North States Superyard 3 in 1 Wood Gate

North States Superyard 3 in 1 Wood Gate

North States Superyard 3 in 1 Wood Gate from North States

Main features

  • Versatile, six-panel enclosure can act as a portable play yard, a gate or a barrier
  • As a play yard, it encloses up to 10 square feet and is 30 inches high
  • Can be hardware mounted as an extra-wide barrier in your home or a gate, blocking off fireplaces, displays, etc
  • Swing walk-thru panel is built with a child-proof double-locking system allowing easy access
  • ‘Two-panel extension increases the play area up to 19 square feet (available separately). Unlimited extensions may be used.
  • Comes with a metal frame worked gate panel for rigidity and safe locking

Verified reviews


Looks and works well but disappointed in installation options

The only problem with this product is that you don’t have a lot of control over how many panels you want to use. We wanted to remove just one panel to create a wall across an alcove off our kitchen. But only certain panels work with the mounting hardware – the minimum number we could remove was two panels, which would have been way too short. As a result, we had to zig-zag the fence in order to install it for our space. This works OK, and now that my daughter is cruising on it, it gives her a more interesting “course” to navigate. However, it has a lot of give in that it slides a bit when my daughter pulls up on it. Also be aware that there are plastic pieces that sit under the frame of the gate, and these pieces managed to rub the varnish off our hardwood floor.

Mollie Chestertown, MD

great for walling off a fireplace hearth

We were looking for something to wall off a large (78″ wide) brick fireplace with a stone hearth that extends 18″ into our living room. This works perfectly for us. We attached one side of the gate to one end of the fireplace, and then ran it all the way across to our wall, which happens to serve a dual purpose in walling off our adjoining tv/entertainment cabinets. I set it up right out of the box – it’s super easy to use – just unfold it and “lock” the panels into place by twisting those black plastic things you see in the photo. It made it sturdy enough to leave it standing (in a u-shape) until my husband found the time to mount it to the wall a few days later. I could pull on it without it tipping over, but it’s obviously not a long term solution to leave it unmounted. The wood is a honey color. It’s darker than our natural maple cabinets, but blends in closely enough. Given that it’s in our living room where we spend a lot of time, it’s nice to have something that isn’t black or white or plastic stretching the length of our wall. We didn’t need to buy the expansion pack. It was hard to figure out how to order – but if you take in to account that each of the 6 panels is 24″ wide, you should be able to determine if you need the extra panels or if the 6 that it comes with work for you (144″). I haven’t used the gate feature on this yard. We just step over it. My husband easily installed the mounting hardware – it was very straightforward.

Rosemarie Concordia, KS

classy play area/toy container

We bought 2 of these as another reviewer had done with pictures, and they look great with our hardwood floors.The gates are easy to operate. Set up was simple, as it is mostly assembled. We don’t often lock our child in or out of the pen, and he notices when we do. It does keep our 15 month old safe while parents take showers, and it is a place to put all those toys scattered on the floor it is sturdy even with 2 joined together. The foam flooring we bought at S club is barley wide enough, but works well. Overall we are well pleased with this purchase and have purchased other gaits from this manfacturer

Lorene Pettigrew, AR

Great for our needs and home

I really appreciate the informative reviews of this superyard and of the other cheaper options out there because it helped me make the right purchase. This superyard was easy to assemble, I did it by myself. It’s sturdy and it’s attractive. I bought the superyard plus extension which makes a nice size rectangle shaped play area. I did not want to take up any more room in the living room than this gives with just the one extension so it’s perfect for us. I do not have a problem with operating the lock on the gate even with one hand as I hold the baby, but I have dexterous fingers so perhaps that’s why. As for its looks, we have a historic house with original wood parquet floors throughout and lots of historic detail so we didn’t want something jarringly mismatched – the wood of this superyard matches the floor and looks great. One suggestion for the company, a medium or dark brown plastic on the joints would look much better than the black plastic and would be more harmonious in home interiors.

