North States Superyard Colorplay Ultimate Playard

North States Superyard Colorplay Ultimate Playard

North States Superyard Colorplay Ultimate Playard, Multi Color from North States

Main features

  • Easy access door offers one hand operation and dual lock for safety
  • Comes with six removable and adjustable panels; encloses up to 18.5 square feet and is 26″ high
  • Optional two panel extension available
  • Works on any surface both indoors and outside; Will not scratch
  • No assembly just click panels into place
  • Easy access door offers one hand operation and dual lock for safety
  • Comes with six removable and adjustable panels; encloses up to 18.5 square feet and is 26″ high
  • Optional two panel extension available and will increase the size from 18.5 square feet to 34 square feet; Maximum of 8 total panels can be used
  • Works on any surface both indoors and outside; Will not scratch
  • No assembly just click panels into place

Verified reviews


Flimsy rubbish

This product is so flimsy with the 2 piece extension that my husband is joking that it wouldn’t keep a gerbil in. Really regretting purchase and will have to get something else as I don’t even want to put my child in this. Only reason it gets 2 stars is that it was fairly easy to put together. Panels shake, gate drags on ground. Would not recommend!

Clarice Tolu, KY

Great Gate System that is compatible with North States other Superyard products! Expandable to any size!

I have included my review of practically the same product but without the gate (North States Superyard Classic Play Yard, Ivory).Here is the pasted review below:We own this superyard as well as the compatible system that includes the gate (superyard ultimate vs superyard classic). As long as its a North States superyard plastic product (they also make a metal fencing system), it is compatible and can be made as large and small as one’s own needs. We use this fence to block off our kitchen from the home, which is not fully connected but as a "fence" (where both ends are not connected) with 5 gates to fully block off our kitchen area and since it comes with rubber pads and the pivot has about 300 degrees of rotational freedom, you can have it free standing without have it connected as a circular shape. Another use we have it to block off 2 sides around the treadmill so that we can run while our child can get close enough not to endanger themselves. A nice part of this company, is that if you ever break a part, they do have a parts catalog, where you can purchase pretty much all the parts that may break even though this product is super durable (e.g. like if you need another gate or need rubber pads they sell them).Overall, this is not cheap, but if you need a yard or a fence, this is a great kit and you can make it any size you want!

Lynn Doland, SD

Great Purchase!

We love, love, love this play yard! Our twins were going in every direction at once and my son had developed an affinity for chewing on cords, so something had to be done quickly to insure their safety. This play yard, even without the additional expansion pieces, is really large…plenty big enough for both of my babies and their toys. They love to play in there and I love knowing that they are contained when they need to be (when I need to run to the restroom, etc.). The ONLY thing about this play yard that I don’t 100% love is the gate. It’s a little hard to latch and I feel that the mechanism for the latch could be a little easier to secure. It’s hard to latch sometimes, especially when carrying a baby. However, I have a bad knee, so having the gate is still a better option than having to step over. 🙂

Kathleen Jefferson Valley, NY

Worth the money.

You get what you pay for with this play yard. We already had two, so we knew their limits. They are flimsy, and easy for a child to try and push over – IF – it is not constructed in the hexagon shape the manufacturers suggest. We have twins, so we bought two and put it in a giant rectangle (so yes, it’s not the way it’s supposed to be) They push on it, but the foam pieces on bottom prevent it from sliding. They have yet to climb over it, or knock it over completely. We added the gate feature when they got older and we reconfigured the panels to enclose our living room (more like baby gates, then a play yard). It’s not the best, but it’s doing the job. I wish we could have afforded the metal ones, but we wanted to add to our previous North States play yard instead of purchasing all new.

