North States Supergate Ergo Pressure or Hardware Mount Plastic Gate, Ivory

North States Supergate Ergo Pressure or Hardware Mount Plastic Gate, Ivory

North States Supergate Ergo Pressure or Hardware Mount Plastic Gate, Ivory from North States

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Adjusts to fit openings 26″ 42″ wide and is 26″ high
  • Comfortable handle easy press and release latch locks gate into place
  • Pressure mounts between doorways or hardware mounts as a swing gate between rooms or at top of a stircase
  • Unique door sockets add extra security, rail sockets allow gate to be used with wrought iron railings
  • Made in the USA

Verified reviews


Huge disappointment.

Do yourself a favor and don’t even bother with this gate. You can see from the video on Amazon’s page that the gate is very easily installed in a doorway (a plus), but it takes basically no force to push it over. My two-year old son very quickly realized that he could push through it with hardly any effort. It’s tempting to try to go for cheaper gates, but if you have a curious and strong toddler running around like I do, this gate will absolutely not cut it.For a bit more money (well, double the price of this one), you can get a really great gate: theThe First Years Hands Free Gate. We have two of them, and the quality just can’t be beat. It actually stays up and keeps my son out. I’d recommend The First Years gate over the North States one any day.

Carmella Diamond Bar, CA

Way more than I expected!

I had previously orderedNorth States Supergate Top-Notch Gateand had been impressed. For a decent price, I got something a very functional, though not terribly attractive, child gate. So I was really impressed by this gate when it arrived. For just a few dollars more, this is a big step up.First, it looks much nicer. It *feels* nicer. It’s not going to win you any awards in Better Homes, but it’s definitely very aesthetically pleasing. It’s easy to slide open and closed: very smooth. The cream color goes well with my walls and furniture, most of which is some shade of off-white. When you consider that the retail stores in my area have gates whose starting prices are twice that of this gate, and are far from twice as nice, it’s hard to pass this gate up.One feature is that it can get nice and wide. The instructions say that when it’s over 40 inches, you should start installing things into the wall, but I’m lazy and I really dislike messing up my walls, so I tried without, and it seems to be just fine. My son is only two-and-a-half, and hasn’t really tried climbing over gates yet. If that ever becomes his MO, I’m definitely going to rethink that: it does get a little flimsy when it’s stretched out, since the plastic is thinner than the Top Notch gate. But for a standard deterrent, it’s still very effective.A very pleasant surprise was that there were attachments if you wanted to make it a swinging gate, or attach it to railings. I didn’t use this feature because I already have swinging gates in my stairway, and again, hate messing up my walls, so I let this feature pass. But it’s nice to have as an option.That brings us to the handle. I don’t feel that the handle quite sets this apart from other gates, at least in a way that should affect your purchasing decision. It’s effective.It also has small holes, so pets can’t get through. That’s either a good thing or a bad thing. For me, there are some times I want children but not cats to be locked in, and other times I want them both kept out of a particular area!All in all, highly recommended as a low-cost gate.An issue that I had with the other gate (not this one!) is that over the last year, it’s warped. I’ve only had this gate for a few days, so I’ll update this review periodically, but my impression is that it’s a different plastic so I’m hopeful that this gate won’t have the same issue.[Update 7/2/12]Yep, it’s warped. It lasted about 3-4 months before warping… but it’s still usable.

Tami Leachville, AR

Inexpensive, and no mounting required

I ordered this to control my 2 dogs(both 65lbs) from going into the living room. I liked this one because it could be easily removed and stored in a closet or something. It works pretty good although sometimes my dogs are able to knock it over(I think one of them tried to jump over it). Also, the plastic ratchet system doesn’t get the gate as tight as I would like and sometimes strips. I will probably need to upgrade it to one of the ones that opens like a gate even though that’s what I was trying to avoid.

Edwina Richmond, IN

Great New Design!

We bought this because our old North States gate broke and we knew we wanted a similar model. We use our gates in the kitchen as the second level of gates over door mounted metal gates because our dog may be old, but can she jump. This new handle design is 10000% times easier to use than the old one. I would not use this gate at the top of the stairs to stop a toddler because I think they could push it down if you do not have the tension perfect. For what we use it for, it is brilliant and easy peasy to use. The new handle makes me want to replace the second one in the kitchen even though it is working fine. It is that much nicer.

Natalie Corona, SD

A total waste of money.

