NoJo Jungle Babies 6 Piece Crib Bedding Set

NoJo Jungle Babies 6 Piece Crib Bedding Set

3544096 Hamper, Mobile and Wall Border Not Included. Window Valance Not Pictured Features: -Green and yellow fabrics with an embroidered monkey, giraffe, lion, palm tree, and an elephant with a frog on his head.-Comforter features embroidered jungle animals with a yellow and green border.-Crib Sheet comes in yellow, decorated with jungle animals.-Bumper is four-sided matching the style of the quilt.-Diaper Stacker features a green body and a green brocade trim; the top features an embroidered giraffe with a green ruffle; holds up to 30 diapers. Includes: -Set includes comforter, crib sheet, bumper, dust ruffle, diaper stacker, and valance. Options: -Dust Ruffle comes in alternating green and yellow fabric with embroidered jungle animals. Dimensions: -Valance features embroidered jungle animals on a green body with a yellow trim and tabs; fits a 36” to 48” window, using a 3” rod. Collection: -Part of the Jungle Babies Collection.

Main features

  • 6 piece crib bedding set includes: bumper, comforter, sheet, dust ruffle, valance and diaper stacker
  • Fits a standard size crib mattress 28″ x 52″
  • 200 thread count exclusive for decorations
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Great bedding set

Wonderful colors and appears well made. Lots of soft fabrics, the corduroy is ultra soft. I love all the accessories available too.

Young Mc Connellstown, PA


adorable bed set! I purchased this as a gift and the set is super cute! Bright and the characters are adorable

Nan Cisne, IL


I absolutely love this crib set! It’s so cute! The colors are vibrant and the characters are adorable. It’s nice that there are so many different textures. My baby loves the animals! She loves her crib & sometimes plays in it before she falls fast asleep. 🙂

Beulah Mexico, ME

Great Nursery Set

We purchased this set for our little bundle and have been using it for six months now. The greens are really lovely; my husband really likes the colors since they are not pastel. The touch of yellow throughout adds a brightness and spunk to the whole collection.The bedding is holding up really well. We’ve washed the comforter multiple times and dried in the dryer on high heat…no shrinking our apparent wear. I love the comforter as it has different fabrics and textures. We use the comforter as a tummy time play mat right now since our son is not old enough yet to use it in the crib (SIDS risk). He loves running his hands over the animals and “petting” them.The whole set looks great together and very put together. We also have the wall stickers which are great and allowed our older son to help decorate the nursery, and the wall hangings which are really cute as well.

Marietta Polvadera, NM

very cute and nice to touch

We are very happy with this set. We have this set, as well as theNoJo Jungle Babies Wallpaper Borderand the hamper. We also painted the walls with the recommended “lemon-white” paint to coordinate. Now the nursery is one of my favorite rooms in the house. I can tell that my son really enjoys the characters. When we are changing him, he is checking out the wallpaper border, and when he is in his crib, I see him looking and reaching out for the animals on the bumpers, or staring up at the mobile. I originally chose to buy this product based on the review where another reviewer wrote that her kid enjoyed looking at the animals. I’m so glad that our son has enjoyed it as well.The comforter isn’t something you should use with a small baby. However, it makes a great tummy-time mat! It is cushy and there are lots of textures to explore. When not in use, we hang it on the glider for decoration.While I like the theme, I didn’t love all the pieces to death. The crib sheet isn’t all that soft, but we use anBasic Comfort Ultimate Crib Sheetanyway. The mobile doesn’t play for that long – it is more for looks than for function. Particularly because babies cannot see pastels until they are nearly past the age that you are supposed to have a mobile.

Antonia Juneau, PA