North States Supergate Auto Close Gate, 2 Bar Extension

North States Supergate Auto Close Gate, 2 Bar Extension

This 2-bar extension is intended for use with the North States Supergate Auto Close gate only. It will not work with any other gate. This extension adds 5.75” to the width of this gate; with extension, gate fits openings 41” to 43.75” wide. Note a maximum of three extensions 1, 2, 5 and 11- bar extensions expand your standard North States Auto Close gate up to 126”. Additional extensions sold separately. Made of heavy metal construction with a beautiful white finish.

Main features

  • Adds 5.75″ to the Supergate auto close gate metal
  • Gate is 29″” high and fits openings 28″” to 31.5″” wide. Expands to a maximum 38.5″ wide with two extensions included.
  • Made of heavy metal construction With extension, gate fits openings 41″ to 43.75″ wide
  • Maximum of three extensions 1, 2, 5 and 11 bar extensions expand your standard gate up to 126″
  • This extension is for use with the North States Auto-Close Gate style 4819 only; it will not work with other North States gates.

Verified reviews


Simple, easy add-on.

Works well as an extension. The extension is easy to add-on. Make sure that the extension will get you the right size gate, that is tricky.

Dionne Prescott, IA

Does not fit play yard

I purchased this because it was suggested to go with the play yard but it does not fit. You can only purchase the 2ft extensions to go with the play yard.

Consuelo Floweree, MT

Wish they would have been more clear about how far you could extend these gates

bought this gate as part with other pieces to extend on 80" opening in our living room/kitchen. when we got the box and reading the directions it clearly states not to extend over 63". After some piece work and stabilizing from my husband we were able to make the gate work for what we needed, but it is not as stable as we hoped for.

Madelyn East Hebron, NH

very good, safe and sturdy

This extension installed easily with our north states auto close gate. It is good and we would recommend this product.We did not give it 5 stars because the fit between the gate and the extension had to be ‘tightened up’ by my husband. A very slight improvement in the design could easily correct the problem.

Kristine Burson, CA

Durable but not easy to install for auto-close

It took me forever to figure out how to angle it right so it closes automatically! Otherwise, looks like a durable solid product. A video on istallation would have been very helpful

Dee Pavillion, WY

Did not securely fit into gate

I purchased the five bar extension and it fit securely into the expansion space on the gate; however, it was too long. So I purchase the 2 bar and for some reason it just did not fit securely. When the gate was installed, you could literally push the gate back and forth and see the space on both sides of the extension. I had to return it because I didn’t trust using the extension at the top of the stairs.

Rosemarie Munising, MI

We love it!

Great Product!!!!We ordered two 2 bar extensions and one autoclose gate.We love it! We have a 48-inch hallway and it fits perfectly.

Abigail Georgetown, CA