North States Superyard Play Yard, Grey, 6 Panel

North States Superyard Play Yard, Grey, 6 Panel

North States Industries Superyard Classic Gate North States Industries Superyard XT Gate creates a safe play area for kids. It’s useful for both indoor and outdoor use, being made of durable and weather-resistant plastic. Lightweight and multipurpose, its interlocking panels can be configured into a variety of shapes to fit different spaces. Why You’ll Love It: It lets kids play freely inside a safe, enclosed area. Features Stands freely Nonslip and can be used on any surface without leaving a scratch Durable and weather-resistant Easy to open and close Good for pets too Plastic 26″ high, convenient carrying strap included 6 panels, hexagonal shape, offers 18.5 square feet of play area Can be set up in seconds and used indoors or outdoors Lightweight and portable Includes Carry strap Instructions

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • 26″ high, convenient carrying strap included
  • 6 panels, hexagonal shape, offers 18.5 square feet of play area
  • Can be set up in seconds and used indoors or outdoors
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Packaging may vary, item will be shipped in either of the following packaging: Color carton (Model number: 8666) and Brown carton (Model number 8669)

Verified reviews


This has been wonderful

When our 2nd kiddo started getting mobile, I knew it was time to kid-proof the great room. Problem is, our great room is just that – great, as in large. The doorways are wide, the floor space is large, and our very curious 9-month-old was eager to explore every nook and cranny. Our older daughter wasn’t quite as curious at this stage, plus we were living in a different house at that time, so we were faced with a new challenge of creating a safe play area for the baby.One day I had the idea of getting a play yard for the great room, instead of covering/blocking every single potential “hazard” (the entertainment cabinet, the CD tower, etc.). I ventured to Babies R Us and found this play yard and the extension kit (2 extra panels) and bought it. I set it up at home and have been happy with it ever since.For awhile, I used it in its totally enclosed state, but the baby didn’t like being separated from the rest of us. I tinkered with it and came up with a way to keep her out of trouble, while still allowing her access to us – right now, it’s in a large arc shape with one end butting up against the couch, the other end butting up against a chair. She has plenty of room to play (I keep her toys in there with her) but she can’t get out or get to any “dangerous” stuff in the great room.As for looks, yeah, our great room isn’t company-ready right now. But we have a 4 year old and a 10-month-old in the house, so the house isn’t pristine anyway (my house is CLEAN, just not always NEAT…ha ha). I figure it’s temporary, until she’s old enough to know to not touch certain things. Besides, we don’t have company, except for family, so the unattractive-ness of the play yard isn’t an issue here. Even so, I’d gladly overlook the ugliness of it just for the convenience and benefits it provides.When the time comes that we no longer have to use this for the kiddo, I’ll probably hang onto it, either to offer up to friends/relatives someday, or to keep as a puppy play yard for the future.

Sharlene Skyland, NC

For what it is, it’s good.

I bought this as a playpen substitute. It’s as advertised, so I don’t have any complaint about the quality, but up close it looks even cheaper than it does in the photo. The person who said it looks like a dog kennel nailed it. So if you’re looking for something that will go well with the decor in your living room, don’t bother with this.The way it looks doesn’t bother me that much; what does bother me is that my son, by the age of 12 months, had learned how to push this thing around. It doesn’t anchor to anything, so he started to shove it all over the living room, making it tip and generally creating chaos. My solution was to attach those removable non-marring 3M “Command” hooks to the wall and tie coated wire around them, then lash that wire to the play yard. It doesn’t look beautiful, that’s for sure, but it works; the play yard doesn’t budge any more. If your little one is walking, you too will have to jury-rig a solution to their tendency to push the yard around and even lift it if they’re strong enough.I also recommend you get those colorful interlocking foam tiles to put under the play yard; it makes the play area a bit safer. Amazon sells the “Edushape” brand, but you can get various brands just about anywhere.All in all, it’s not an elegant solution, but weary parents who need a break will love it with all its flaws.

