North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate, Matte Bronze

North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate, Matte Bronze

The North States Deluxe Decor Gate offers added security and style for large openings. The exclusive matte bronze finish is designed for exceptional richness, durability and depth of color while its heavy-duty metal construction is built to last! The easy one-hand operation and stay-open feature will sure to assist any busy parent. For additional security, this gate offers one swinging walk-through panel built with a child-proof double-locking system. This gate panel is an extra-wide 25.5 inches wide making it the perfect size for the entire family. To keep the gate panel open, simply use the hold-open feature to prevent the gate from closing. When the gate is not in use, simply swing it out of the way. The Deluxe Decor Gate hardware mounts on straight or angled walls using pivot points on the gate panels. It’s ideal for a variety of room opening measuring 38.3 to 72 inches wide and is 30 inches high. The added security and peace of mind that this gate provides is sure to please.

Main features

  • Adjusts to fit openings 38.3 to 72 inches wide and is 30 inches high
  • Ideal for extra-wide openings such as between rooms or the bottom of stairs
  • Heavy duty metal construction in a matte bronze finish will compliment any home décor
  • Arched gate is an extra wide 25.5 inches
  • Entire barrier swings open on both sides with child-proof safety latch on both ends

Verified reviews


You may have to remove your mouldings

I ordered this one because it was long enough for the space we needed it for and it wasn’t a pressure mount (one of the openings is on an angle). It was one of the few that would work for our kitchen. I do like the gate, it seems very solidly built and overall is easy to install. We installed two of them. One of them is a straight shot and the other is an awkward angle and it worked well for both of them.The only issue, and this may or may not be a big one for you, is that the bottom brackets are meant to be screwed into the wall right above the floor. Because your mouldings are half an inch or so farther out than the rest of the wall, you will either need to remove the mouldings where you install the gate or nail a piece of wood under the under the top bracket to make them even. We didnt’ want to run to the hardware store and we would have to take the moulding off anyway to figure out how thick it was so we just took it off. I’m going to have to get my handiman out here to put mouldings around the gate sometime but now my kitchen looks terrible with no mouldings on it.I hope the company gets this fixed, I don’t see any reason they couldn’t put the bottom bracket up a few inches. Overall a quality gate, but you will have to either remove/modify your mouldings or add a shim to the top bracket.

Darla Minto, AK

Once you get it in, it’s great!

These were difficult for me to install because I had molding. However, once installed they work like a dream. My wily child does not have the strength to open these. However, it is not only childproof but also grandparent- and guest- proof. It is only us, the parents, after lengthy ninja boot camp training, that can open these gates not only easily but with one hand.It takes some practice and getting used to so be prepared for guests and newcomers to get stuck and embarrassed. The gate itself is well made and looks very good. The child does not seem to appreciate this as much as we do, given how much she hangs on it pleading, "Pick up, pick up, pick up please!"

Jordan Shirleysburg, PA

Great if you don’t have baseboards

I didn’t actually put this gate up as it will not work with baseboards! That should be mentioned or pictured more clearly. That said, the gate is super sturdy and actually attractive. If you have no baseboards, need a sturdy gate for babies, and want it to be somewhat good-looking with your decor, this is it. I ordered it for a 70" wide opening and it would have worked for that. I did read some other reviews about how people bought & inserted some kind of spacers to make it work with baseboards…I am not much of a DIYer and needed a functional gate ASAP. I recommend the KidCo AutoClose Configure Gate if you need a really wide gate and have baseboards. If you don’t have baseboards, this Supergate will work great and you can save some money.

Tiffany Cadiz, OH

Easy assembly and install, pricey

Only complaint is pricey but it’s a great product and was the only one on Amazon that fit into a larger space which we needed to install over the entry way to our kids new playroom to keep our animals out of his space. We love it but again it’s high easy assembly as well

Carey Nantucket, MA

Does exactly what it should.

Love this gate. We have an odd-sized hallway between our great room and living room and needed to block it off to keep our daughter from climbing the stairs.The gate is easily adjusted, stylish, and does exactly what we need it to. A bonus is that it is on a spring and closes itself, or can be opened all of the way and stays there until you close again. Additionally the latch is not too complicated, but just enough so that our daughter is not able to figure it out (yet).

Pam Acme, PA

Pretty, but so many problems

Got baseboards? Better get creative. (Only chunks of wood of equal thickness to your runners will let you install this thing.)Apartment people BEWARE: it "adapts" to your space by bulging either outwards or inwards. Best measure your hallway beforehand.

