North States Supergate X Wide Swing Wood Gate

North States Supergate X Wide Swing Wood Gate

North States Supergate X Wide Swing Wood Gate from North States

Main features

  • Adjusts to fit openings 60 to 103 inches wide and is 27 inches high
  • Easy one-hand operation
  • Hardware mounts with secure 4-point steel mounting hardware
  • Removes easily from hardware mount when not in use
  • Proudly made in the USA

Verified reviews


Not high quality but does the job

As other reviewers pointed out, this gate is on the flimsy side, and is absolutely not for the top of the stairs.We use it to keep a 10 month old out of the kitchen, and it’s worked fine. That being said, we don’t just leave her in the room alone with the gate up; she’s always supervised while in the room (living room). I would not be content with this gate for her bedroom, which is the one room in the house I will let her be in while being somewhat unsupervised.The gate must be taken down when not in use (which is fairly easy to do) as it does not retract as I thought it would.

Lolita Strawberry Point, IA

For the price…

…it’s okay, but it isn’t very strong and I worry that the slats are a little far set apart. The instructions aren’t very clear, so you’ll use your creativity in getting it together. I will look elsewhere the next time I need a security gate.

Amelia Cidra, PR

Maybe ok for small dogs, but not small humans

I sent this right back upon opening it. I had ordered it as a gate for my living room to keep my 9-month-old twins in. I didn’t even bother to put it up–it looks like it’s made of big toothpicks, feels super flimsy, and I’m really dubious about it keeping attached to the wall as it does not screw directly in. This is probably useful if you have a small dog, but not for babies! It is also really short compared to other gates–I pictured my boys being able to climb right over it in a month or so if they didn’t mow it down first.

Jean Mud Butte, SD

Holding up ok!

This gate is awesome because it is big enough to span the space I needed it to fit in. The gate seems a little flimsy, but, one month in, it seems to be holding up ok. I anchored the gate to the wall with heavy duty dry wall plastic screw anchors. I’m not sure how long this will hold up for, but for now it’s a life saver.

Sylvia Salvisa, KY

Hmmm…really think before you buy.

Just like it says, it’s ok. It was nice to find a gate this long, but it’s really flimsy. It will come out of the wall really easy if the baby shakes too hard, so you really need to drill these suckers in. You get what you pay for, it wasn’t that expensive.

Corrine Kotlik, AK

Serves it purpose

I purchased this gate to put in my mothers home when she is caring for my son. It was the perfect length to fit in her sunroom. Her opening is a little over 8 ft. My only complaint would be that the locking/latching system on this is a bit tricky. It’s not as easy as opening and closing like some baby gates out there. You actually have to work at it by latching a hook on the bottom of the gate and then push on a very hard button on the top of the gate to then hook on to a latch. If it sounds confusing…it is. Other than the locking system, it is functional and serves it’s purpose.

Ginger Sprague River, OR

Just what I was looking for

I was looking for a reasonably priced and quality gate that also spanned a very wide doorway as I start up my daycare business. I looked everywhere for a gate that would fit our very wide doorway. I feel that I found exactly what I was looking for in this product. The gate arrived on time and in perfect condition. It is sturdy and will bear the wear and tear of children while also do an excellent job of keeping my three dogs out. I LOVE Amazon for all of these reasons, they never disappoint!

Michael Granada Hills, CA

Perfect for price

We bought this gate to block off a large section of space right before the beginning of the staircase. For the price it works great. It was very flimsy at first, but we followed the other reviews and bolted it on two sides in the middle to steady it. We have had no problems with it & it holds up to our daughter standing and shaking on it! Definitely recommend. The best large-area gate I have seen at this price.

Jeanette Mc Coy, VA


For the money, it’s what I expected. Very light-weight, but does the job well. The spring on the hinge is tight, but I don’t mind that. It swings open or the slats slide to the side to open. It sits on the floor…so if you have a toddler and are afraid of their standing on it and it being pulled out of the wall, it’s not a concern. The danger is in them leaning on it with too much weight…it could collapse on baby if not supervised. The hinges are simply screws with hooks, so they have to be put into a stud or metal to stay-put. Love the affordability and ease of sliding the slats over to one side.

Lacy Wells, MI


The area this was intended for was 98 inches. The gate did not come close to the 98 inches and definitely did not reach it’s max of 103 inches. Had this product work for us, it would have been returned, because of the flimsiness, being so long without a better bottom support. While unpacking the gate, there were small splinters of wood in the packaging, as well as falling off of the gate while we attempted to set it up, I wouldn’t want our little ones getting splinters just from pulling themselves up on it. I own another North States gate that we used with our eldest child and still use, and love it, which is why I was inclined to purchase another gate from the same company.

Lori Fort Mcdowell, AZ

Nice Gate

I purchased this gate 3 years ago to go between my kitchen and my living room. This worked great to keep (large) dogs on one side and kids on the other. It is very durable. My toddler would grab it and shake it back and forth to get the dogs attention. The only CON is you need to check the screws monthly, they will wiggle out after a while.

Elisa Tavernier, FL

Flimsy, Cheap, Useless

We sent it back. When my husband finally wasted time and effort drilling holes into our walls to hang it, the kids came to lean on it, and in mere seconds we realized our 18-month-old could clobber this thing and rip an even bigger hole into the wall. The only way to get a good WIDE gate would be to make sure you can secure it to the floor somehow in the middle. Otherwise it’ll just blow and rattle back and forth with no support. This is not the kind of gadget you cheap out on. I should’ve known.

Aileen Blount, WV

good experience.

I bought this thing for my parents so they can block out the stairs going up and the stairs going down in their split level ranch at the same time. Since it is only used 1 or 2 times a week for the occasional visit, we didn’t even install it. We just bungee it in the middle to the stair railing and slide it open to cover both sets of stairs. It is bungeed tightly enough so that it takes some effort to slide the gate, which equals it is impossible for my daughter to slide the gate. I am not recommending you do that but that is what we do for convenience. It is slightly on the flimsy side, but for the occasional use it has held up well and nothing has broken. Definitely a budget item but it gets the job done.

Ingrid East Homer, NY

Fuctional, Appropriate for cost, Not for impact

I ordered two of these gates to help section off a very open floor plan in our home. They arrived exactly as described and took less than 15 minutes to install. We have a newborn daughter and Siberian Husky that was the former “baby” for over 6 yrs. These gates function perfectly for our purpose. They provide a visual and light structural barrier between our dog’s area of the home and us and the baby. That said, our dog is respectful of the barrier and only needed a structural reinfocement for our own peace of mind. These gates would absolutely NOT withstand a toddler or a dog bumping up against them, pushing or jumping of any kind. In fact, even with very light use, I am skeptical if these gates will last more than a year or so, but that is probably why these gates are in the $40 range verses the $200- $400 range that would get you something very strong and immobile to cover such a large area.

Hollie Damar, KS

Perfect for what we needed

We purchased this for the space between Living room and Kitchen which is 72″ wide. We purchased it in August when our son started to crawl. It’s now 6 months later and he’s walking. The gate itself is nice and sturdy and withstands the baby’s rattling for attention. it’s low enough that our 3 overweight lazy cats can jump it easily after a few months learning. The only things I do not like is the clasp is hard to work, especially one handed. It also would be nice if the gate had a hinge in the center or near one end so I dont have to swing the whole thing around to get by.All in all I feel this was a GREAT purchase and recommend it to anyone especially those with pets that need to be able to jump the gate to get through.

Erma Nichols, NY