Katy Mayview, MO

A lifesaver for a mom of twins, with some do-it-yourself fixes

With two babies learning to crawl and going every which way, I needed a solution, pronto! The Superyard XT was a lifesaver. Although it’s not perfect, we found solutions to make it work for our twins.Pros:
• Huge area for two babies plus an adult – We have the regular 6-sided superyard with one extension (2 panels), to make it eight sides. The dimensions are 80″ x 80″ if you use it as an octagon.
• Toy stations can be set up on each corner and toys attached to the sides, including any that would work on a crib. Rotate them frequently to keep your child interested
• ATiny Love Classic Mobileworks great with the Superyard as it’s huge, safe to use until they are standing.
• It’s big enough to give freedom to your child but small enough to fit in your home.
• 35″ wide x 26″ inch high panels are easy for an adult to step over. I wouldn’t recommend it for a pregnant mom however.
• Easy to clean – can be use indoors or outdoors
• Adaptable panels are great for childproofing – we’ve used panels to keep kids away from windows and from large TVs, wedging ends between heavy furniture and securing them firmly.
• Extremely durable – we’ve had this for three years, used it for many playgroups, and several families have borrowed and used it. It still looks new.Cons:
• It would be ideal if it had a child-proof gate – the sides are very hard to open and the playard becomes very unsteady once you do this.
• Your child will be able to slide it around if it’s not secured. We bought inexpensive interlockable foam pads from BJs, placed the superyard over them, marked along the inside and cut them to size. It won’t budge like this. For ease in reassembling later, mark the tiles from left to right and from top to bottom in order as it will be like a jigsaw if you take the tiles apart.
• To keep your child from pulling the foam tiles apart, place a large quilt over the foam mat, tuck the ends under and you’re set to go. Amazon sells many inexpensive microsuede machine washable ones – make sure is more than 80″ wide.
• Toddlers may be able to climb out if they’re barefoot or wearing socks. Putting shoes on them solves the problem.
• This is hardly portable, no matter what it says. Once set up, it’s there to stay. With eight sides, it’s on the heavy side.Look under product images or my profile, I have lots of pictures posted of how you can adapt the Superyard, cut the foam tiles, make lots of play stations inside it and turn your living room into your very own preschool. Just kidding, sort of.

Kathi Lynwood, CA

NOT 34.4 sq. ft., actual dimensions 29.9 sq. ft.

This item is not 34.4 sq. ft. as advertised. Upon noticing the significant size difference between this play yard and our 32 sq. ft. play mat, we took measurements. This item is actually 29.9 sq. ft. and incorrectly advertised. Have scheduled a pickup for return.

Faith Gilberton, PA

You Will NEVER REGRET Buying This!

We bought this play yard–and the two-panel extension kit–in 2010. We are still using it in 2012! Mind you, we only used it once as a “play yard” for our twin toddlers. It isn’t big enough for them outside, and as soon as the novelty wore off all I got was whining. Moreover, had we tried it again I’m sure they would have figured out in minutes how to just pick the thing up and crawl under.What we used it for is babyproofing, in about a thousand different configurations. We originally divided our open kitchen/dining room in half, which allowed us to totally block off the front half of the house from the kids. Then, when we opened up this part of the house, we used it to block off certain areas (kitty litter/cat food area, trash can/broom area, treadmill area). We also took four of the panels with us on vacation–used two to block the TV and the other two to seal off the deck steps. We’ve taken a panel to my mother-in-law’s house to tie it to her stair banisters. And we’ve used two panels to seal off the steps for our own deck, making an outdoor playpen out of the deck all of last summer.I highly recommend buying several sets of theKwiktwist Giant Twist Tie 2-Pack- Redso you can attach these to table legs, banisters, or any other furniture. (We’ve even put a few screws in the walls and tied them in place. You can also of course use any other type of tie-line or fabric to tie these in place.)I can’t imagine anyone–except maybe a family with a completely uninquisitive, mellow, obedient child (does such a thing exist?)–being sorry they made this purchase.

