NoJo Night Light, Butterfly

NoJo Night Light, Butterfly

Add some cheer to the nursery, or makeover your children’s room with this sweet butterfly night light. This night light will make the finishing touch to your baby’s room, playroom room or kid’s bedroom. On/off switch.

Main features

  • No cleaning required, if necessary, you can wipe down with a dry towel for cleaning
  • Painted resin
  • This night light will make the finishing touch to your baby’s room, playroom room or kid’s bedroom, comes with on/off switch

Verified reviews


looks great and gets job done

I bought this for my sons room so that we could more easily change/ feed him in the middle of the night. Like other reviews say the light is bright and isn’t covered up much. I replaced the bulb with an led and now it works great.

Graciela Wabasso, MN

Too Bright

It’s a cute nightlight, but the sports plate doesn’t cover the sides or top of the light, so it was too bright for our baby’s room. I ended up returning it for a not-so-bright light.

Ursula Poughkeepsie, NY

Looks great but..

THis is a pretty inexpensive night light we bought for our boy’s room, it’s great but the bulb went out after a few weeks.

Stephanie Kenton, OH

Cute, but a bit too bright.

Cute, easy to plug in and turn on, and lovely, but the bulb that comes with it is a bit too bright.

Pearlie Norwood, NY

Great nightlight for a little girl who’s scared of a dark room

We bought this for my daughter when she moved out of the room she shared with her baby brother and into her "big girl" room. We had purchased other nightlights (LEDs) which didn’t light up anything. She didn’t want to be in a dark room by herself. This gives off an appropriate amount of light, and in no way keeps her awake by its’ brightness, like I’ve read in other reviews. It also lights her room enough so that she can see what she’s doing when she climbs out of bed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I will say that there is a very small amount of space between the flower decoration and the little switch beneath it, so if you have other things plugged into the plug below it, it may be slightly hard to turn on (but not impossible, just a little bit of a tight squeeze).Overall though, it’s cute, bright enough to make her feel secure and it does just what we need it to do. I’m happy with the purchase.

Goldie Osage, OK


It was the perfect piece to complement my daughter’s room decoration, the light its a little too bright, but you can get one with the intensity of your liking at home depot.

Jackie Addison, ME

Perfect Touch But……

Princess Crown: It is actually made of good quality but its kinda on the heavy side so it leans forward all the time so u really cant enjoy looking at the crown… Besides that i do like it since its for my princess 🙂

Noemi Glenn, CA

Very bright light

Bought this for my daughter’s room thinking it’s a traditional night light. It’s actually a very bright light, too bright and keeps her up at night. Would not recommend.

Blanca Lyndon, IL

Bright light and breakable

As others have said the light is very bright, but that was okay for us. The bigger issue is that it’s very fragile and broke after a one foot fall to the ground. We super glued it back together but it looks pretty bad.

Kelley Midland, OH

Great night light

This is a cute little night light that adds just enough light to our daughter’s room for us to tiptoe through in the night without fear of tripping and falling. Both the light itself and the cover are sturdier than I expected.

Antonia Rensselaerville, NY


It looks exactly like the picture! Very cute and had no problems with the bulb. It goes very well with her jungle theme nursery a,

Lelia Hebron, NH

Cute, but flower blocks switch

The night light is very cute, but the flower blocks the on/off switch some, making it hard to turn on or off. Also, the flower sticks out pretty far off the light bulb and wall, so it seems to attract my kids in pulling at it.

Maryanne Wilmer, TX