NoJo Jungle Tales Wall Decals

NoJo Jungle Tales Wall Decals

Go wild for NoJo Jungle Tales Infant bedding collection. The wall decals come with four sheets each measuring 10″ x 18′. Be creative and get that designer look in your baby’s nursery. It has stick on, peel off. Fun colors in brown, ivory, rust, sage, aqua. This features an adventuresome monkey, elephant, giraffe, tiger, lion and turtle.

Main features

  • Vinyl
  • Stick on peel off wall decals
  • Comes with 4 sheets 10″ x 18″
  • Get a custom designer look
  • Coordinates with a full line of Infant bedding
  • Surface clean only

Verified reviews


cheap vinyl odor can’t be healthy for baby

I purchased these for my daughter to use in the baby’s room because they matched the bedding set and other items she’d chosen. Overpriced is the least of the complaints I have about these. The colors are muddy compared to the bedding and the vinyl smell is overpowering. I opened the package and set them out to air for 3 weeks before giving them to the kids to put up in the baby’s room. They set them out on a countertop to straighten the folds out and the cheap vinyl odor was still so bad it dominated any room they were in. Noxious as the smell is, I suspect it’s probably giving off some kind of airborne pollutants that are not healthy for a newborn to be exposed to. Needless to say, they haven’t been used.

Fern South Fork, PA

I made a cute DIY clock out of this!

I bought clock hands to hoping to make a cute clock for my nursery but I didn’t want the boring numbers so I searched and searched for cute wall stickers and I finally found these. It’s perfect because of all the different size circles. It ranges from about 6 inches in diameter to 2 inches. I put the big circles in the main quarter of the clock (12 3 6 9) and the smaller circles in between. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments when people see this clock in my baby’s room 🙂

Brianna Mehoopany, PA


I love these. Easy to apply and definitly makes our nursery so adorable. I would recommend these to my friends.

Darcy Saint Bernard, LA

Adorable & easy to use

Bought these off of Ebay for significantly cheaper than at Amazon or Babies ‘R Us ($14 vs $22), so for the value, this is great. I would definitely agree that at $22, it is overpriced because you only get four sheets of stickers. The colors are more vibrant against the white backing, but looks more muted if you put it on a colored wall. Especially because our walls are green, but nonetheless, the stickers instantly transformed the nursery into a fun scene. I also did not experience any of the toxic/vinyl smells that the other commenter noted. My only complaint was the packaging. Seems like they could have done a better job than to fold up the four sheets into a small packaging, thereby creating rounded creases that need to be straightened out before the stickers could really be used. Having said that, a couple days under a heavy book, and they were good to go. Would give this item 5 stars but I am reserving judgment to see if the colors fade as the other commenter noted.

Kristy Queensbury, NY


I love that these are easy peel and stick. You mess up you just pull it off and re-stick where you like. The only dislike is that it doesn’t hold as well to the horrible textured walls that are so popular where we live, but it was expected. I just give them a pat down every now and then when I notice one coming away from the wall.

Josefa Fenn, ID

Love these!

First off, I have never noticed a smell with these like the other customer. I’m sure if there was one all you would have to do is open the window after you stuck them on and it would go away. The color is vivid but does fade with time if you have it in a place where people are constantly touching it. I put mine up on my daughter’s dresser, book shelf and toy chest. All of which were a boring white. It really tied the furniture in with the rest of the room. We have the valance, crib set, wall hangings and the border but it really made the room complete while also giving you a chance to be creative. In the 7 months we’ve had them they have stayed in place. I would give 5 stars but didn’t because of the fading on one of the decals on the drawer that I always open.*UPDATE*We’re now expecting our second and I’m reusing the NoJo theme with him (yay for gender neutral). We gave our daughter a ‘big girl’ room and I was able to move the decals from her furniture to the new room with little effort. I was quite surprised that this actually worked. With it being on for so long you may have to take a bit of time with it so it doesn’t rip but it easily reattaches to other furniture, walls or a closet. I agree with another reviewer that it doesn’t look the best on some furniture (oak namely) but it looks fantastic on white, a very light brown and a white wall. I actually prefer it to the border and it’s MUCH easier to use. We’ll be moving in the next 6 months so I’ll probably just buy a new set then because I didn’t keep the paper it came on to properly save it but I don’t mind. It’s completely worth it. Oh and only one other decal faded and that too was on the part of the dresser I always opened. Other than that no fading.

Elma Scotts Hill, TN

Beautiful set

I love how my baby’s room turned out with this nursery set. I got creative with these decals and some paint (i made some sort of frame) and get lots of compliments. My baby loves staring at this while I am feeding him.

Lenora Corbett, OR