Cassie Crozet, VA

Great play yard

I have this gate with 2 of the 2 panel extensions set up in my dining room for my son. It is set on hardwood floors. The gate is very sturdy will not tip over easily and looks nice. I am not a fan of plastic. There is a door to the gate that has a spring to keep the gate closed, to keep the gate open you have to push it open more than halfway, and the locking mechanism is not one that a toddler would be able to open, It is very secure.

Sheryl Phillipsburg, MO

Perfect Play Area with Custom Sizing- Best Baby Purchase Ever

I spent 2 months looking for a play gate and passed over this one many times because I didn’t realize you could add as many extra panels as you need. We bought two sets to connect together, and they fit very nicely on top of our two side by side "Baby Care Play Mats." may even buy the expansion kit because we could cover the entire square footage of the mats with two more panels.Very sturdy, my 9 month old loves his new space…no more fencing him in with random household objects that topple. Two sets can comfortably hold two adults and two babies. The wood matches his crib and so many other items in the house….looks almost elegant. I am even considering another set for the living room because it looks that nice.

Abigail Ahoskie, NC

good gate

So far we haven’t had any issues with the gate. It works fairly well and we like it. It is easy to take apart and tighten. The actually door is hard to use and requires some strength. My wife just climbs over because its so hard to open the gate.

Daphne Mesilla, NM


This came fully assembled, ready to use. The finish was much nicer than I expected. The area it covers is quite large. We still need to move the gate to the middle, but that’s because this is sold to function as a pen (look at the pic on the box ) with flexible option. Measure to see if you really need the extra panels some people suggested. Save the boxes to cover glass doors on tv and china cabinets.The only thing I was marginally surprised about were some metal components. I thought it was all wood, but I probably just didn’t read carefully. Looks great with our hardwood floors.

Carol La Canada Flintridge, CA

good baby gate

the first superyard gate I had to return because after 3 months the button to open the gate door broke. It required an extremely hard push down to open the gate. I got a replacement from amazon and so far the button is still working great.Otherwise, the quality of the gate is good. its fairly heavy and very sturdy.

Vicky Wykoff, MN

Looks nice when joining multiple panels

I posted a photo to the customer image gallery so you can see what it looks like with two of these products joined together. It’s possible to make this as large as you like – it can cover the entire house if you buy enough of them. When you join the panels there is no obvious "seam" where the join catches anyone’s attention, it all flows together as one unit. Simply turn the vertical rod to unscrew, pull it out, and join it with a common vertical rod. This cage blends nicely with the room décor. This is now one of our favorite baby products!

Tammie Johnson, AR

The best.

Love, Love, Love. Children cannot climb out. I added 3 extensions, it is sturdy, tall and handsome. I originally bought the plastic one, but got rid of that after one month.

Vanessa Chelan, WA

Just what we needed

I got this gate because I wasn’t comfortable with a metal gate (I thought it might have sharp edges or be too heavy) and I thought plastic would be too flimsy. I was also happy with the vertical slats – some of the other gates had honeycomb-looking holes that reviewers said were perfect for climbing. The entry/exit door is easy to use and the gate is tall enough that my one-year-olds can’t get out. They are unhappy about being "jailed," but oh well.When this gate arrived, it was nearly assembled already. I unfolded it and removed one piece so that I could attached two of the ends together to make a hexagon. I did end up ordering the extender panels for more space, because we have twins. You can also attached it to the wall like a fence or a gate, and it came with the hardware to do that.One con: I really like putting together furniture (like the adult version of a puzzle). However, for this gate, the instructions on how to remove and add pieces were really hard to decipher. I played with it a while until I figured it out.

Billie Blaine, OH

too small to enclose but used to block section of room

When put into enclosed form (including with additional 2 panel attachment for a octagon), the area it encloses is too small for our 10 month old. We do find it useful, however, to partition off part of the room when we have a fire in the fireplace. By not being latch together, it is moveable by our (now 1yr old) child, but works well as long as someone is in the room with him at all times. It keeps him far enough away from the fire and slows him down so that one of us can scoop him up if he is trying to move it. The wooden bars look decent (better than plastic).My recommendation is that if you want to use it to encircle a space, buy 2 of them to attach together. Even the additional 2 panel sections that you can buy separately do not make it big enough for a toddler.

