NoJo Secure Me Travel Seat – Jungle Mania

NoJo Secure Me Travel Seat – Jungle Mania

NoJo Secure Me Travel Seat Jungle Mania

Main features

  • Helps keep baby seated in a shopping cart, high chair or chair
  • Machine wash cold, gentle cycle
  • Use only non cholrine bleach
  • Tumble dry low

Verified reviews


Very Conveient

WE love this cart cover. it really protects your child from all the dirty parts of the car and provides a good cushion as well as restraint. its easy to carry and can also be used for regular chairs.

Alyson North Salem, NY

good but looks different than it really is.

I have a child who is delayed in development, and is unable to sit on his own. He has outgrown his infant seat and, I was looking for a shopping cart cover that had an extended back/head rest. In the picture it looks like there is one but it is really just a light pad. But I do like the over sized tie in that will help to keep him more stable. Just wish we could get a back/head rest for him.

Ina Strange Creek, WV

not as thrilled as I wanted to be

I initially thought that purchasing a shopping cart cover was absurd, but quickly changed my mind when my son started sitting up and was riding in carts and then gnawing on the handles – YUCK! So I decided I wanted to get one, but I didn’t want something bulky and ran into someone who had one of these and I liked it. [This product comes in two pieces – the seat and the shopping cart handle cover]What I really like is that you can use this product to strap a child into a chair, cart or high chair, and not have to use the disgusting straps that are full of goo from other yucky things, and that the product isn’t too bulky. The sad part is that what I initially purchased the product for (covering the shopping cart handle) didn’t work so well because my son figured out how to easily get the velcro undone – didn’t take a genius – and it didn’t fit all carts (especially new ones). There is also no way to protect the edges of a restaurant high chair. and those are particularly gross.Anyway, It does come in great handy when carts and high chairs don’t have straps to use, but if keeping the gross out of reach is your goal, this probably isn’t the right product for you.And I have used this with a normal chair, and it works okay – but I have a very squiggly little boy and he would consistently slide down and not look so comfortable.

Effie Maple Shade, NJ

Don’t waste your money on this one.

I was sorry that I put this on my list without thinking or going to the store and looking at it. I do not like this cart cover for a number of reasons the main one being that it is hard to have the back piece stay in one place while you are putting it in while holding a child. The second being the velcro on the handle piece does not always close on thicker carts (which are many) and the baby can move the handle cover which is a thick hourglass shape so it does not cover all of the handle that the baby would be touching or mouthing. Third I dislike how it does not cover the whole cart, unless your baby likes to be still and not entertained any toy, cup or snack will touch the cart. I spent $10 more on the Comfy and Secure cart and chair cover and love it!

Nelly Eagles Mere, PA

Didnt really like this

This item is a little to troublesome to place on the cart when your alone with your baby because it is two parts. Next time I will buy one that you can just throw over the cart with one hand.

Lela Locustdale, PA