North States Supergate Expandable Swing Gate

North States Supergate Expandable Swing Gate

North States Supergate Expandable Swing Gate from North States

Main features

  • Wood
  • Adjusts to fit openings 24 to 60 inches wide and is 32 inches high
  • Ideal for extra-wide openings such as between rooms or the bottom of stairs
  • Hardware mounts with secure 4-point steel mounting hardware
  • Safety latch offers easy one-hand operation
  • Swings open in either direction

Verified reviews


nice gate

I bought this gate to close off the top of the stairs going from my living room down to my basement because I was worried that my kids may accidentally fall down when playing in the living room. I considered all of the gates that were rated for use on top of stairs by amazon and even the ones that were not rated for this application. This gate looked like the easiest to install and the most durable. After installing the gate my assumptions turned out to be correct, this gate only took about 5 minutes to install. I just had to drill 4 holes and install the eye screws. The gate has a white plastic bar at the top that keeps it a little more rigid then the older expandable swing gates and it compliments my white and maple colored stair railing perfectly. The gate comes with eye bolts that are appropriate for screwing directly into wood but I screwed it into drywall on one side and they were not long enough to get through the drywall and into the studs. So I went and bought two longer eye screws for one side that were long enough to get a good hold into the studs.

Aline Elk Mills, MD

great value, serves the purpose

I bought this gate for a wide opening to keep my toddler from going up the stairs. Installation is very easy (just 4 eye-hooks screwed into the wall), but it would have helped if they had included some drywall anchors. I had some anyways, so I didn’t have to spend any extra money, but unless you’re screwing the eye-hooks into solid wood, you need them. It’s great that you can latch/unlatch the gate from either end, which makes quite easy to adapt to any opening and a snap to remove completely when you don’t need it. Also, since it’s accordion-style, it truly does fit any opening within the range, as opposed to the gates that you have to attach pieces to until it fits, and sometimes it just doesn’t work at all. It does flex a bit when it’s pushed, leaned on by my daughter, but certainly not enough to break. The plastic piece across the top keeps it quite secure enough for any normal use and abuse. It’s tall enough, that my baby will never be able to get over it before we are able to quit using it. The open/close latch is not as easy as some, but after you do it a time or two, it’s pretty easy and anyone should be able to handle it with one hand, while any typical kid of the age this should be used for should not be strong/dexterous enough to handle it. Overall, this fit my needs perfectly, and is a TERRIFIC VALUE at a fraction of the cost of much more elaborate gates.

Gabrielle Chetek, WI

It works ok

I use this between my kitchen and dining. The gate is not stiff like I expected but it is working so far. The holes are kind of big and my baby has stuck a leg and arm through a couple times and gotten stuck. It is hard to open but easier once you get the hang of it. But its much faster just to step over it. I usually just slide it together and swing it out of the way when I don’t need it. I will probably leave it there even when my son is older to keep the dog out of the kitchen when we’re gone. This is a cheaper alternative if you need a gate for a wider area and don’t mind screwing holes in the wall. It works with trim too which the pressure gates don’t.

Joy Tipton, TN

For baby and dogs

Exceeded my expectations. Easy to install. Also it would be easy to adapt if you want a different open/close mechanism. Looks nice and seems very sturdy.

Brianna Mineral Springs, AR

2 Large Dogs- Fantastic

We have a large door way and this product is awesome. Easy to install and keeps the two dogs well contained. I bought 2 gates and one is awesome, the others top plastic slider gets stuck and doesn’t slide by itself but I can get it to go over- still worth the money. Its cool I can leave the gate up and just put it against the wall vs. taking it up and down- Best part- you cant trip over any rail across the floor because there are none!!

Allene Easton, MN

Great gate for odd doorways!

The base of our stairs and our pantry door have misaligned wall areas for attaching a standard gate, so we have two of these now. They are perfect for keeping kids and pets out. They aren’t indestructible but will last for almost any household. One plus is that there is no bottom bar which you have to step over which is a hazard in iteself (take it from me, I broke my leg from a baby gate trip). These are perfect for a busy house that needs the gate to work HASSLE FREE. EASY INSTALLATION!

Sally Brunsville, IA

Still going strong after 2.5 years!

I didn’t expect this gate to last more than a few months after it showed up because it seemed so flimsy. I put it up anyway because I needed a gate ASAP and much to my surprise it is still going strong after 2.5 TOUGH years of use. We use it at the top landing of our staircase and it works great. My daughter has given it many tugs and some full-on body checks and it just flexes out a bit then pops back in line. The expandable top rail prevents much sway and keeps hands from getting pinched, I would not use an accordion gate that did not have a top rail for added stability. Make sure you hang it low so no space below would allow a toddler escape.One-half star off for the metal hooks bending with use, but they have not broke at all so fingers crossed. One-half star off for clamp being a bit tough to work with one hand, but it is doable.Lets hope it lasts through our son too, he is 6 months so i will update this review as he gets older.

Robbie Cory, CO

Can’t stop my little climber

The North States Supergate Expandable Swing Gate worked well while my little guy didn’t have the guts to climb over the thing. We screwed it into a solid wood doorframe to block our kitchen, which has an oversized opening. Keeps the baby out of the oven, out of the fridge and out of the trash. It swings open great, opens either direction, can be removed easily, and I can step over it quite easily (33" inseam). I would never use this at top of stairs since it has some flex and a child could slide under and down. Nor would I install in drywall, wouldn’t hold well enough for toddler shaking. Now my 18-month daredevil just puts his little shoes in the diamond holes and goes right over it. So now we have to buy a metal vertical-bars style gate.

Maritza Mc Lean, NY