North States Superyard 3 in 1 Wood 2 Panel Extension

North States Superyard 3 in 1 Wood 2 Panel Extension

North States Superyard 3 in 1 Wood 2 Panel Extension from North States

Main features

  • Extension allows you to increase the Superyard from a 6 panel to an 8 panel play area
  • Additional two panels increase the size from 10 square feet to 19 square feet
  • Unlimited two panel extensions may be used
  • Works with Wood Superyard model 4940
  • Great for your young toddler or small pets, both indoors and outside

Verified reviews


Almost blends in!

We have this gate in our living room that has hardwood floors and a lot of wood accents (built-ins, etc). The color of the stain is very similar to our flooring, which means that the gate (which is in a u-shaped configuration) almost blends in. That’s a great plus considering our house is looking more and more like a toy store every day!

Hillary O Neals, CA

These don’t exactly fit older versions

We have an older version of the playard, from 2010. These new panel extensions don’t exactly fit – they have an unremovable screw that makes it impossible to properly fit to the older north states gates. I had to jerry rig it to work, and am debating using bold cutters to cut off the screw that they added to the connecting points on the bottom part of the gate. Other than that, I don’t see an option to remove the protruding screw other than drilling a corresponding hole in the piece that would fit in.Would be nice if they provided that information or instructions on how to retrofit these to older playards.

Maria Rockport, KY

needed extension

I think this is required with the North States superyard, without it, the enclosed space with 6 panels is too small.Good quality extension.

Lina Sharon, WI

Sturdy and Good looking

Very handsome, high quality and strong. The plastic one was not sturdy enough for my needs. I was able to add three extensions. I love this.

Marcy Shoshoni, WY

Just Like the Original Piece

No deviation in color. Fits perfectly with the original setup. The whole setup is a bit pricey but it’s definitely worth it.

Justine Alakanuk, AK

Great Extension

We added this to our North States gate to span about 14 feet across our living room. It’s sturdy and keeps kids contained.

Mayra Herald, CA

nice addition

I used one of these to increase the superyard to 19sqft. Easy to install and well crafted.

Meredith Cecilia, KY

Sturdy, Easy to Assemble

I bought this as an extension to the 6 panel super yard to stop my son from discovering the negative consequences of gravity. It attaches easily to the rest of the super yard and I anchored it to the wall with absolutely no issue. It is sturdy enough for an 11mo old to pull himself up on it and even shake it or fall into it without budging. The slots are also a lot of fun for him to put things through them and then take them out. My only feedback would be that the instructions for removing the end post and anchoring the panel are pictures only, so you kind of have to mess with it to figure out how it works.

Graciela Dunn, TX

Desired more room

We bought these 2 extension panels to go with our superyard wood gate about a year ago. We desired more room than what the superyard offered.

Betsy Parker, AZ