Terry Shelbyville, TN

Serves purpose but without class

First of all, and the greatest problem, my son freaked out when I put him inside of this. He cried and hung on the side the whole time until I “freed” him. It does work and is a good size, but it is so cold, utilitarian, and almost ugly in it’s bare functionality. It is an eye sore in the living room. It is really better suited for a pet than a baby or toddler. I haven’t used it again after the first time.

Lucy Monroeville, NJ

Not quite

Great product…BUT my son cries when I put him in it. Even with tons of toys! I guess he just doesn’t like being trapped. Nonetheless, it will be perfect for protecting the Christmas tree from him, so it’s not a total loss! The product itself is sturdy and well made, it just makes my son sad to be in it.

Aileen Normangee, TX

Great Playyard

This playyard was a great investment for us. I do not understand how a one year old was moving it around… Our kid never cried in it and she loved pulling up on it and cruising. Do not listen to the negative reviewers, sounds like nothing will ever please them!

Robyn Harcourt, IA

A lot of people can’t read instructions

I can’t count how many customer submitted photos of this item showing it being used incorrectly. The instructions CLEARLY state NOT to place this in ANY configuration that allows two panels to form a STRAIGHT wall. In other words, you can make a HEXAGON. You can also make a very small square with only one panel on each side. According to the manufacturers recommendations, it is not SAFE to use it as a large rectangle, as SO MANY people have shown in their photos. It was THIS configuration I had planned to use. If you’re going to submit something that violates the recommendations, you should at least say so. Maybe you are fine with it, and feel comfortable with it, but, some of us like to know how the item was designed to be used. I think Amazon, or the manufacturer, should update this page to include that it is NOT recommended to form a rectangle that allows to panels to form a straight wall. Beside that fact, I am just okay with the play yard. It’s somewhat hard to open a gate, so I don’t bother, and it feels somewhat flimsy. It does the job however and the price is right, which is why I gave it 3 stars. If I had known that I was not supposed to form anything other than a hexagon, I might not have purchased it, and it seems too large to return. Also, I’m pretty sure that once my girl is able to pull up and stand, she’s going to have no problem moving this across our wood floors. It might work better if you have carpet.

Deena Tuppers Plains, OH

Very very useful!!!

Happy i bought this play yard. It came on time and was well packed. It was easy to put up and its easy to move around the house. It kep my baby safe while payhing around when she started crawling and it saved me and her nanny time and energy of running around after her. Good invention, will reconmmend to all mums!!

Caryn Dawson, NE

Great Play Yard!

This Play Yard is exactly what I was looking for to cordon off a large portion of a room as a play area for our crawling 7mo. It’s sturdy and colorful. It’s much larger than I anticipated, I ordered the extension with it and didn’t end up needing it, but it’s really the perfect size for a spoiled little rug rat.

Harriet Sunset Beach, NC

Great Baby Tool

We lovingly call this the baby cage – since our 9 month old has become an active little monster! This is a nice looking, sturdy and easily set up and moved answer to containing active babies – we actually use it to block the entertainment center and other areas we would like him to stay away from – and it does a great job! We bought two of these and are excited to use them in the yard this summer. We shopped around alot for these and are glad we picked this set!

Cecelia Gray Hawk, KY

sanity saver!

