

I am all about being prepared for spit-ups and blowouts! So I have multiple layers on our crib so i don’t have to sheet change everytime. These are great and just tie on, where you choose. They match our nursery wonderfully and have the water resistant underside. I have washed mine and hung dried them and they still feel very plush.

Christy Helena, GA