Janis Briar, MO

Installed for a new crawler

I purchased this gate because it is (a) wide, (b) bolts into the wall (c) matches the decor of the room in which I wanted to use it and (d) had a door to walk through. Purchased well in advance of when I would actually need to use this item, now that I have begun using it, I have no complaints. It is simple to install and easy to open, even with one hand. It is relatively attractive, as far as baby gates go, and fits into the space in which I bought it for.

Johnnie Isola, MS

Love these gates

I bought these for my parents dogs and loved them so much I replaced two of mine with them. My dog can open other gates easily. These are very sturdy, install easily and permanently, latch well, span extra wide doorways, and look great. Pro Tip: it’s not hard to remove the end pieces and custom cut these to your opening.

Hollie Templeton, CA

Baseboard issue is a big deal

The color is nice and it seems well put together. I like that having such a large gate in my house doesn’t mean it has to be a huge eyesore. It’s easy enough to open one handed. I don’t understand all the reviews that are okay with the baseboard issue, though. They all seemed so laid back about the issue I thought it must not be a big deal. It is a big deal! We have standard baseboards with quarter round at the base. The brackets at the bottom of the gate end up with screw placements on and off the baseboard. So our choices were to raise the gate up and install it so the bottom bracket falls above the baseboard, which seemed like a really bad idea weight and stabilization wise. Or we could install shims at the bottom and the top since the screws holes falling on the baseboard would mean the rest of the screw holes were 1/2 in or so away from the wall. In the end we opted just not to put in the bottom brackets. It seems sturdy enough, but I’m worried about it holding up long term and scratching the hardwood floors (it does wiggle a little without the bottom brackets). Overall, we’re happy enough with the design, color, and size that we’re keeping it and dealing with it, but I’m not totally cool with spending 80 bucks on something that can’t be installed properly.

Lakeisha Trimble, TN

Sturdy, extra wide gate, perfect for kids and pets

Very sturdy, fits our extra wide doorway perfectly. The latch is easy enough to understand, but too hard for our toddler to open. The gate does need to be lifted while pressing on the button, which is tough to push, but it provides the challenge necessary to keep our son safe. Family members agree that the person who invented this is a genius. It looks very nice in our house, but more importantly does a great job.

Janell Bryant, IN

Great gate for the top of the stairs!

We needed a gate for the top of our stairs for our little one. This gate is perfect! I love how it can be positioned in several angles. It hooks into the wall and is very sturdy. If you need to move large objects through it unhooks from the wall and can be moved sideways. It takes some time to get used to the button push but after a day or two it was simple.It also looks great! We have darker furniture so it looks nicer than a wood gate.

Bridgette Palms, MI

Nice Gate

We bought this gate for the front part of the stairs to keep our little one from climbing. This was the only one that was wide enough to cover the entrance. Overall a very nice gate with solid construction. The only complaint, really a minor irritation, is the color. The description says Espresso and the Manufacturer’s website says Bronze, but really it looks black. Maybe in a super bright area the "brownish" color is visible, but for most purposes it looks black. Not a show stopper, but it made us a little annoyed since we ordered a bronze gate for the top of the stairs to match this one. Also, the button to open the gate is a little hard to push and can be cumbersome to operate with one hand.But overall if you are looking to span a wide area to keep the little one’s out, this is a solid gate.

Lydia Harrison, ME

North States comes through again

Thanks to an open floor plan, we not only have a lot of places that require barriers, but many of them are wide areas. We have tried many gates. North States gate are far and away the best ones. This gate is flexible in terms of width and is very easy and reliable in closing. I love how you can swing the entire gate away in either direction if necessary. That is nice when you have guests, when the kids are in bed, or when you have to clean. Seriously, cleaning around the bottom of most gates is a pain. Love this gate.

Deirdre La Fontaine, IN

Doesn’t work well with baseboards.

We had to create a block screwed into the wall for the top part where it connects to the wall, because we have a baseboard along the bottom of our hallway. It does not work around that, and requires the wall to be straight. So my husband had to fashion something out of wood blocks for the top.

Esmeralda Ralph, AL

Nice looking wide gate

I ordered this for my mother in law’s house. She needed something to go across the wide opening into her family room to keep her dogs out. My husband installed it really quickly and easily. It looks nicer then typical white gates. It sort of auto shuts itself which is great. The only complaint is the bar you have to step over. I don’t think this bar is avoidable in a gate this wide, but if I were to install it in my own house I’d probably mount it low (I.e. cut it down into baseboards).