hahaha! I have cracked up reading some of the reviews and even more so looking over the customer supplied photos! It is great to see that we are not the only family that goes to great lengths and comes up with clever ingenious designs to wrangle our little one! LOL!!!I got very tickled reading some of the reviews about this not coordinating with the living room decor, and some of the return comments about how no baby products are decor friendly. Well, they have made alot of advance in that area and some companies are offering more decor flattering products, but mostly, baby and toddler products are made to be kid friendly with bold colors and characters. I gave up that battle long ago. When having little ones, your home is never the same again! I have always been a fan of color, loving bold vibrant colors anyway, so I just decorate my home accordingly. With a whole home of bold colors, this play yard blends right in!More so then the colors, the space factor gets me. If you purchase one set of these, your little one will quickly outgrow the confined space and not want to be in it anymore. We have 2 of the 8 panel sets and 2 extension sets and have this in an L shaped pattern in our living area. I have found that if you give them a larger play area with room to roam and centrally locate it in a family friendly area where they don’t feel alienated, they love their play yard, its there own personal toy land!! Please note that the manufacturer does not recommend putting this many panels together, but we chose to do so because our play yard is in constant view. We have found though that it is just as strong when adding this many panels and haven’t had any problems with it coming apart.We were using the large foam square flooring tiles sold here on Amazon by We sell mats!, but have removed those as our little one takes them apart and pulls them up. It was turning into a constant battle of putting them back down several times a day. Since she is 17 months old and walking well now and we have bamboo flooring in the living room as appose to tile, stone etc. we have removed those to use for something else later, maybe her room when she out grows wanting to mess with them. But, if your tyke is younger and still crawling or you have one that doesn’t mess with them, then they are a great product and I highly recommend adding them to your play yard. adding bumper rails around the sides is a great addition also when they are younger. When they get older however, I would remove those as they will use them to try and climb up the sides, yep, been there too! LOL!!We were first using the other type of play yard, Also sold on Amazon by Friendly toys, its the one with the toys built into the panels and a door that opens. I purchased this set because it is very similar to the play yard set up I used with my 3 older children. Not being able to find that exact product, I ordered that one, thinking it was pretty much the same. Not so much. If you are considering purchasing that type or perhaps comparing the two, this one is superior by far. You can read my review listed under that item.Overall, this is a great play yard. I feel it is far superior to the other types available on the market now. After having issues and being unhappy with the other play yard, I searched long and hard and did comparisons before purchasing this one. This one offers everything. It is sturdy, well made, easy to assemble or disassemble, we are business owners and our company does work in 5 States, we have offices in 3 of those States currently, so we travel a good bit checking on things and the whole family goes. This play yard is a breeze to take apart and is very portable to take with us. Its a great investment, even having purchased 2 of the 8 panel sets and 2 extension sets it still cost under $300, a great price for the huge play space it gives my baby girl and we will get many years of use out of it. After she outgrows this we can still use it for our large extended family and friends whom visit and have children and can even use this for our 2 little chihuahuas.We have 2 homes and are currently staying in our lake home full time while having some remodeling done to our country home. After receiving this and using it, I am now purchasing 2 more sets and 2 more extension sets for our other home. I highly recommend this for anyone with tykes, much better in my opinion then the others available.UPDATE: In my review I mentioned that my daughter pulls up the foam mats, so we no longer use them. For anyone having this same problem, I wanted to add a solution that I just found for this. I purchased some memory foam rugs from here on Amazon that work wonderful! They are by Sleep innovations, I purchased 3 of the 4’X 5′ rugs and one 2’x 5′ runner to fill our play yard area. We have 2 of the 8 panel play yards and 2 extensions kits creating a huge play yard, you would need to calculate how many you would need to cover your size and shape play yard area. The rugs are offered in different sizes as well. Now, about these wonderful rugs… They are memory foam, so they are like a thick nice plush pile carpet on top and stepping on them is like heaven, much softer and thicker then the foam mats. The back is a non slip rubber that actually works, this also solves another problem, if you have hard floors and your little one is sliding the play yard across the floor, the rugs stop this by grabbing the floor and the rug edge catches the play yard not allowing it to slide. If they pick the play yard up over the rug, they can still slide it, but it stops the ability to just push it across the floor. These rugs are machine washable and have an antimicrobial treatment that fights odors and bacteria and are mold and mildew resistant. They are absolutely perfect for the play yard. I love them and highly recommend purchasing them for your play yard. Oh yeah, and they are available in a range of colors. I purchased the mocha brown, which is rich and lovely, to blend with our hard wood flooring, but all of color options are very nice looking.

