North States Industries Supergate Pressure Mount Clear Choice Wood Gate

North States Industries Supergate Pressure Mount Clear Choice Wood Gate

The North States Supergate Clear Choice Gate is unique with it’s see through plastic panels. The sturdy hardwood frame surrounds the panels which adjusts to fit openings 26 to 42 inches wide and is 23 inches high. The gate easily pressure mounts in seconds without the use of hardware. The extra-strong panels are designed to prevent children or pets from climbing over. It’s the perfect solution for the bottom of stairs or between rooms. The rubber bumpers on either side of the hardwood frame keep the gate in place without marking walls. This gate is proudly made in the U.S.A.

Main features

  • Adjusts to fit openings 26 to 42 inches wide and is 23 inches high
  • Ideal for bottom of stairs or between rooms
  • ‘Pressure mounts instantly and securely without hardware
  • Sturdy hardwood frame surrounds clear see-thru panels
  • ‘No-mar rubber bumpers keep the gate in place without marking walls

Verified reviews



My husband and I purchased this product in order to confine our small puppy when we need to leave her alone/unsupervised in the house. Unfortunately, once we unpacked the gate, it was very quickly apparent that this was not at all suitable for us.The product is flimsy and feels cheaply made and unlikely to withstand any sort of “harsh treatment” (such as, in our case, a puppy jumping against it). When at its widest extension, the gate is flimsy and looks unstable. Yes, I know this product is cheap and you get what you pay for — but after attempting to secure it into the doorway, the wood has already become frayed and chipped due to the fastenings. Even with the low cost, I still expected better than this.The main reason why I will be returning this product back to Amazon is because it simply will not fit our standard sized doorway. The fastenings go up in 1/2 inch intervals, and simply do not lock tight enough to secure the gate in place. We need something that can withstand an energetic puppy and also not fall over when our cat jumps onto it. This product failed to fulfil either of these functions – it falls over at the slightest touch and would never withstand the efforts of a puppy.Not recommended.

Diana Cogan Station, PA

Clear Gate works very well for ferrets!

This gate is sturdy and easy to install and our ferrets aren’t able to find a way through/under/over it! Highly recommend!

Deborah Filion, MI

Good for ferrets and small door frames.

This gate is nice because of the solid see through plastic but it’s not sturdy at all. Do not trust it for children, especially not on stairs. In my standard size door frame it works ok to keep the puppy out of the kids room but on one notch it’s too loose and the next size up it’s so tight it makes the wood bow outward. I tried it on our front door which is bigger but not huge. Even though it was far from being toward it’s max size it just wouldn’t stay up. I like that it is short enough for 7 year old to step over. It would be good for small breed puppies and ferrets that won’t chew up the wood.

Mina Crumpton, MD

I like this

I like this gate.I needed a gate for the kitchen doorway that was tension mounted due to the door jambs being metal. I would have preferred a swing gate, but the metal jambs just do not hold screws well. I also wanted one that my 11 month old could not stick his fingers through, but could still see the dog onthe other side. This seemed to fit the bill and it did.The first thing I noticed about it was the height. I didn’t really pay attention to the height in the listing. It is 32 inches high which is too high to climb over constantly to go in and out of the kitchen. I was going to send it back and get the shorter gate, but at 23 inches it defeats the purpose of keeping my 30 inch tall son from touching the dog.The tension on this this is awesome. I had no issue with it coming loose. My son bangs on it HARD and it holds the tight fit.The plastic is not crystal clear, it is translucent, but you can still make out whats on the other side pretty well.I liked it so much that I decided to keep it and convert it to a swinging gate because of the climbing over issue.My son is not too much of a climber, so I can’t attest to that. If you have the gate facing the right way, it doesn’t look like there is anything for a climber to get a foot on.Overall, the gate seems sturdy, keeps little fingers out, and is see-through.

Kenya Isom, KY

Not the greatest quality

I purchased 2 of these gate and put them one on top of the other so that my cats couldn’t jump over them in the middle of the night. While they served their purpose, one of the gates started to come undone pretty rapidly after I purchased them. Needed some tightening of the metal joint that holds it together. Nothing too bad, probably something easily fixable, but definitely an issue. That’s the only reason I gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

Shelby Grubbs, AR