Nomie Baby Cozy Stroller Blanket, Royal, Toddler

Nomie Baby Cozy Stroller Blanket, Royal, Toddler

The ‘c ounce y up’ stroller blanket is a warm and c ounce y blanket that zips around your little one for stroller rides that are snuggly and warm. Their universal fit, makes it easy to slip them in and out of any stroller, because of their design they won’t slip off and get caught in the wheels. The outer layer is wind resistant and the inner layer is a super soft fleece. It is washing machine and dryer friendly, and looks as good as new after repeated washings.

Main features

  • polyester
  • Imported
  • warm and c ounce y
  • Slips in and out eaily
  • Universal fit
  • super soft
  • Washing machine and dryer friendly

Verified reviews


OK but not great

I bought this after returning a 7AM 212 with a broken zipper that lasted 4 months. So I definitely appreciated the lower price. As some have mentioned, the downside of this blanket is that it doesn’t come up that far on the child so that the shoulder area is exposed. So it is necessary to put jacket on before using this. It’s so loose at the top that even when zippered all the way up, my son would simply kick his legs out of it so we’d be walking around nyc with his exposed legs out in the cold. If you child is a bit older and is not going to resist being under a blanket, this is fine for a not too cold day (with a jacket). But if you need to be able to zip up a toddler or infant and expect them not to be able to get the blanket off, this is not for you.

Shelley Birch River, WV


Its ok. It serves its purpose. I wish that it was made with natural fibers/fabrics but you pay extra for that these days. It fits in my bob revolution SE just fine. It’s nothing to really go on and on about. It is exactly what it looks like. Maybe a little less actually. I think it should be more in the $25 price point. But everything baby orientated is so costly I’m not surprised.

Cornelia Throckmorton, TX

Cozy toddler, happy mommy!

I love my Nomie Baby Cozy Stroller Blanket, and so does my 19 month old lady!It gives you more piece of mind when bundling up for a chilly winter walk knowing that your baby is cuddled from back to front. I like that it goes underneath the straps and has the strap come through it so that there’s no gap for chilly winter air to come through when on a walk or jog. The zippers are nice for easy bundling / unbundling of your little one, and the fleece is super soft and warm.I got the toddler size, which seems long enough to fit a 5 year old (who probably wouldn’t be in a stroller anymore anyways), so I feel that it could outlast even the most lanky (or chubby) child.The pocket on the front is a nice addition to the blanket that a lot of other stroller blankets don’t have. It’s big enough for keys, a paci, or even a diaper…most excellent.Haven’t washed this yet, but see no reason that it wouldn’t hold up well in the washer and dryer-it seems very well made, and very quality. The installation is a snap and can be done or undone in under a minute flat–even with a screaming toddler clawing at your leg :)Awesome buy. Im quite pleased and would get this again, or give it as a gift without hesitation!

Rowena Hospers, IA

Versitle and good for chilly and frigid days (with an extra blanket)

This is a great stroller blanket. Its not too thick and not too thin. The outside stops wind well and the fleece inside is perfect for those crisp days. We have used it for multiple 5k runs this winter when the weather was down right cold. This blanket has enough space inside to shove a baby blanket inside to help insulate more if you need it. I like this because then you don’t have to worry about the baby overheating. If it looks like they are too warm, you can pull the blanket out. Where as if this was thicker, you would only have the option to take the kid out of it.Some complaints I have read in the ratings mention that there is a gap for air to get in at the top since it doesn’t zip all the way up. Personally, I just tuck the baby blanket in there and you are set. The bottom has two slots to place the stroller straps in and the back has three velcro openings if you place it in a car seat.

Adrienne White Plains, KY

Very thin

Unless you get this for really cheap, I would stick to the JJ cole bundleme. This one is very thin!! Not great for the harsh winters that’s we’ve been getting

Kathrine Paris, MS


Very good blanket, works great with britax b agile stroller, my 2yo baby has room to grow. I wish it would be thicker but for the price its great.

Jenny Cantua Creek, CA

Lighter weight than JJ Cole, but longer

The price is right! This is a nice, warm blanket, although not as hefty as the JJ Cole. I opted for this one because my daughter is tall and I wanted it to last a few seasons. It’s nice and soft on the inside and does a good job of repelling rain. super easy to install, though the elastic around the back works somewhat poorly on stroller backs that recline.

Christina Rowena, SD

Warm but hard to secure

This definitely kept my baby warm in a New England winter, but I have no way to secure it to my stroller (valco snap) other than the harness holes/velcro. I do wish it had some sort of non-slip back!

Brandy Sextons Creek, KY