Wanda Rollins, MT

Great gate, good for large doorways

I love this gate. It stretches across the whole doorway (and we have a wide one, this is stretched almost all the way), but also folds up against the wall when I don’t need it. It has a door in it that I can pretty much open one-handed, but I can push the door to a point where it will stay open on its own. It will bow out in one direction when you install it, but there are two bars that you twist to lock it in place. Ours only bows out a little because it is stretched to its limit. It installs by screwing latches to the wall, so if you don’t want holes in your wall, don’t get it. The guide made it quick and easy to install. We use it as a baby gate, and he does shake it around a bit. It has remained rather solid when it is locked in place. Overall, very happy with this purchase.

Stacey Little Rock, SC

Great buy.

Gate looks great and not cheap in appearance. Just the color I was looking for. Sturdy and love that it can be taken out of the wall when it is not needed to be up. Would definitely buy again.

Yesenia Jerico Springs, MO

Fantastic Gate!

I have purchased many gates over the years, and this one is by far the best. It easily adjusts to any size opening, and we love the feature that allows the gate to be propped open. I wish it came in a smaller size for smaller doorways.

Bridgett Hawesville, KY

I was hopeful but ended up returning

we bought as a wear house deal, came to us with the gate/hinge not working well… returned. Looked great but maybe just a fluke.

Esperanza Iron Gate, VA

Amazing gate. Great quality. Great price. Worth the money

I was very impressed when I ordered this gate. The quality and finish are beautiful and looks amazing in my house. I bought 5 of them as my house is larger and they blend wonderfully into the existing décor. They have a great feel to them when installed and are very sturdy. They were easy to install and are great for accommodating walls that don’t line up as the gates can be angled when installed. They are very simple and easy to lift off the wall hooks if you need move something through the hallway then put back on. I love the fact they the gates can swing on the hinges. This is a very convenient feature. The installation was very simple and did not take long. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes a gate. There is a template that allows for perfect positioning of the wall hooks that is part of the installation kit. This was extremely helpful. The door can be opened to where it sits open as well. This is a great feature for bringing items through the very large opening and having the gate not swing shut. But you can open it and it will swing shut if you don’t pull it all the way so you can get two feature. The door sitting open when needed or it will close. You do have to ensure it "clicks" but it will swing back shut. The size of the opening is important as well since most gates have a very narrow opening. The door in the gate has an opening that is 25.5 inches wide. I highly recommend this product.

Beatrice Berkeley Springs, WV

Do you have baseboards?

Beware. If you have any kind of baseboards or molding this gate won’t fit. We have a dream baby brand gate that does accommodate floor molding and is also hardware mounted, it’s unfortunate that this brand didn’t do that as well.

Teri Topsham, ME

Great gate!

I have been looking for a gate to put at the top of our deck leading to a long set of stairs. When I found this one, I was very hesitant to purchase it because I wasn’t sure if it would withstand the weather being outside. I have only had this up for a few weeks but am very pleased with it. There has been much rain where I live and so far, no sign of any problems. I do intend on bringing it in during the Fall and Winter seasons. I look at it this way, if it only lasts this summer I will be happy. In my opinion, the price is very good and I am happy with it keeping the 2.5 yr. olds on the deck and not down the stairs! FYI It is not sturdy enough for them to hang on it.

Stacey Muskegon, MI

Works Very well for us.

I underestimated how large this gate was and had to add spacers between my wall and the gate for the extra 2’in I was off by. Other than my error, this gate is awesome. It stays open when I want it to or it will close behind me when I need it to. Very simple installation. Very nice design. Love it.

Lily Enochs, TX

Handsome, effective

Screws easily into the wall and comes almost completely assembled. It’s a nice dark, brushed brown. The latch takes about a day to get used to but then it’s second nature. Our lab can clear it without even running (and does so everytime we order pizza!) – so it only works on babies.

Katina Pound, VA


The apartment I moved into has stairs inside the apartment so I put these at the top and haven’t had issues with this gate at all. I do suggest investing in a stud finder though so that you can screw these into a stud. The first time I installed this I didn’t think to find a stud and we had a puppy at our house for like two days and he ripped the gate right off of the wall. I also have to put the gate higher up off the ground than I would like because of the molding in this apartment. It is perfect though and it is very sturdy and I trust that my child will not be able to get through this gate until he figures out how to open it.

