North States Superyard 3 In 1 Arched Decor Metal, Matte Bronze

North States Superyard 3 In 1 Arched Decor Metal, Matte Bronze

North States Superyard 3 In 1 Arched Decor Metal, Matte Bronze from North States

Main features

  • Comes with six removable and adjustable panels; encloses up to 10 square feet and is 30 inches high
  • Play yard optional two panel extensions are available
  • Unit can also be hardware mounted as an extra-wide barrier or fireplace screen to 144″
  • Swinging walk-thru door panel is built with a child-proof double-locking system allowing easy access
  • Works on any surface both indoors and outside, will not scratch
  • As a play yard optional two panel extensions are available and will increase the size from 10 square feet to 19 square feet. Unlimited two-panel extensions may be used.
  • Unit can also be hardware mounted as an extra-wide barrier or fireplace screen to 144″. Unlimited two-panel extensions may be used
  • Works on any surface both indoors and outside, will not scratch. Ideal as a playard or play area for your young toddler or small pets.

Verified reviews


Use around our fireplace – is great!

I bought this to protect our baby from the fireplace and to give the dog some space where she can’t get to her. Our fireplace is gas so we’ve not really used the gate portion, though it might have been nice for getting back to turn it on/off (we just stepped over it to flip the switch).How we’re using it:We just have it set up stretched in front of the fireplace and then angled 90 degrees to block off a chair for the dog. There is an ottoman in front of her chair so she can jump up on the side while the baby cannot get up there. Gives the dog her own space. This is also wrapped in front of our tables on either side of the fireplace that hold stereo components. We don’t have to worry about her reaching those or the millions of cords.Pros:~The dark finish is great with our decor. The white was cheaper but I know it’d be a fixture in our how for a number of years so I decided it was worth the difference.~ It’s easy to set up and take down – just twist the joints between panels. We’ve never done it but I can see why people like to travel with it.~ The spindles NEVER get hot. Our fireplace gets quite warm and these were barely warm to the touch at most.Cons~ The ends are both free-standing on ours and this allows some movement at the joints. I think next year we’ll have to resolve that as she’ll be strong enough to get back there if she wants to. (If the ends were attached to each other or to the walls it wouldn’t be an issue at all and I’m certain that’s the intended use.)~ Was pretty expensive, I thought. But it was just what we needed.~ It’s a fixed size – you cannot size the panels, though I do believe you can buy additional panels. (Sorry – I don’t recall if they come in varying sizes or just the standard size.) I was thinking if we didn’t use it for our fireplace I might try it at the top of the stairs but it wouldn’t have worked since it wouldn’t fit the space correctly.I can’t comment on:~ The gate – we’ve never used it. I did look for this same thing with just panels but couldn’t find it.~ Use as a play yard – never used it in a circle configuration.

Mona Cross Junction, VA


This was better than I expected. I use it as a play pen around a full-sized futon…fits almost perfectly with 2 extra panels (so 10 panels total) and it is holding up really well. So easy to install not complicated at all after figuring out which side fits accordingly-don’t forget to tighten the connecting bars (I didn’t realize this until I took a really close look). It is so easy to position in any way you need. It looks really nice with dark wood furniture too. We’ll worth every penny!

Meagan Pulaski, IL

Great quality gate. Too expensive.

I originally bought this gate to protect my toddler from our raised hearth. I begrudgingly spent the extra money to get the Matte Bronze color because I know it will be a fixture in our house through a few more young children. However, we all know the different paint color didn’t cost anyone at North States an extra $60 to produce so shame on them for price gauging.Over time I really missed the beauty of my fireplace which was trapped behind its metal jail. I did some more research and found theCardinal Gates Kid’s Edge Metal Hearth Guard, Brown. If you are looking specifically for something to protect your child from a raised hearth I 100% recommend the metal hearth guard. It installs easily without sticky tape and is a lot more cost effective compared to this gate.Luckily, I still had a use for this gate at an awkward opening to our kitchen. However, the opening required only 3 of the panels and the wall mounting brackets require me to use even numbers of panels. I got around this by calling North States and ordering a 2nd hardware package which cost $13 after shipping and handling. To their credit, when I called North States a real person picked up the phone. She was friendly and took my order right away.I debated sending this gate back to Amazon all together and buying the 3 paneledSupergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate, Espresso. However, the bottom brackets on that gate are not adjustable up and down which I need in order to install the gate around baseboard trim.Overall, I’ve ended up with a very expensive but quality solution to my baby gate issues. This gate is attractive, sturdy, and flexible enough to meet the unique layout of my kitchen entrance. Qualities I cannot find in any other product on the market.

Petra Bell City, MO

Fireplace/wood stove guard

Excellent purchase. It is attractive and keeps curious grandbabies safely away from our woodstove. It is also attractive and doesn’t become hot.

Ginger Uniondale, NY

narrow, but good

North States Superyard 3 In 1 Arched Decor MetalGood product, easy to install, gate is narrow and doesn’t always close automatically.

Maryann Montgomery Center, VT

In this case, you do get what you pay for!

Just received two of these Superyards that I have joined together, so early impression is that I appreciate the excellent quality, fit with decor, and flexibility of configurations. Definitely worth the higher price.

Kristen Castleton On Hudson, NY

Great quality and high end finish

I am extremely impressed with the quality and sturdy feel of the gate. This does not look like a cheap gate at all. It was east to setup and is extremely sturdy. The door in the gate has a small opening. It is about 18inchs. I think it should be wider. I have not used this gate as a pen or attached it to the wall. I do like the flexibility of it being able to swing on one hinge if required or used as a pen. I removed one of the panels since I did not need all of them and it was easy to remove and reconfigure the gate. I have it spanning a 122inch opening and it is sitting like a half octagon, so it is self supporting and very stable. The installation hardware appears to be very good quality and easy to install. I am not giving the product four five stars since the gate in the door should be have a wider opening. I wanted a gate with a metal and bronze finish that would match the high end décor of my home. This gate fits the décor very well. The gate arrived in very well constructed packaging. I would recommend this product.

Mercedes Lamar, MS

Five Stars

Excellent quality, door opens and closes very easily, we are very pleased with this product.

Deann Florala, AL

Gate opening is a little smaller than I would like but otherwise it does what I need it to

Gate opening is a little smaller than I would like but otherwise it does what I need it to.

Mary Ruby Valley, NV

best gate

best gate for baby or dog gate, I bought this one and the extension becauseI have a long space area that wanted to protect from a puppy and a baby and this is perfect. easy to install and not bad on the price. very happy

Kristi Washita, OK

Good stuff

This thing is awesome. We live in a 3-floor split level, and use it to block the stairs going both ways on the middle floor. It’s sturdy and not hideous. I would recommend.

Aida Woodbine, KS