Bernadette Carmichaels, PA

Super great baby gate

Very nice looking. The best looking baby gate I have found. It is super sturdy and configures in all these different ways.I bought tow sets to turn my living room into a giant baby jail. It’s awesome!

Aileen Okeechobee, FL

Works for our situation

We used this in front of our stairs (both going up and down) as we couldn’t find baby gates that would fit.We are very happy with our purchase as we were able to angle the gate so we can travel from upstairs to downstairs without having to open two seperate gates.

Elisabeth Green Forest, AR

looks great and works well

well built and looks really nice. We have it straight across our room attached to the wall on each side. we didn’t use all the panels so we had to make some adjustments to the black attachment pieces by swapping them around so it would attach to the wall, but it worked out!

Lola Fulton, KY

great for stairs

This is great for our stairs because the opening at the bottom of the stairs is quite large. This gate is a great way to keep our baby off the steep wooden stairs.

Ginger Glenwood, MD


We purchased this, and the two panel extension, to use as a play pen for our daughter in the living room. It matches well with our other decor and is sturdy! We use it in a square configuration, and when not in use it folds nicely to make two small squares and then easily expands again when needed. I would definitely recommend this to parents looking for an alternative to the honeycomb, plastic gates! We. Love. It!

Kelley Toluca, IL

Great Gate with Many Configurations

We use this gate across our living room and attached it to two walls. It is sturdy and keeps our 2 year old from escaping…for now…My only complaint would be that the gate part is a little difficult to open. Once you get used to it, it’s ok, but requires substantial finger strength to depress button to unlock.You can tighten or loosen sections of the gates to allow for flexibility, which is a nice feature I think.

Cherry Oreana, IL

Great looking and works great

This is a great gate and so much better than white metal. The wood is a nice oak finish and matches our wood furniture perfectly. Once we figured out how to get the interlocking bars out it was very easy to assemble and makes a great wall around our bookshelves and we got another for our fireplace. It seems very sturdy and our baby likes to use the rails to walk around.

Adriana Center Cross, VA

looks good, sturdy

We got this to use as a guard in front of our gas fireplace, and have been very pleased with it. We only needed 4 panels, and agree (as others have noted) that using any more panels in a linear way would make it pretty wobbly if not secured/reinforced in some creative way. Our 18-month-old will stand and shake the gate, but hasn’t broken through yet (very active), can’t climb it (as others have noted with the criss-cross design of other gates), plus it actually looks nice (not really cheaply made).

Adeline Augusta Springs, VA

It works

We bought this for when my son started crawling a year later and it is still in good condition. There was a couple of dents in the wood when we got it, but nothing that worried us. I mean we were buying it for a child’s play area so a couple of dents isn’t anything. It has been about a year and it has held up well. We did buy the 2 panel extension set, after this arrived because in the hexagon shape it just didn’t seem like enough room for our son. With the extra panels there is plenty of room. Now that my son is 17 months though we may have to mount it to the wall, he has no problem pushing it around our floor.

Debora Chandler, MN

Very Nice Gate

The construction is solid and the style is above average. The color is somewhat of a warm oak, but it certainly is not dark. The gate is a little pricey, so I hope to be able to find a use once the baby does not require it. It is nice that 2 piece extensions can be purchased too.