Heather Klingerstown, PA


We tried a ton of different gates over the years, but never found one we like as much as this. Great for an awkward space, & perfect for our XL kitchen opening. My favorite feature is that it can just pop right off & get folded & put behind something when not in use. PERFECT! Doesn’t hurt that it’s a good looking gate & we get compliments on it all the time.EDIT 1 YEAR LATER – SADNESSAfter a year & completely normal use (nobody climbing it Or anything nuts like that) one of the panels snapped & broke off!! SO disappointed. So sad that we drilled into the wall & now have a useless gate. I was recommending this to friends all the time, but I’ll have to steer them away from it now.

Kirsten Odon, IN

Great for Wide Openings

We have a very wide opening into our kitchen, and this works very well for that purpose. It’s sturdy and looks good.Note that you will have to screw into the wall or improvise another method of connecting it.

Bette Stanwood, IA


This gate is awesome, as well as beautiful. We read all kinds of different product reviews and compared prices until we settled on this one. We went through countless numbers of those cheap,pressure mounted, flimsy. wooden, baby gates, with the white plastic slates, before we decided not to waste any more money on them and just buy a quality gate. This is The One. Once we opened the package, we checked and found there was no assembly required, No scratches, no missing pieces, and all the hardware was included with directions. We read ALL the product reviews on Amazon before we purchased this gate, so we were prepared in advance for the top brackets being slightly farther away from the wall than the bottom brackets, due to the base boards at the bottom of the wall. That was pretty much the most consistent complaint about this product. And really not too much of a big deal if you plan ahead for that. My boyfriend used scrap wood in the garage, traced the back of the brackets to 1/4 inch pieces of wood, sanded them down to the exact size and shape of the brackets, painted them dark brown with some model paint we had laying around and just screwed them in to the wall behind the top brackets. That way it looks like part of the gate and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. The whole set up took about 15 or 20 minutes. It is extremely sturdy, light weight, comes down quick, and folds up easily to put aside when we don’t need it up. We purchased this gate to separate our 3 large breed dogs from company as well as to keep small children out of the kitchen. We are very satisfied with the price and quality of this product. I would like to add, however, that the gate is not 72 inches long, it is only 71 inches. I only had 56 1/2 inches between the walls, so the fact that the length was incorrect did not effect us. But is should be noted that they advertise with the wrong length. This gate was worth every penny and worth the extra work to get it anchored to the wall correctly. I would recommend this gate to anyone with small children, or large dogs, Very, very satisfied customers here!

Lauri Conner, MT

latch and color issues

The latch on this gate is awful. My husband and I found it to be extremely difficult to open it one-handed; when we did get it open, it hurt our thumbs to get the button pressed down enough to unlatch the gate. Because this was the only gate that would work for our room opening, we ended up keeping the gate – but we had to zip-tie down the top button so it wouldn’t latch and give us such fits with opening it. We then wrapped a piece of black electrical tape around the zip-tie so it doesn’t look bad. In this way, a side-working latch is still available to hold the door in place. We are using the gate to contain a shit-zu; if we were trying to contain a child, this method would not be child-proof.This gate is not bronze-finish in color. It is black. Perhaps there is some brown pigment thrown into the spray batch, but I don’t see how anyone could consider this gate to be a bronze-finish.You will have to remove sections of your baseboards in order to install this gate, or overlap a couple pieces of wood to span your baseboards (which is what we did). However, that widens the side gaps and may require a piece of wood between the last slats and the wall in order to fill the gap (our Shit-zu was able to get through the resulting gap).On the plus side, it is a very attractive gate. We like that it can span such a wide distance, is jointed so it can be put into a non-straight configuration (and locked into that position, even), and can attach to walls that are not straight across from each other.

Enid Joes, CO

Excellent Baby Gate

In total we have used 6 different baby gate brands/types – this is my favorite of all of them.What’s so great about it:- Capable of forming angles – I use it to gate around a right angle around the landing of our stairs. I also created a makeshift banister kit by zip-tying a 1×1 to the banister to provide a wood edge to screw the mounting brackets into.- Can be removed entirely without removing the mounting hardware (when you need to space open for moving, parties, etc.)- Easy open and close with one hand- Automatically closes, but can be left open- After daily use for years its still going strong where other brands have had repairs needed on their locking mechanismsWhat’s not so great:- Its a little flexible due to its length and adjustable "joints", but not to the point where I ever worry about kids pulling it down or breaking it.- You may need to make adjustments (additional spacers on the wall depending on your baseboards, to ensure a straight fit as the gate is intended to be all the way against the ground (to avoid tripping)Summary:If this gate fits your space and desired mounting method – get it.

Agnes Dexter, MN