North States Supergate Slide-Step and Lock Open Gate, Burnished Steel

North States Supergate Slide-Step and Lock Open Gate, Burnished Steel

North States Supergate Slide-Step and Lock Open Gate, Burnished Steel from North States

Main features

  • Metal
  • Hands free operation or child proof one hand operation
  • Fits openings 31.25″ 38.5″ wide with two extensions included and is 29″ high
  • Pressure mounts and is easy to install; tension knobs secure the gate in openings
  • Deluxe heavy duty metal construction
  • Self closing with hold open feature

Verified reviews



I purchased this to use in our high traffic area, thinking that a foot opener would be useful. First off, it took my husband hours to install this gate. Once it was finally in, the foot pedal is awful and hard to operate. If I use it regularly, it will cause me knee damage and make the gate unstable.Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this.

Alissa Rome, MS

North States Supergate

I have had a number of infant gates over the better part of the last decade. Summer, North States, Graco, KiddieGuard are the ones that come to mind. I have 3 kids ages 8 and under, my gates get a workout.I am going to compare this to my newer Summer Extra Tall Gate:Summer Infant Extra Tall Decorative Walk-Thru Gatewhich has served me well for the past 2 years.The Summer Gate has thicker slats and less spacing between those slats.The Summer Gate is taller.The Summer Gate is more attractive.The Summer Gate is less expensive.The Summer Gate can be mounted at the top of the stairs. It is also easy to open and close.The North States gate does not meet my expectations. The foot pedal feels flimsy, the slats are more prone to entrapping a toddler’s knee, as they are the same exact spacing as my Evenflo gate. (ever been there? I have with other brands and you don’t want to go there!) Although this was from Vine and of no cost to me, it will not be seeing any more action for the above reasons – unless it is later on as a puppy gate.I hope this review was of assistance in your purchasing decision.

Lynne Westbrook, ME

Love this gate

By far the best gate we have owned. Own multiple of these . Great quality product and would highly recommend

Jeannine Catron, MO

Easy to use and durable

This gate sees a lot of action at our house. We are constantly opening and closing it and there is quite often a toddler trying his hardest to break the whole thing down. It has held up to all of our abuses and is an excellent gate overall. The gate was really easy to install, I did it myself in about 10 minutes. Opening and closing it is really easy for me, but my toddler has yet to figure it out. We use it at the bottom of the stairs to keep him from going up and it has served us well. Great price, highly recommend.

Martha Desert Hot Springs, CA

I’ve replaced all our gates with North States gates!

Baby #2 came along after we moved to a larger house which required more gates, our main staircase is smack in the middle of our livingroom and I wanted a gate that wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb but would be secure and safe for our toddler but easy enough to open for our 8yr old. I found that with the North States gates. They are nice solid metal construction and are easy enough for an older child to open but impossible for our toddler to open. The white one I bought for our staircases worked so well I donated all of the gates I had saved from my first daughter and bought more North States gates. For the walkway into our kitchen I needed a gate (there are basement stairs off the kitchen too so it needed to be very secure to keep her from the kitchen AND the basement stairs). I was thrilled to find this slide-step gate, being able to open it hands-free when carting groceries in is a huge plus and it’s so nice looking you barely notice it’s there. I’ve been recommending these gates to friends and family and will be keeping them long after our children are grown to use with our dog.

Ladonna Randleman, NC

great gate

so not all gates are made equal and this one is just great..its nicely made, high quality materials and looks sturdy. it feels really secure and helps keep baby/dogs/cat/etc out or in a room.hands free operation is great on it.. its a life saver if your hands are full and your trying to do something..its light weight but wife can even take it apart and put it together – something she usually grabs me for.

Teresa Santa Ysabel, CA

Works great, looks great on my dark oak steps.

Once again, Amazon shipped fast as usual, props to them. The North States Supergate has been a pleasant experience for my family. We have some serious wood steps in our house, and my 18 month old son has been exploring those steps. I have caught him crawling up them many a time, and it is quite the nerve racking experience. We had a temp gate in there, but the little bugger figured out how to slide it and bypass it. Also, my Black Lab likes to go upstairs as well, and that drives me nuts. So I picked up the Supergate here, unboxed it and gave it a whirl. My main issue was installation and looks. Installation was a bit tricky, but pretty easy nonetheless. Looks wise, its great, doesnt stand out to much, and doesnt do much damage. My son has not figured it out yet, but he is a sharp little kid so it wont be long until I have to ziptie it and hop over it.. =)Overall a great deal for a great gate.

Cherie Canyon Country, CA


Like that this has 2 ways to open, with foot and by hand. Easy for visitors to figure out and the extended pieces are nice. Would buy again.

Heidi Palmer, MA

Excellent Gate!

We tried the First Years gate with the foot pedal and it broke after 3 months of use, but now we are glad it did because this gate is far superior! It’s quieter and we love the option to open it with your hands or your feet. It’s a quality gate and we recommend it to our friends and family.

Nadine Delphia, KY

Great gate

I bought this for my mother in law for christmas and I honestly like it better than my 100+ dollar First Years gates. You have the option of opening it by hand or by foot and it has a spring that holds it open and swings it s***. Once you have it adjusted properly, it’s a wonderful gate. The only downfall is the foot opener. You actually have to put your foot on it and push sideways rather than pushing down. If you have wearing shoes, it isn’t really a problem, but bear foot or in socks, it can get painful quickly.

Rosalie Evansport, OH