North States Supergate Auto-Close Gate

North States Supergate Auto-Close Gate

North States Supergate Auto-Close Gate from North States This gate right out of the carton will appear to be uneven. However, the gap will close as you tighten the tension knobs (please read and follow the instruction manual carefully). Remove the cover to expose the adhesive for it to stick properly. The model 4819 and 4820 represents the same model. Please visit the website or call our Customer Care dept at 763-486-1756 with questions before returning this gate to the place of purchase.

Main features

  • Easily adjusts to fit openings 29.5 inches – 38.75 inches width with one extension (included)
  • A maximum of three (optional) extensions 1, 2, 5 and 11-bar extensions (Sold Separately) can expand gate up to 126.75 inches.Ideal for use at top of stairs or between rooms
  • Pressure mounted and practically requires no screwing to any wall or door frame. Hardware is required for top of stair application
  • The mounting cups should be used to ensure the safety and security of the gate.Metal gate opens fully, then automatically shuts and locks
  • The Auto-Close Gate locks in the center of the gate where the magnets and plastic latches are located. The latch on the bottom of the handle fits underneath the frame of the gate, preventing the door of the gate from being lifted without first releasing the latch. This is an added safety precaution that prevents a child under the age of 24 months from opening the gate.
  • Please refer the Technical Specification section for further product details

Verified reviews


Good gate but…

My overall impression of this gate is good, it’s doing the job it been made for, my daughter can no longer escape from her room. But the gate could be improved in some points.Pros:-the gate is in metal and it’s steady-nice simple design-automatic closingCons:-the “click” when the gate is closing is loud-not really pressure mounted, you’ve to use either the nail or stick the “pads” to fix the gate to the door-a little bit to small for a 34 inches door, and too large with the extension, we had to extend the screw almost entirely-automatic closing, a bit annoying at night especially, so I’ve prevent the door to close with a towel-hard to open with one hand, if you’re carrying your baby it’s hard to do it

Courtney Hilda, SC

Wonderful gate

I bought this gate for the top of the stairs and for me its been money well spent.Its easy to install and quite sturdy.The auto close feature works well though it is a bit loud when it closes.The opening is a bit narrow but overall it is doing what it is supposed to.

Estela Glenville, PA

stairway baby gate

Very sturdy and safe gate. Pricey, but worth it for the security of not having your child falling down stairs.

Lillian West Liberty, OH

Not impressed!

I have this gate with 2 extensions to fit my 43" opening. With the extensions the gate seems wobbly. The lock mechanism doesn’t actually lock and if you lift it it will easily come open. The plastic pieces don’t seem like they’ll hold up for too long. I would recommend the Summer Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, Bronze instead. I have that one on another opening and it is strong and sturdy! Very well built and I don’t worry about my toddler opening it or it possibly falling!

Debora Elm Creek, NE

Great gate!

Needed this gate to keep my little one away from the door, works wonderful. I love that it will automatically close. Sits tightly to the wall and the fact that you have to lift when opening keeps the younger ones from figuring out how to get the gate open.

Berta Fostoria, OH

Well-built, sturdy, expensive (but worth it).

Not easy to install in my opinion (and I am an Ikea installation junkie). However, sturdy and well built.Operation is not too easy, but a five-year-old can do it after a little training. It does take a little effort lifting the gate when opening every single time (that annoys my wife).It is expensive, and the extensions are unnecessarily expensive (why!), but you get your money’s worth.

Mellisa Bruning, NE

Couldn’t be happier with this gate if I tried!

This is by far one of the best purchases I have ever made. The gate is fantastic. It is so secure that adults can’t even figure out how to open it (really funny to watch)! I will admit that it took a couple of tries to get it tight enough but once it is in place – it doesn’t budge! The only thing I don’t like but understand it is necessary is the very loud click it makes when it closes. It confirms that it is locked but if my son is sleeping, the click can be heard in his room. Oh – make SURE you following the directions completely – I accidentally cut the straps off from the beginning which is why my installation took longer.

Roberta Laurel, MD

Love this gate!

I love this gate! I have two. One is to corral the doggies in while we are away and the other is for my daughter’s play area. The gate is very strong and easy to use, while holding a squirmy baby in the other hand. It’s not loud and the magnetic closure has minimal noise, and doesn’t wake up my baby when she’s sleeping at all. I highly recommend this gate! Super easy to install — my husband did it in less than 10 minutes. The second gate that we bought from Amazon actually had a defective piece, so I called the company and they sent us a new one right away.

Lucile Shannon, MS

Auto-close is awesome, good solid construction

It closes on it’s own, which is perfect for my needs. It is heavy duty construction. The wall posts can be screwed in but unlike another gate I purchased, it came with double sided tape as well. Installation was pretty easy. Auto-close works fine so far.One note though: The gate requires you to unlatch and lift, which if you have older people in the house it may not be desirable. My mom finds is hard to use.

Barbara South Jamesport, NY

Great gate, beware if you have panel molding

After getting the 6 panel play pen from the same company (which we loved), we went with this gate. As others mention, not truly a pressure only system as you really have to put the plastic cups into the wall / stairs to make this really secure. Instructions are not the best but you can figure it out.PRO: If you install this correctly, there is NO WAY a baby or small child is opening the gate.CON: When the gate is open, the opening you walk through is not as wide as I thought it would beNOTE: This is kind of common sense but if you have baseboard or panel molding on your staircase wall, it could be tricky to put this gate in. The cups have to be flat to the wall. I had to do some amateur hour woodworking to get around our panel molding.

Liliana Haslett, MI