Non Skid Shoe Casual Socks

Non Skid Shoe Casual Socks


Main features

  • Non Skid
  • Shoe
  • 6PK
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Verified reviews


very pleased

These were exactly what we were looking for. I ordered the 12-24 month size and they fit my 14 month old perfectly. The grips cover probably 80-90% of the footbed and keep him from slipping on our hard floors. He’s moving faster these days and I’m anticipating a run before too long. Non-skid socks were a necessity for our little guy. Highly effective product.

Priscilla Rutland, SD

Would highly recommend.

Great socks for the 1 year old and up. They have nice sole pads on the bottom for no slipping.

Essie Hot Springs, MT

“non-slip” that actually works!

These socks are plenty big, nicely stretchy, and the "non-slip" bottoms are so much better than expected. (Not as good as fully rubber-bottomed socks like "Skidders", of course, but way better than the usual stuff that’s out there.)

Geri Jackson, NC

Super cute!

These socks are super cute, and the anti-slip on the bottom of the feet works great for a baby learning to walk. These wash well, and people often comment on how cute the socks are since they look like little shoes.

Deloris Moorefield, WV

Love these

These are great. Good quality, not too thin. We get compliments on them all the time. Since they have nonskid bottoms AND they look so awesome, these are pretty much our first line socks for our twins. The plain ones are only worn when these are dirty. We get compliments all the time. Would make a great gift. Have had them for a month or so, and so far they have held up in the wash. Our kids are just over a year and the socks fit well. By 24 months the socks will likely be too small – but our kids have big feet. These would make a great gift. For “shoe” socks, you won’t find a better deal on Amazon.UPDATE: Because we love these socks so much, I bought the same brand, same size (12-24mos) of these in 6 different patterns, also from Amazon. THOSE socks are insanely large – more for a 3-4 yr old. Returned those, reordered, thinking wrong size sent. Same issue. So while I still love these socks, I am very disappointed that they have no quality control in sizing. Beware you may get socks that will be nearly 1.5 inches too large.

Olga Dora, NM

Somewhat small

They are super cute – many people think that he is wearing shoes when we go for a ride in these socks. However, they are somewhat small for my 12mo old son – they are already tight at the ankle and he is at 22 lbs now. He has a pretty large shoe size though – we are wearing sneakers size 5.5 -6 now.

Jacqueline Eugene, OR

Excellent Grippy Areas, Great Fit on a 13 Month Old

Bought these for my son at the 11 month mark and he’s not almost 13 months. He is beginning to walk and the grippy areas are really quite substantial compared to competitor’s socks. He is of average size, around 23 lbs now.The patterns are really funky too, for instance the brown pair looks like a pair of work boots and a couple of the others look like the old-style wrestling shoes. It is now fun to select a pair of socks to go with his outfits.All of the socks have held up well (even the grippy areas) after repeated washings and dryings in front loaders.Overall would definitely buy again.

Fanny Racine, OH

Quite Well Made

These little socks seem to be quite well made. I bought them for a 10-month-old so his feet have to get a little bigger to fit right. But they did seem to prevent him from slipping while he had them on. They are cute little things too, trying to look like shoes. They should fit perfect on a 12-month-old.

Minnie Chesterton, IN


Loved these socks for cruising and early walking stage. Designs are gorgeous. Value decent. Wish I could find them larger as baby has now outgrown them.

Blanche Scotts, NC

Way too big

I returned these socks. I ordered the 12-24 month sock, but these socks looked like they would fit a 3-4 year old. There was no size identification on the bag, so I couldn’t tell if they packed the wrong size by mistake. Need to have a sticker on the bag identifying the item and size.

Nan Prattsville, AR