North States Stairway Pet Gate

North States Stairway Pet Gate

The Walk-Thru Pet Gate is 27″ high and fits openings 27″ to 41″. Swings out of way when not in use. Easily removable from openings.

Main features

  • 26″ high, fits openings 26″ to 41″ wide
  • Will not swing over stairway
  • Swings out of way when not in use
  • Great for use with pets
  • Gate, safety gate, baby gate; pet gate, plastic gate; hardware mount gate

Verified reviews


Light weight plastic and not tall enough

I bought this for my baby brother, Jay. He is my Mom’s 1 year old foster child who she is in the process of adopting. Here is what my Mom said about the gate:”The gate seemed OK but was very light weight plastic and we didn’t think it was sturdy enough to keep a strong baby like Jay from breaking it out of the wall and then tumbling with it down the steps. Most importantly, the gate was not very tall, only about 24″ I think, The railing around the top of the steps is more like 32″. We felt that baby would be hanging over the top of the gate and fall down the steps (Jay is already 33 inches tall).”They ended up buying a different gate, so it was a waste of money for me. If I lived in the same state, I would just bring it home to use in my house for my baby since we don’t have any stairs.

Edythe Kensington, MD

Stairway Gate?

…..If you don’t mind drilling into the wall AND banister!!!!!!My husband did not want to ruin the banister so he zip tied a 2 x 4 to it and attached it to that. The gate works, it is a pain in the butt to open and more of a pain to close, but what do you really expect for the price?

Araceli Burnside, KY

returned it

We returned this gate. It opened very awkwardly. Was not worth drilling holes in the wall for. If you want a gate please invest in a more expensive one. You pay for what you get with this.

Addie Baskerville, VA

Affordable and easy to install.

We purchased this as a pet barrier to keep our female bichon/poodle from going up stairs and causing chaos. It was pretty simple to install. Just make sure to read the directions and follow closely and you will have a smooth installation. We originally had a gate that mounted with a pressure spring. It was fine but having to take it on and off was a pain. With this one we just swing it open and swing it close with no problem. Since our dog weighs only 10lb this gate is durable and sufficient from her knocking it down somehow. I am not sure how well it will hold up with a bigger dog or a toddler. Overall, I really like it since it was really cheap compared to petco and it seems well made too. Comes with screws too. I thought it would have been just the gate and hinges but it is great that they included the screws as well. Just make sure to use a plastic anchor if you are installing this on hollow drywall. I did this after a week or so of opening and closing the gate was loose. With the plastic anchors it is tight again.

Genevieve Madison, IL

Good quality; great value

For $13.50 from Amazon, you can’t beat this item. It’s made almost entirely of plastic, but it’s plenty sturdy to keep a toddler from breaking through it.You should be aware that this is designed to attach to a *flat* wood or drywall surface on both sides. (If drywall, I’d highly recommend you pick up some anchors, since this doesn’t come with any.) I managed to attach it to our metal stair railing by securing a 1×3 to a post with U-bolts and screwing the brackets into the 1×3.It is not the easiest to latch or unlatch, so I would not necessarily recommend it for a high-traffic area.

Cherry Athens, ME

Installed easy, works well.

Works well. It opens easily, and closing isn’t very hard. Best of all, my wife likes it. It’s not very rigid as others have stated, but it will hold up well for general use. No I don’t think if you ran straight into it that it would hold up, but I think it would take significant force for this gate to collapse, at least for the amount of overlap I have left in the gate.Installation is easy, and you CAN get by with minimal measuring if you follow these steps:1. Determine the general height and location for the hinge side. I did this by holding the TOP hinge mount bracket and gate by hand while determining where I wanted it to hang (it’s important to start with the top for step 3 to work). I then marked the top edge of it with a pencil.2. Remove gate and hold bracket back in place using the mark you just made. Now mark the top and bottom screw holes. Remove bracket, predrill top/bottom holes, then screw bracket in place.3. To complete the bottom hinge bracket, let the gate hang from the top bracket you just mounted. Gravity will hold it in place if it’s perpendicular to the wall. Put the bottom bracket on the hinge and you’ll find that the gate also will hold this in place temporarily. Measure the first hinge horizontal location from a reference point and make sure the bottom one is in the same postion (or you could use a level if you want). Mark top or bottom, remove gate, mark holes, drill, mount the same as above.4. For the other side, now put the gate in place again and start with the bottom mount. The gate will sag a bit, so just put the mount in place on the gate and while holding it against the wall, move it up about 1/4″ and mark this location. This will hold the gate well, but also leave enough vertical give that it will be easy to open the gate. Move gate out of way, mark holes, drill, mount as above.5. For the last mount, it’s just like doing the bottom hinge mount (measure horizontal position again). Then you’re done. Celebrate, because you only had to make 2 measurements!I haven’t bothered to fix the gate width with zip ties since it doesn’t seem to be that hard to readjust.

Marjorie Sherrodsville, OH

Works Great!

WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL! This works like a dream. My son is a year old and it has held up since he started crawling at 4 months!

Alicia Shirley, WV

Nice Easy Solid Gate,

CONS.. takes a little time to get it mounted for first time, you need to put up 4 brackets, 2 work as hinges and the other 2 as the latches. And you have to set them up at precise measurements so gate will fit perfect, you will need a measuring tape, screw driver, and would not hurt to use a square as well. but once you have it mounted it works great.Takes a few times using to get the gate to latch closed properly. you need to basically lift the gate a little and let 2 pegs drop into 2 holes. it takes a moment to make sure you get top and bottom lined up just right, you need to do this every time you close the gate, I prefer to just walk over it.Pros.. It works and lifts off the bracket in 2 seconds so it is not on the wall when you do not need it. The whole gate just lifts off the brackets and you can store it till you need it again, Great for grand parents with little ones that come to visit. Goes back on the wall just as easy and fast, no tools.Very light weight yet very solid, not going to break too easily, simple design with no real moving parts, one gates part just slides within the other for a good fit what ever your opening doorway is, and a part you bend back to unlock to swing open, all molded together in plastic, The entire gate (other than the brackets on the wall) is just 2 solid molded plastic parts, Soft smooth texture, with a flat grey color.

Queen Sag Harbor, NY

good gate, safe for kids, easy to install

Good gate, works well, very cheap.Probably works best in standard to large door openings.Not hard to install, once you understand the concept. We hung the hinge side following the instructions and adjusted the catches to where they needed to be, as it varies somewhat depending on the width of your door opening.One more tip is to use quick ties to keep the gate from sliding in and out when opening and closing. This makes it much easier to use the gate with one hand and keep it from swinging too far in the wrong direction.

Jeannine Tunica, LA

Great for the price

We Love this gate, we have 16 month old twins and so far they haven’t gotten past it,we have one downstairs (easily can mount to a wood spindle with the right measurements)as we have a tri-level) and had to mount one side to the wood, but we have the otherone that will be going in the babies doorway, so they don’t get out of their roomunattended, (while we are sleeping etc) all in all for the price quality etc I am giving it 5 stars!BEST PART IS IT IS AMERICAN MADE !@!!

Brooke Florence, AZ