Susanna North Chatham, NY

Wonderful for babies

I looked at so many playards for my little one. I almost bought one of the plastic playards with toys and music until my husband noticed in the photos that there were places that could act as little footholds for a curious climbing baby. And I also read reviews to that effect–that their little one were able to climb over their playpens. With that in mind, this is the only playard I found that was truly baby proof. They also make this same playard in metal for a little cheaper. We went for the wood because we thought it would be more forgiving should our daughter fall into it while playing. Here are the pros and cons:Pros:1.STURDY2. very well-made and nice smooth wood. very much like her crib.3. it is extra tall so when she is standing she has to reach over her head to touch the top railing which is wonderful! most playards and her crib included–she is a head taller than the top which always worries me that she is going to climb over the top4. VERTICAL BARS — theres no place for her to get a foothold to climb out5. You do not have to put it in a circle formation–you can attach it to walls. You can also get 2 panel extenders for $50.6. Arrives assembled7. You can take panels off if you need to shorten itCons1. Gate is cumbersome but not terribly–def not a deterrent from buying.2. If you plan to do the circle formation, you many need to buy the extenders because otherwise it could be a little small–maybe not much bigger than a pack n playAll in all, this was worth every penny. Definitely spend a little more and get something that will last and keep baby safe. The fact that it’s extra tall, sturdy, and that my daughter is unable to get out or hurt herself on this playard is well worth it. Just like with cribs, children have been seriously injured with faulty playards so finding a good one is important.UPDATE:My child is turning out to be quite the climber–but cannot get over this gate so the extra height and vertical bars are a great feature and I’m so glad to have chosen this product. Also, the cumbersome gate is also great because my little one cannot figure out how to get it open–so what I thought was a con is actually a pro!

Saundra Golconda, NV

Enormous, sturdy, and attractive

This is a really versatile gate. We baby-proofed most of the house, and use this to fence off the cat litter box and feeding area. The cats like having their "room" and the kid can’t get near cat litter. It’s very sturdy and the attachment mechanism was easy. The door latch is a bit hard to use, but we don’t actually use it, so that doesn’t matter to me.I’ve never seen a baby gate I liked the looks of as much as this one.

Ashley Broseley, MO

nice color and quality

we liked this color and material to match our wood floors. looks sophisticated and sturdy. The LO doesn’t love being inside but that’s cause he wants to be roaming. It’s very sturdy and safe. we got the extension.

Doris Charlotte Hall, MD

bought it for the wood

wood gates are perfect to ensure less plastic around kids. It’s been perfect. It’s solid wood, so no off gassing from chemicals. We bought two and put them together to give more play room for the kids. As they get older, we’re planning to add a third gate. Gives the little ones more room to play in without getting fussy and allows us to tend to other matters without worrying with trouble they’ll get into when we’re not looking!

Dionne Emmons, MN

Classes up the joint

I got this gate to block off an unusual area in my living room – it keeps my son from getting to the stairs AND the front door which saves us time and effort going through multiple gate doors. This gate looks really nice – much nicer than I expected and looks like I hired a carpenter to custom-design it. Installation was easy, although the instructions aren’t very good – I ended up unscrewing a lot of the ends and re-screwing them on before I finally saw a tiny arrow on the joints that would have saved me a lot of time and effort. So far it’s held up well to a 2 year old toddler climbing all over it during a party and my cats jumping all over it, even though it’s stretched as far as it can go. The color is great – dark enough and light enough that it doesn’t clash with any of the other wood tones in the house, no matter how light or dark they are.The one downside is the opening mechanism – You have to push down REALLY HARD, which is tough for people with wrist problems, carpal tunnel, mommy thumb, arthritis, etc. (Pretty much almost everyone) and you have to pull up on the gate, so unless you have very strong hands, it requires two hands to open the gate. I wish this one latch would get re-designed, then it’d be the PERFECT gate. Otherwise, it’s completely worth the cost and effort to install it.

Earnestine Towanda, KS

Great Product

So I debated on this item because of the cost.So factors that made me buy it:Good reviewsvertical rails-harder to climbWood rails- softer than metalheightCons-CostBuying extensionSo what did I receive for my money, first impressions are quality. Product was well packaged and seemed to hold up well during transit. Product feels very solid but yet because it is wood I feel it is lighter than metal play yards. So one big thing to note is I also purchased the extension kit which is only two panels, but pretty much doubles the area goes from 10sq to 19sq. playard with extensions is five foot across. More expensive than some but I wanted the quality and safety. The wood looks nice also but I cared more about safety and functionality of the product. Worth the cost, I would recommend it.

Kaitlin Happy, KY