North States Supergate Extra-Wide Gate, Ivory

North States Supergate Extra-Wide Gate, Ivory

North States Supergate Extra-Wide Gate, Ivory from North States

Main features

  • 31″ high, fits openings 22″ to 62″ wide.
  • This stable gate requires hardware mounting. All Mounting hardware and brackets are included for an easy set-up.
  • Can be removed from mounting brackets
  • Can slide or swing out of the way when not being used
  • Ideal for top of stairs, bottom of stairs and between rooms
  • Heavy duty uni body construction, has safe round edges plus, it is made of non toxic plastic

Verified reviews


Perfect child and/or animal barrier AND decorative!

I purchased 2 of these for 2 separate openings. They arrived promptly and packaged very well to avoid any shipping damage. One package contained all parts, however the other was missing one of the hanging brackets (but gave me 2 of another part) needed to attach to the wall. I could have gone through the trouble of shipping back to and ordering another, but instead decided to contact the manufacturer directly. Within 2 days, I received the correct piece and now have both gate units in full use. My grandson is 13 months and he has attempted to push it to dislodge it, but it held its ground! The gate is very easy to set up, only needing a drill and phillips screwdriver. I think this was a very smart investment and you can’t beat the price. It folds up compactly and swivels so you can keep it attached on one side and have it out of the way against a wall…but you can easily detach the entire unit and just keep the hinge and lock pieces on the wall. The color is not intrusive whatsoever. Although this product is made of plastic, it is made very well. Our entryways are from removing 2 French doors each entry, so I was limited as to what gates would fit such a large space. These fit the bill, and we still have a good 3-4 inches left for full extension. I am contemplating on ordering another gate for another area around my kitchen…but will wait and see if I really need another one to replace the “piece meal” gate I am using in that area. I highly recommend these gates. Great price, great quality, and the customer service with the manufacturer stands behind their products…and of course, is the best way to shop too!

Adelaide Rosendale, WI

works great for large openings!

I have 3 of these gates and use them to block large openings for my dogs when I need to keep them away from company. They are very easy to install. Sometimes a little hard to get a panel moving but over time they get easier to slide.

Maura Colchester, VT

Great gate for porch

We have had this gate installed on our covered porch for 6 months now and it has held up great!!! I was hesitant to put a gate on the porch because I didn’t want to ruin the vinyl posts. (We only need a gate while our kids are young) Instead of drilling into the vinyl posts, we attached wood with zip ties and drilled into the wood instead.

Estella Elliott, IL

Good Gate

Good gate to keep the little one from getting into area’s that are not kid friendly. The locking latches were at first,a little hard to engage to keep the gate lock. However, after time, they have locked into place with constant usage. Word of caution, please make sure to align the gate mounts on both sides of the walls. The manufacturer of my house put one wall farther by 1/2 inch and I had to redo the locking gate mount…….would buy again.

Karyn Centralia, WA

Super Gate, Super hard to figure out.

It took me forever to put this thing together properly, and it’s not good for small doorways, there were so many panels I had to take two off. It came missing a part which really threw me for a huge loop!!! It works now, but too many screws come with it, and I would have preferred a gate that did not need to be screwed into the door frame.

Anastasia Atkins, IA

great, but don’t pull it down the stairs!

this is the second one we’ve owned. our other one held up for at least 8 years, as it is at the top of the stairs at my mother’s ranch house, with constant grandkids in and out. the only problem we’ve had after having it awhile, was sometimes the gate would get stuck and you’d have to keep yanking to get it to seperate to close it. the reason for having to purchase a new one, is someone was latching it shut, slipped, and fell down the steps trying to catch the fall by grabbing the gate and taking it with them! other than that incident, it is a very sturdy gate that kids are not able to figure out how to open.

Althea Hayward, CA

Sturdy, easy installation

This gate is sturdy and installs great. My only complaint is that is scratches my floor. I wish there were some sort of felt or something on the bottom of it.

Bernadette New Berlinville, PA

Great for pets & kids

I would have given this 5 stars, but it is a pain to try to retract/slide the gate width after opening it. Other than that, it works wonderful for keeping my 11 month old son out of the laundry room where the dogfood is, and keeps my 4 Labrador Retrievers out of the house when company is over. It is tall enough to keep one of my dogs from jumping over the top of it. I’m 5’3″ and can step over it with minimal difficulty.

Louisa Broadbent, OR


Great gate…stretches really long too! I love it because it stretches from my kid toy room to the kitchen…great gate!

Marla Harkers Island, NC

perfect for deck

I installed this gate at the top of our deck stairs to keep my little one from wandering off the deck. It’s easy to install, sturdy, the perfect width, and it holds up great outdoors. It can be a little hard to slide open and shut, but I was not expecting it to be smooth so I’m not disappointed.

Angelica Sherman, TX