North States Supergate Portico Arch Gate, Matte Bronze

North States Supergate Portico Arch Gate, Matte Bronze

North States Supergate Portico Arch Gate, Matte Bronze from North States

Main features

  • Swings fully open both ways with one hand
  • Hold-open feature to prevent the gate from closing in the event of multiple pass through
  • Pressure mounts easily by using tension knobs to secure the gate in place
  • Ideal for room openings or at the bottom of stairs

Verified reviews


Nice, but I prefer my plastic baby gates

Very simple to install, no problems on that front. It is sleek and sturdily made. I already had two plastic baby gates for the stairs and formal living room (the one where nobody can touch anything, ever) but I got this one for the toy room. Unlike the others, which slide to the side, this one has a swinging gate and you have to step over the bar at the bottom. That’s not so good when you have a toddler who is prone to tripping, unless of course you’re carrying them. It would be great for pets, though. The main reason that I prefer the plastic gates is that my daughter, who is a clumsy 2 year old, is also prone to hitting her head on things and she has bumped it up against this gate a couple of times. At the end of the day that’s not really the manufacturer’s fault, it just is. It all depends on your situation. Just something to take into consideration with younger kids.

Mary Fertile, MN

Very nice looking solution for mud season

We have had babies and puppies in this house off and on, in various sizes, colors, and genders, for the past 30 years. We have had thoseawful sliding gates with the diamond shaped covered wire, we have hadplastic gates, and we have hadfabric gates. The one thing those gates all have in common is that as annoying as it is to go over them, (and every baby we had went over them as easily as walking by age 1), it was still easier to go over them than to take them out and put them back. This one having a door to open is a wonderful improvement on all of the gates of the past. The door can be left in an open position when not exercising containment procedures.This one is also very nice looking in our 100 year-old farmhouse. The style of it is perfectly suited.I had been looking for a picture of a half door to talk my husband into putting one between the kitchen and the living room. I don’t mind the mud, but I would like it to be better contained. (Our backyard has 4 seasons – mud, mud, mud, and mud.)This gate is a great temporary solution! It was really easy to put in place. I experimented with different doorways to see how it would work to put the additional panels in and it was not difficult at all even though there are contradictory explanations of which side the longer end of the pin goes into. It says one thing in the writing and the opposite in the exploded picture.I know this gate is temporary though because someone is going to get hurt stubbing an entire foot on the panel across the bottom. It is also probably going to be me because I tend to go barefoot. My toes cringe at the thought.UPDATE: This gate is working out so well that the room formerly known as the kitchen is now known as the puppy containment area.

Latoya New Gloucester, ME

We have 7 baby gates, this one is the best.

We have two kids ages 3 and 11 months so we have a lot of gates up in our two story house. This one is the nicest one we own.It looks the best, closes by itself, goes both ways and has a “stay open” option which is great if doing laundry or something and you need both hands to hold something big.I installed it in 10 minutes from opening the box and had no troubles at all. It looks bent when you take it out of the box, but as you add the required tension it straitens out perfectly.Make sure you do not need a gate wider than the maximum width of 38.25″- there are not additional extensions to buy.The color will work well in most homes, it is that trendy dark rubbed bronze color which will probably be out of vogue in a few years but who cares.The self-closing function is pretty quiet so you can actually use it without waking a sleeping kiddo, you don’t need to hold your hand behind you as you go through.The only reason we never bought one of these before is price, buying 7 gates meant looking for cheaper ones, but if you just need one gate this is a great option. So glad we got it, we use it in the one area we use the most since it is the easiest to use.

Carole Tisch Mills, WI

Very nice appearance, but can not extend

I have a very active toddler and need to use several gates for our stairs, hallways, and kitchen. We’ve borrowed some from friends but needed to return them. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to try the arch gate from Amazon Vine. This gate definitely looks very nice and is the fanciest one we have. I love that it has a lock feature to stay open, and that the closing sound isn’t a loud metallic THUD. It operates easily and couldn’t be any easier to install. It comes with the normal rubber cups to provide tension against a wall as well as a mounting bracket should you want to use it at the top of a staircase or mount it permanent. It’s tall enough he won’t be climbing over it any time soon and the tension holds well against a toddler’s fists wrapped around the rails, pulling.However, it loses one star because there are no additional extensions available for it. It didn’t extend far enough to fit our staircase or our hallway. I was disappointed because I thought this would be a really nice look at the stairs.

Vanessa Bedminster, PA

Very Useful…

I have owned a few of these they hold up very well. It’s sturdy well constructed and great for keeping out or in pets and little ones. Its held up to jumping climbing cats and dogs as well as clumsy husbands banging into it. This gate swings both ways, the latch is strong but fairly easy to operate with busy/full hands even. We are currently redecorating our home and this is serving us well keeping pets away from some areas or unsupervised kids. This is worth the price and it really should last you many years. Its also a nice looking gate not bulky and ugly at all.

Dora Hillpoint, WI


This gate is ideal for keeping little ones from climbing up the stairs without being inconvenient for the grownups. One hand open, auto-close and ability to keep open are all important features for us. The tension mounting is easy but the trade-off is that it shouldn’t be used at the top of the stairs. (I found that all of our falls were coming from the child climbing up the stairs from the bottom anyway.) The bronze finish matches well with the hardware in our home and would be compatible with most decor.

Kaye Kent, NY

Great gate

We ordered 4 different baby gates (old house with 4 different size door ways), this one is hands down my favorite. It took a minute to figure out the latch but once you do it is really easy, however, little hands will have a difficult time with it, as it should be. It also swings in both directions which is quite helpful.

Rosalind Belcamp, MD

Great doggie gate

I realize that this is a babv gate, but I got it for my dogs. We installed this gate a couple weeks ago at the bottom of my stairs to keep my dogs corralled in one section of the house while we am not home. The gates is made of strong aluminum, was quickly installed and fits the hallway just perfectly – even my four pound dog cannot get through the bars. It has saved my carpeting now that I can keep them contained to the family room.The latch is also strong – but you can operate it one handed which is nice since I am coming up and down the stairs with laundry.

Patty Norvelt, PA