Sallie Homer, IL

Works – but flimsy

I ordered this because it was a good price point and it does work. Our 9 mo old is safe, but when he pulls up on it, it does move, so we have to watch him carefully in this stage. The Ivory color is non-obtrusive. I would recommend it.

Helene Curryville, PA

Safety Hazard!!!

I bought this item about a month ago and really have loved i it. A nice spacious area for my 6 month old to play in safely….until I tried to fold it back down to travel for the holidays. The 8 panels are connected with joints. Unfortunately, in trying to fold the joints, the panels did not fold at the joints, instead the plastic seemed to just snap. This happened in 6 of the 8 panels. It produces sharp shards of plastic. Clearly not something that is safe for use around a child.I am disappointed because it was great having a large area for my daughter to play in. But, it certainly does not open up easily or fold down without issue.Back to looking for another safe play yard!!

Ramona Frisco, NC

My little mover is fine with this

My toddler is getting into everything. I put some toys in with him and I know he’s safe while I get ready for work. Nice space.

Dana Ripley, WV

Its ok for now

This was a little difficult for my husband and I to put together but we managed finally. We have a small living room and it takes up quite a chunk of space. Its great for putting all baby’s toys in one area. My problem is that my seven month old is now pulling herself up to stand and can push on the walls and move it on the wood floor. I’m pretty sure she will soon be able to move it a lot further across the room. The thick play mats underneath have helped keep it in one place for now at least. I would’ve liked to see some kind of door on it – a little hard on the back to reach in and get baby out if baby’s in the middle. Yes I realize I could step over it but I have short legs and definitely not as nimble as I used to be. Would also like it if it came in different colors so it didn’t look so much like a dog kennel.

Janelle Hannastown, PA

Super play yard

Its great that she has her own "safe zone" She can pull herself up by holding onto the fence and it doesn’t budge which is also comforting. The shape makes the play yard stable and again, its comforting to know she is safe.

Hallie Roscoe, MN

super flexible

We use it to pen around the sofa so it’s used as a three sided square. Even though it’s not anchored into the wall, still super sturdy and stands up to my 13 month old trying to climb out of it.

Ronda Emerson, GA

will NOT make a real octagon

it will NOT make a regular octagon, even if you have 8 panelsthe problem is, it only opens to certain angles, and 135 degrees is not one of themit only does 90, 120, and 150so you can have 8 sidesbut the angles will have to be half 120 and half 150 degreeswhich is more of a square, just with bent sidesnot a real regular stop-sign type octagon!@#$plus it;s a little flimsyand there is no way to have an easy open/close gate, you have to either step over it or take a side apart every time [very hard]also you may think you can have straight sided walls longer than 1 panelyou cannotinstructions say to have them all at angles – not straighttoo weak that wayso you cannot make a rectangle out of it, or a square with sides having 2 or more panels(also, when i bought it, the store guy said ”oh what kind of dogs do you have..?”hm)wle

Lindsay Lebanon, NE

Almost perfect

I bought this to set up a safe space in my office for my 8 monts old to play. Paired with a foam mat it’s a great area, good size for baby and for me. Good looking and easy to assemble (well, set up, it comes pre-assembled). My baby just started to crawl and the space is good enough for him to go around and have fun.The downside is that it’s very hard to open even for an adult, and since I’m only 5’5" it’s not ideal to go over it. If I were to buy this again I would go for the one with the door.I do have a complain though, and that’s the plastic quality. It seems very sturdy, but I already chiped a bit of the coupling by opening and closing the playpen. I started using another opening, but will monitor for chips or cracks. I will update this if I come across anything concerning safety wise.Overall I think this is a good product and would buy it again.