Ofelia Beaverdale, PA

As others said, gate is a challenge

I still love this product though and it wouldn’t stop me from getting it again. Easy to open with one hand but definitely hard to close with one hand. Depending on age of your kid, can just put them down and quickly close it though. I love the super yard and this is the second one I purchased. First was without the gate. Something I didn’t realize, is part of the frame sits at the bottom of the opening of the gate. It’s a trip hazard for new walkers if the gate is open. So I couldn’t actually use it in the location I planned to but I still think its worthwhile and I’m glad we got it.

Kerry Cade, LA

Would not purchase again

We have been using this play yard to keep our toddler off of the stairs. It worked fairly well before she became extremely mobile but it has grown less and less effective over the months we’ve had it. The panels are so light that they are easily lifted by a little one (my daughter is a small 15 month-old) so we have had to bungee cord the panels to the stair railings on either side so that she doesn’t just move the gate out of her way. Even with the bungee cords, she has now figured out how to move the panels just enough to squeeze by and get up the stairs. My husband and I have always strongly disliked the gate on this play yard but now hate it after months of use. The gate requires you to lift up and out in order to open it but the entire panel is so light that instead of releasing, the entire gate panel simply lifts off of the ground and doesn’t open. We have found that you have to step on the corner of the panel to hold it down while lifting up and out on the gate. It’s ridiculous and a constant source of frustration. I don’t know if there is anything better out there but we certainly wouldn’t purchase this again.

Beulah Coeur D Alene, ID

just what we needed!

We already use a couple of standard playards, so I was excited to try this one with the door in our kitchen. We’re using it to keep a section of the room off limits, and it’s wonderful to have the option of the open door when our toddler is otherwise occupied. Our playard extension pieces work with it too–so versatile!

Elisha Huron, TN

It’s ok-serves the purpose

This play yard is ok overall. I read many reviews, and this one seemed to get the best, but I’m having a few issues with it. It is VERY hard and stiff to unfold and get into the hexagon shape, and it seems a little flimsier than I expected. The door is hard to close properly, and it seems a little shaky as well. It is definitely the type of play yard that one needs to set up and leave, as it is hard to set up and take down quickly. Maybe I’ll get more used to it, and it’s possible that all plastic play yards are like this, but overall, I might look elsewhere, if I were you-especially for such a high price! A friend of mine has a metal one that seems easier to set up.

Alexis Suitland, MD

great item

I gave the play yard as a gift and the recipient is very pleased.

Deborah Ina, IL

video is misleading

I had been hunting for something like this superyard for several months (since my LO started really crawling). I even went to North States and watched their overview of the product on their site before ordering on amazon to make sure it was the right thing I was looking for. This does NOT fold open or closed as easily of fluidly like they show in the video, and the door always gives me a hard time. Maybe its just me…

Emma Eureka, MI

Door panel flops around, is hard to close

This play yard does its job and is not to hideous, but I hate how the door hangs all floppy and lopsided, and how it doesn’t close automatically. I do like that you can add on. We use 2 full sets around a 4 x 4 grid of 24" foam blocks and it’s a perfect, large playyard with a ton of room.I am very glad I splurged for the nice wooden North States play yard instead for our bedroom, though. It’s much more attractive, taller, and much sturdier, with an auto-latching door.

Elvia Talmage, PA

This thing is awesome

I bought this and the extra extension to help contain my son as he gets increasingly mobile. Love this thing. Provides a large enough area so that he can move around and hold many of his toys, but keeps him away from stairs, outlets, cords, the dog, etc.. Before purchasing I read reviews and was concerned that this was flimsy, but based on my own experience, I think it’s just fine. If you have two segments going in a straight line it will wobble a bit, but if you just put a small angle at the joints it’s pretty solid. I also heard about kids being able to climb over this due to the diamond shaped fencing, but since my son can barely stand up, that hasn’t been a problem yet (probably will be, but if this works for just a few more months it will have been well worth the price). The door works, but is pretty useless, much easier to just step over the entire gate.Overall it’s a reasonably priced solution to help keep younger children safe, keep toys confined to a single area, and help parents get a few quick chores done during the day. As a bonus, it keeps the dog away from the couch on the occasional occurrence that we eat dinner in front of the tv.

