North States Superyard Ultimate Playard 2 Panel Extension, Ivory

North States Superyard Ultimate Playard 2 Panel Extension, Ivory

North States Superyard Ultimate Playard 2 Panel Extension, Ivory from North States

Main features

  • Extension allows you to increase the Superyard from a 6-panel to an 8-panel play area
  • Additional two panels increase the size from 18.5 square feet to 34 square feet
  • Works with Superyard Ultimate

Verified reviews


Works great, very versatile

We have used this play yard, both with and without the two-panel extension, in a variety of configurations. Having the gate opening is very nice, so adults don’t have to take giant steps over the panels to gain access. And the gate holds up to my son’s leaning on it with all of his 25 lbs. (We have used just two panels to block off the cable boxes, DVD player, etc. that are on the lower shelf of the tv stand. And my son has been able to pull the panels down on top of him if they aren’t bent into enough of an angle–close to 90* is best in that situation.) I’ve also used three panels to block off a stairway where a more traditional baby gate wouldn’t fit. With the gate opening in the middle of the three panels, this fence worked very well and I was happy with the security it provided. Looks-wise, there are probably more aesthetically pleasing options out there. But I am happy with the neutral color of these panels and think they are of a good quality and sturdiness for their price point.

Frieda Columbus, MS

Great purchase

This is an extension for a six panel play yard that we love and have used for years. These two panels really do make a difference size wise and give a large area for a child/children to play. Below is my review for the main part of the play yard as well.As other reviewers mention, no it’s not beautiful. But I definitely did not buy it for it’s beauty. I bought it along with an extension set to have a safe area for our children to play. It’s much roomier than a playpen, but still can be folded up to be mobile if needed. It absolutely does get scooted all over our hardwood floor, but I’m ok with that. It still keeps her from going through doors or opening up cabinets. Most of the time, we let her run free in the house, but this is so fantastic if she wants to watch TV while I’m making dinner or just give her some boundaries while running around. It is quite difficult to get the ends together, but I can do it without my husband’s help. With our first child, we used it also around the Christmas tree and around her bed to keep her from wandering if she woke up and I didn’t hear her. For these two jobs, we left it as an open semi-circle, but it’s never gotten toppled over for us. We just used the strongest/most stable angles at each joint. Overall, this is wonderful, and one day, we may even use it as a puppy pen outside.

Bertha Nahunta, GA

Quality and piece of mind

So I got these to section off some of my house so the babies could crawl around without being able to get into stuff. They function well and are easy to assemble.Add a pull strap or bungie cord to help hold it to something and your all set.

Maura Addington, OK

Good portable fencing for dogs or kids

We purchased this play yard to contain our two small dogs in the back yard, and it is working very well. It is sturdy enough to withstand weather, as well as clever dogs who are usually good at finding escape routes.

Krystal Whippleville, NY

fits perfectly

This is the second set of extentions and they fit great, I needed an extra large gateto cover our entertainment system

Mia Star, TX


This extension would be best suited for outdoor use. It’s really a bit overkill for indoor use. The whole yard is rather flimsy and the panels I received were warped in the middle. :-/

Marissa Rehobeth, MD