Eve Lacassine, LA

Not the prettiest, but holds up well

We have had our baby “fence” for a year now and it is still in brand new condition (even with a toddler trying to climb it and pull it down daily. We don’t use it as suggested- instead of caging our toddler in- we used it to wrap around our entertainment center to keep his hands away from the TV and the cords. We also have a split level house with older wrought iron fencing around the stairs and open living room. We had a very hard time finding anything to put on the iron bars (they were too far apart). We got plastic ties at Harbor Freight and attached them to this gate- it works fantastically.I would buy this product again in an instant- although a little pricey, it is worth it!

Maryellen Talmage, PA

This is super cool!!

We love this! It’s very easy to install, break down and strong. We took it camping and put down foam pad, little one had a blast. Our little one loves bitting it and pulling theirselves up on it! Wish it had a gate but we can buy that seperate. Highly recommended for your little one, husband or pet that you need to control.

Gayla Mendenhall, MS

Strong plastic, easy and fast storage

Use this everyday and love it! We don’t use it as a circle as it is shown. It stores accordion style and we use it to block of fireplace/entertainment center, or certain areas of room. Our house could probably use some serious improvements in child-proofing but this fence is fantastic for blocking off furniture etc.Again, rather than a circle we create walls accordion style which creates stability. Although, if you are planning to be able to leave the child unwatched while you step away I’d strongly recommend using the circle setup as it’ll be much more difficult to move or find an escape.Grates are smooth and about the size of a quarter so no danger of slicing tiny fingers or getting them stuck. Also, the hings are very sturdy. The panels lock into place at various angles and it takes some serious effort to adjust the angle so no child is going to be manipulating the shape. Huge plus!

Arlene Lovettsville, VA

Really great

I love this play yard. It;s really big and baby has lot of space to play and crawl. The play yard is very good quality and it’s very solid.

Sheena Edwardsport, IN

Perfect for Developing Infant in Home with No Carpet

We have all hard floors so we got this superyard plus 2 extension panels, put soft foam tiles down, covered the squares with a cloth to catch messes, and made a perfect crawling/cruising space for our 10-month-old. She loves it and there is plenty of space for us to get in with her and crawl around. It is huge!

Candy Gheens, LA

Extremely Versatile Fence System for Many Environments!

We own this superyard as well as the compatible system that includes the gate (superyard ultimate vs superyard classic). As long as its a North States superyard plastic product (they also make a metal fencing system), it is compatible and can be made as large and small as one’s own needs. We use this fence to block off our kitchen from the home, which is not fully connected but as a "fence" (where both ends are not connected) with 5 gates to fully block off our kitchen area and since it comes with rubber pads and the pivot has about 300 degrees of rotational freedom, you can have it free standing without have it connected as a circular shape. Another use we have it to block off 2 sides around the treadmill so that we can run while our child can get close enough not to endanger themselves. A nice part of this company, is that if you ever break a part, they do have a parts catalog, where you can purchase pretty much all the parts that may break even though this product is super durable (e.g. like if you need another gate or need rubber pads they sell them).Overall, this is not cheap, but if you need a yard or a fence, this is a great kit and you can make it any size you want!

Dianna Glendale, CA

Great playyard and great price

I would recomend this product as soon as your baby starts getting a bit mobile. for the price, this is a great deal! Also the extension kit is needed to make a nice size safe play area for a baby. So total get 10 panels!

Lorie Lanham, MD

Not super sturdy

These aren’t super sturdy but they do keep my 14-month old son corralled in the living room. We use it as a fence and prop chairs, etc up to keep him from pulling it down. I do think it comes down to how interesting of a room they are in, because, if I have enough fun stuff in the living room, my son doesn’t even attempt to pull on them.

Morgan Marthasville, MO

Love This!!!

We read the reviews and happend to find this along with the two exstentions at our local open box/overstock store unopend we paid about $25.00 for both! I bought a tadpole play mat for the bottom agian at a overstock store and he loves to roll around and play in it. these are sturdy and well worth the full price. only downside is it does not have a door. but the play yards with doors are not as sturdy so it’s give and take. The best part is i know he can’t get into anything so i can clean, and do the things i need to while he plays and explores saftly!

Carole Grand Lake, CO