Jenny Jackson, SC

Good buy

I spent a LOT of time researching play yards and finally went with this one. And I think it was a good decision.Good:
• No cross-bars baby can climb
• Door for my petite wife to be able to get in
• White — wife refused to have primary colors in the living room
• Height
• Good stability
• Light-weight for storage
• Expandability — we added the two-panel expansion and it’s the perfect size for our room, and even one parent.
• Baby likes to lick it, so it must taste goodBad:
• Takes a LOT of muscle to open and close. We’d hoped it would be a quicker, easier on-the-fly assembly. My wife can’t do it.
• Loud when open and close
• Stable, but panels could be more rigid
• No barbed-wire or electric voltage option

Josefa Osceola, PA

Good play yard for our dogs

I wrote the full review for the Play Yard Two Panel Extension; you can read that for details. Bottom line: We are very satisfied with the Play Yard and the extension panels for keeping our two small dogs unleashed in the yard.

Janell Rainier, OR

Recommend buying two of these

We bought two of these play yards. My sister bought this and she recommended it to me. She was right to buy two – one is too small!!Our little playpen for our daughter works perfectly. It keeps her in a large enough space to play, keeps her safe, and most importantly, it allows her parents to work on other things. Since we know where she is, it allows us more free time to do other things (dishes, cleaning, etc…).This play yard is very durable, easy to assemble, and very safe.Note: if you buy two, it is easy to connect the two – no tools. You just click the open ends against each other…

Thelma Poplar Ridge, NY

Good product, poor door

This gate is really useful but the door on it is hard to use. The door gets stuck easily, we ended up not using it but rather lifting our son the gate. The same manufacturer makes other gates that don’t have the door that I have found easier to use.

Krista Courtland, CA


Hard to set up if you don’t have much upper body strength. You have to click the panels into place and connecting the gate is a pain. If set up in a square or rectangle shape it is very flimsy, not sturdy enough to let babies lean on while standing. I don’t have the space to set it up in an octagonal shape, but maybe it’s not so bad that way. The panels on the yard I received are sort of warped in the middle of each panel, like the courier set something heavy on them, but this is just cosmetic. I purchased an extension with mine, but the extension made it even more flimsy. The gate is awkward to open and again FLIMSY. I wish I had just paid the extra money for the metal gates instead. I wouldn’t recommend this product. :-/

Rosie Petrey, AL

Great, very versatile baby gate!

We bought this baby gate because we needed something flexible we could use to block our stairs. Our stairs have a landing with 3 steps that are very hard to block off with a regular gate. A regular gate would have worked at the top of the landing, but would not have kep our baby from trying to climb the steps on the landing. We like this gate very much because it can be moved around to block off our entire entryway (which is where our stairs are located) or just fixed around the stairs, depending on what is going on at the house. This gates folds up nice to be set up against the wall in our living room when not in use.In addition to being very useful al home, we took this gate with us to my in-laws house at Christmas to set up around the tree so our daughter would not get into the breakable ornaments or Christmas presents. It was very easy to bring with us an set up at their house beuase it does not require any installation or assembly. Highly recommend!

Allene Morattico, VA

Great for pets or kids

Stores away when not in use and easy to bring out and set up. Love the gate opening makes it real easy and accessible.

Louise Van Buren, OH


I had another superyard and grew tired of stepping over it. I was also concerned when Grandma and Grandpa would come by and attempt to shakily step over it without help. This was much needed and a great addition to our childproofing.I do not use it as a hexagon. I use this to keep our kids out of the kitchen. The door connects in three places. There’s your regular latch that you see in every door, there’s a hook that fits through a hole and rests over the inside like a hanger in your closet, and there’s the bottom, which fits on the bottom bar like train wheels on a track. I’m able to do it one handed when I’m not rushing.The gate is sturdy and we’re happy!

Renee Elkton, OH