Norsk-Sport 637920769 Multi-Purpose Reversible Foam Floor Mats, 25×25-Inch, Assorted Colors

Norsk-Sport 637920769 Multi-Purpose Reversible Foam Floor Mats, 25×25-Inch, Assorted Colors

Mat can be used indoors or outdoors. Lightweight construction is easy to transport, shock absorbent, easy to assemble & store, and cleans with soap and water. Mat is also waterproof to protect surfaces from damages. Bright colors.

Main features

  • Great, multi-functional flooring is comfortable and safe
  • Terrific for kids and high traffic areas or places where you are on your feet for long hours
  • Minimizes stress to your back and joints
  • perfect for business or home, makes 33.5 square feet in all! Each tile is approximately 25″x25″x.53″(thick), huge tiles! 8 per package!
  • Fun color on one side, discrete gray on the other, your choice, totally reversible

Verified reviews


Extremely Toxic Do Not Purchase

I am deeply disturbed after reading a recent article in my local paper here in NYC about how toxic EVA Foam Mats have been found to be. Just as one of the previous reviewers states, The STate of California has found them to be toxic to the reproductive system and the body in general…now other States are following their lead. Our local congress woman is insisting that these be banned. Now I am stuck with these VERY EXPENSIVE Mats and unfortunately do not have the boxes anymore or I would insist that the company take them back and refund me. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS. AS a mother to a three year old I have no choice but to throw them out.

Goldie Greenville, RI


We bought several packs of these when my girls were old enought to start having tummy time. These are cheaper at Sams Club, thats where we got ours.The color tile part is textured, non-slip and easy to clean. I use Clorox Spray anywhere, just spray it on 1 foam tile at a time and wipe dry with a paper towel. It doesn’t absorb moisture which is great.The color side is not as soft as the solid black side but my girls have fallen and banged their heads on it many times when they were first learning to crawl and they never had any problems. If you think its too hard for your baby you can either use the black side or use a blanket.My parents bought some of the foam tiles that have the removable letters in them several years ago, these are WAY better. The letters DO get lost and also wear out easily, plus it is a huge pain in the butt to have to put all the letters back in when you need to have the solid tiles. The tiles have lots of wear as well. My best friend has some solid square tiles similar to mine but they feel cheaper and have several gouges in them(bought same time as we bought these), plus the tiles don’t seem to fit perfectly together. My tiles connect together perfectly, there are no gaps what so ever!! My best friend & parents both like our mats better and wish they had these instead…these would make a great baby shower gift, especially if someone has bare floors.We’ve got laminate flooring in our livingroom and put together 6 pieces to place our girls Jumperoos on. Not only do these protect the floors, they keep my girls from sliding all over(they go crazy in those things) and it also keeps their feet warmer from the bare floor. We’ve had their jumperoos on these foam mats for well over a year and they don’t have indentations or any wear what so ever!We’ve used these while doing home improvement projects to protect our knees/backs, they work great, especially if you double them black side up…MUCH better than knee pads!!We just recently put a piece of exercise equipment in the living room(one of those crazy Gazelle things you see Tony Little doing on infomercials) I got it from my parents and figured I might actually work out if I can watch TV as I do it so we put 4 of these mats down and voila! I am now exercising daily while watching TV!! My husband had to dissasemble the machine a few days ago and there were no signs of wear or indentations.Anytime we have something that might damage the floor we get out these mats and they do a perfect job. They are so convenient, you can either move them as 1 big piece since they are lightweight and stay together well or you can break them down into individual squares easily…although they stay together well, if you want them to come apart, they do so easily too.What a nice investment, you can use these for your baby and then have them for many other uses for years and years.Oh yea, forgot to mention that the dog & cat like these as well. Both of them have their own beds & both of them are allowed on all of our furniture but they end up laying on these mats all the time. It’s funny when our English Bulldog(who we’ll just say he likes to eat) he will try to fit himself on a little edge that is sticking out from their jumperoos with most of his body hanging off ; )The list of uses for these mats are endless…These are SO durable. If I were to throw a Twinkie, my Gazelle & these mats in the trash and they went to a landfill, I think in 100 Million years you would find a cockroach working out on the Gazelle that is sitting on these mats. I know what you’re thinking “why is the cockroach working out?” Because he ate the Twinkie, of course ; )

Sharlene New Paris, PA

A little too firm for my liking

Maybe its just me but I foudn this a little too firm… wish it was a tad bit more cushiony! Maybe I feel this way because I use it for my infant and is possibly perfect for those using it for yoga/ workouts..

Sallie Withams, VA

Wonderful for outdoor play area

I purchased these to pad around our toddlers’ Step 2 slide and climbing toy. They were nicely colored, easy to install, and very cushy. The kids love to slide down on their bottoms and "bounce" on the mats. We have them outside on a patio and they are standing up well to weather. They are also very easy to clean with a broom and / or a damp mop.The only complaint is that the edge pieces are really easy for the kids to pull off, so I’m constantly having to hunt down the edging when the kids are done playing. On the plus side, they make for very soft and somewhat save "swords".

Christie Forestville, CA

Very nice

So awesome! very comfortable to sit on over our hard wood floors. Great for crawling and playing. I don’t worry about our baby having a nasty fall on the sleek hardwood flooring in our home anymore. Big pieces. Only drawback would be that the packaging (the white paper covering) had sun bleaching around it, so when you take it off there is a square where the paper was. But not that big of a deal. I’d order it again and I may if I need more flooring. I ordered 2 sets.

Wendy Rising Sun, MD

These changed our lives!

We tried all kinds of smaller tiles and my daughter would just take them apart. All. the. time. It was driving me insane! I finally got these and because they are so big she is not interested in taking them apart. They are also soft, durable and cute! I am soooo happy i got them – i wish i had saved all the money on the previous sets!

Elisabeth Wray, CO

Great to have for anyone with hardwood floors!

We use these foam play mats in our daughter’s play area which happens to be on a hard wood floor. When you’re not using it just stack it up and put it away.

Jade Sargent, GA