I ordered this gate because I already own one that is very similar to it and it has worked pretty good. I do not want to wall mount it as it doesn’t need to be up all the time and would just be in the way then. So, I bought this with the intended purpose of pressure mounting it. Bottom line, it does not pressure mount AT ALL! There are 3 slots to adjust the pressure and in order for it to be tight enough not to fall. Unfortunately it needs to be latched beyond the last slot! I read the instructions and it gives no trouble shooting help if the gate won’t pressure mount tight enough. All in all, I do not recommend this gate unless you enjoy wasting money on a complete piece of junk. I am extremely disappointed.Fast forward two weeks later and this piece of junk gate completely broke! The latch snapped off and now instead of being useless, it is completely useless! This is by far the worst item I have ever purchased on Amazon. It is going out with the trash tomorrow. What a waste of $25.00!!!

Carrie Mesa, ID

Works great on stair railings….

I have a room in my house, without a traditional doorway. One side of the opening is a wall, and the other side is the bottom of the stairway railing. I have been looking for a gate that I could install in this odd area, that did not require making holes in the wood of the stairway. I have the gate pressure mounted, since the area is at the bottom of the stairway and there is no risk of falling down the steps.This gate works perfectly for that application. The plastic is of nice quality, and is a subtle cream color. The holes are too small for my toddler to easily get her toes into, so I do not have to worry about her climbing it. I am very pleased with this safety gate.

Brandy Delaware, OH

Great baby gate

I really like this baby gate. Good height to be able to walk over it yet prevent the kid from climbing over it. I love the handle you use to lock it in place, it’s so comfy and easy to use. The locking mechanism works so easily and quickly. I would definitely buy this again and would recommend it to a friend.

Amie Capitol Heights, MD

Wonderful build quality

This is a fantastic baby gate. It comes with lots of hardware to put it in all different types of applications. Whether it’s at the top of the stairs or blocking two rooms. If you have a complicated insulation or really simple one this comes with enough hardware to do the trick. the hardware you use with it is very simple and uncomplicated and makes your life a lot easier. The locking system on it is simple enough for an adult but your kids won’t undo it and obviously the pets can’t figure it out. overall it’s the best baby gate I’ve ever own.

Jan Metlakatla, AK

fell on baby

Well when i first opened it up I almost sent it back right then. It was a cheaper feeling plastic than I was expecting and it seemed like it could be difficult to clean just because of the depth of the holes. But i gave it a try for a week. I only used the pressure grips because we cant put any holes in anything. It worked well for 2 days but then it started to not stay tight in the door way and we had to move it down to the second notch on the handel to keep it tight. Then the baby was standing up holding onto it (9mo old) and just the pressure of her pulling on it allowed it to fall on her twice. She was fine and its just plastic but still, this should not have happened. I dont know if the pressure grips and the type of paint on the doorway made it not hold (it is glossy) but we have a ten dollar wooden pressure gate from walmart that holds up just fine, and its been 2 months. so i went a head and bought another one of those.

Lidia Cornell, IL

Only for low traffic areas and someone without reduced hand dexterity. NOT FOR CLIMBING TODDLERS.

We’ve had 2 of these gates for a few years. It’s GREAT for a temporary use once in awhile gate. We have a tri-level home, I leave the pins installed by both sets of stairs. We store both gates in a spare bedroom so they’re ready to go anytime we have a visiting baby or new puppy.Our granddaughter came to live with us for awhile as a young toddler – she READILY scaled these gates making them vary dangerous on the stairs. I do NOT recommend these gates for youngsters who can climb.German Shepherds can readily leap over the gate – not good on stairs. However since they are not easy to secure, unsecure, in our frequently used stairs we normally just pushed it closed without actually latching. When the dog decides he WILL get around the gate, he does. I would NOT recommend this gate for determined pets nor high traffic openings.If you have an occasional need, in a low traffic area, and have great hand dexterity – it’s a great gate that should last for years. Otherwise I highly recommend theCardinal Gates Auto-Lock Gate, Whiteor theCardinal Gates Stairway Special Gate, White, which is what I have “upgraded” to for use in our home.

Louisa Washington Boro, PA

Does the job

This gate does the job but isn’t completely worry free if you have toddlers. I have this gate in my doorway to keep him out of my office. My son is now strong enough to pull on it and it popped right out. Just make sure it’s very secure before you totally trust it. It will work great for crawlers but just keep an eye on it for your older kids. This gate also works pretty well at the top of stairs. I used it for when he was a baby and I had peace of mind while it was in place. It’s really easy to use and you can remove it with ease as well. The rubber stoppers made the paint chip however where it was holding to the walls, so maybe watch out for that or keep some paint on hand to touch up when done baby proofing your house.

Katharine Tres Pinos, CA

Not so well thought out baby gate. Great dog gate!

We bought this gate for our dog and thought it would work well for our baby later. We were wrong. Our son has successfully learned how to climb it and fall over it. This could be a huge hazard to those not knowing this as he learned how to do this within a few minutes.It’s a great solid gate that stays put if you’re looking for a dog gate. If you’re looking for your child move on… We’re currently ordering one that has vertical only bars so his little feet aren’t tempted to attempt another climb.

Dorothea Westfield, ME

keeps the kids out

works well. big handle makes it easy to work. we do have to put it above our moulding so that all the pads touch the walls but it’s not a big deal having it a few inches off the ground. overall a good purchase and keeps our wandering baby off the stairs.

Mary Trufant, MI

works okay

Maybe its the doors in our old apartment, which is very likely, but it doesn’t fit evenly in any doorway. One end will be tight while the other will be loose. We just use it by leaning it against the doorway while all the way opened and it works okay at keeping the baby away from the bathroom but allows to cats to get to the litter box. Except when they accidentally knock it down. Or when they knock it down on baby. Or when baby pulls it down on himself. Yeah, this gate actually is probably more of a safety hazard than not having it.

Antonia Ramer, AL

Does the job….sorta.

We have 2 of these gates. One fits our kitchen opening at 41", but due to the walls not being ‘square’ its not the greatest fit, because its already at its maximum expansion. The other fits our hallway opening & works great, because the opening is 36". Also my daughter is only 1 & hasnt tried to break it down or climb it…yet.

Adelaide Honobia, OK

Great product if you want a portable gate and don’t open and close it constantly

This gate is pressure mounting. When you push the handle down, the gate extends both sides to hold it in place. So it is ideal for doors or between walls that have flat surfaces with same widths on top and bottoms where the gate touches. It also comes with part for you to three additional installation: sockets for added security, sockets to install on rails, and hinges for the door to swing open.I found that it is best to use on doors or walls that are flat and have same widths on top and bottom spots where the gate touches. It is because the gate holds itself in place by pressure mounting to top and bottom spots of both edges. It will not work, for example, at the stairs that have different widths on the top and bottom. I haveSummer Infant Stylish&secure; Deluxe Top of Stairs Gate with Dual Banister Kit. It is very versatile that it is easy to swing open and has parts to adjust to different widths of top and bottom. But on the other hand, it is much more expensive.I also found that it is not convenient to open or close it. Again this is due to the mechanism of extending itself to both edges.I have a two-year-old. I found that it is useful to have it at the door of the infant room. I just install it and don’t open it. I just walk over it since it is a pain to open or close with baby in my arms. With this setting, it is quite useful. If you want to have gate you want to open and close it constantly, then you have to find something else.Update on 4/20/2013: Now my daughter is getting bigger. The mesh on the gate actually helps her climb over the fate. Luckily I can just close the door with the gate still in place. So this is something to keep in mind.

Tammy Buhler, KS

Easy to use and stays put

I got this for our deck but because of the design of the steps and railing, it wouldn’t fit with the hardware to make it more permanent. I use it in the house in a standard doorway, just as a pressure gate, and it works great. It’s easy to adjust and lock into place. For the price, I’m quite happy with it and would recommend it to others.

Lucille Sutherland, VA

Flimsy, sent this back

This was WAY too flimsy for a child, and a pain to set it up right. Even for a small dog, this would probably not be a good purchase.

Georgia Bradley, SC

Won’t contain pets; wouldn’t trust it with my son

I purchased this gate to contain my cat that was peeing/pooping throughout the house and to eventually limit where my son can go once he learns to crawl. It’s not the prettiest looking gate but it’s reasonably priced so I figured I would give it a try. The espresso color looks a lot better than the cream… Anyways, if you have baseboard molding that’s more than an inch high, you won’t be able to install this gate as the top and bottom can’t both be flush against the wall. Already that limited where we could install the gate. When we found a spot that would allow us the install the gates, my 13 lbs cat (not the problem cat) managed to knock the gate over. When we placed it at the top of the stairs, the gate found its way to the bottom. If a cat can knock these down, I’m scared to see what would happen when my son begins to move around!

Ella Choccolocco, AL

Nice Gate

This is a very nice gate that is very well made. So far it has stood up to our child and three 100 ound dogs with no problem.

Kelli Prospect, TN

Fits ABOVE Baseboards

This will fit our door openings even though we have baseboards. We set the gate’s lower pads just above the baseboard and it works perfectly. Great item for a reasonable price.

Kathy Luverne, ND