North States Top-Notch Petgate

North States Top-Notch Petgate

North States Supergate Top-Notch Gate from North States

Main features

  • Adjusts to fit openings 28 to 41 inches wide and is 23 inches high
  • Pressure mount gate requires no assembly or tools
  • Exclusive memory lock feature retains the locking position when removed
  • Ideal for bottom of stairs or between rooms
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Verified reviews


You get what you pay for

It’s not bad – it does what it does but if the pressure mount isn’t strong enough, my 22lb son can climb onto it and pull backwards causing the gate to fall on top of him.

Lillie Muddy, IL

Easy to take with you and pretty easy to use

I love that I can step over these without having to do anything. They travel well (I take to my parents all the time), are a great price and make it that my daughter can see over the gate… which seems to calm her a bit.

Margot Bar Harbor, ME

Easy to use / hard to adjust

For the price I was actually not expecting anything good. We were just hoping for it to be good enough to stop the baby from climbing up the stairs. I was positively surprised at how good it actually works. It surely is not pretty but it does what it’s supposed to do for a low price.The only thing difficult is getting it set up for the first time. I had to use one foot to keep it pushed against the wall while pulling with both hands to spread it between the walls in the stairwell. Definitely nothing you could do with a baby in your arms.But once it’s set up it is easy to operate with only one hand. The memory funktion keeps it in the same position and the gate doesn’t have to be readjusted each time.I also love how good it stays in place. No matter how hard my son is pulling and pushing on it – IT DOESN’T MOVE AT ALL. Definitely safe and easy to use at a top price. Just not very pretty to look at but what does that matter?!

Lacey Festus, MO

Bought for outside deck stairs, works for my needs

I bought this gate not thinking it would hold up long. I needed a gate for my deck for several reasons. One, if my toddler was to get outside and not to fall down the deck. Also, I have feral cats I feed and like them to feel safe on the deck. And last, there are a lot of dogs in my neighborhood that if there is no gate placed up, they will come right up to my patio door, they are aggressive too. I previously had a wooden gate but with it being exposed to the elements, it did not last long and warped. I did not think this gate would last long but so far I am very impressed. I measured the opening to the stairs of the deck and it was 41 even. I was scared this gate would not fit but it did. It seems to hold really well too. It has been exposed to heavy wind, wildlife trying to get around it, and it also had a feral cat sleeping on it, it seems to have great support. I like that it is plastic and will not matter if it gets wet. I need something simple and cheap. This exceeded my expectations and was very easy to put up. I also want to note I live in a not so great neighborhood so did not want to spend too much if the gate was stolen. For what I am using it for, I am very impressed! Would and will buy again if needed.

Loraine Oglesby, IL

Good so far

I’ve used the gate 5 times now as a baby gate and I really like it. Once locked in place it does not wiggle, budge or bend. It latches with no problem and I haven’t had to move the memory lock like some reviewers had complained about. The plastic on it is pretty sturdy so I don’t know why people have complained about that either. All in all this is a great gate, especially for the price. I believe I read on one review it was shorter than the average baby gate but for my 9 mth old it works just fine. I’m very happy with this purchase.

Alyssa Baker, FL

Great stationary gate

As a stationary gate that we leave in place, this is an excellent value and a tight fit. Just work with it until you figure it out. It does take a few minutes… Great value!

Vivian Mingoville, PA


Very sturdy well made gates..We have four of them blocking off areas that are not child proofed and they keep my daughter out well. It’s easier to just step over them than to move them every time to enter one of the rooms but they are pretty easy to move and put back

Louisa New Lisbon, WI

Great Gate. Better than most wooden gates

Works really well, a good height for stepping over if you are an adult. lightweight but sturdy. definitely recommend! For the price you can’t beat it!

Jennie Hubbell, MI


These things tend to be more sturdy than the wooden ones. My children kick them repeatedly and run into them as they wail for us to let them out, and yet they’ve held up. My first child is now 5, so I’d say these things WORK! And we didn’t even bother to screw them into the wall.

Leslie Lynnville, KY

Okay gates

We bought two of these gates and I would say overall they are okay. They do their job. The only thing I have to complain about it that they are hard to close up. Other then that they are sturdy.

Carissa Marshfield Hills, MA


I HATE this gate. It is nearly impossible to adjust. There is a little metal thing that goes into the plastic groove to hold the gate at a certain width, but getting it out is incredibly difficult. I have to pull and pull and when it finally pops out I usually end up getting hurt. Also, unless you are putting the gate in a really easy place, like in a flat-sided doorway with no trim, it doesn’t stay up, or if it does stay up, falls over when the baby pushes or pulls on it. I just hate this thing – it’s sitting in the basement right now and isn’t likely to come out anytime soon.

Flora Soldotna, AK

Ugly, cheap and functional…

My daughter has been becoming more adventurous of late, so I’ve been looking for something to keep her out of the kitchen (and the trash). Money is tight, as it is for many parents, so I needed something that wouldn’t hurt the wallet too much but would still do the job. The North States Supergate Top-Notch Gate largely gets the job done.Actually using the thing is tedious. It’s easy to know how to use, but actually using it really does require two hands, especially it you have any kind of molding around the bottom of your doorways as I have in my kitchen (you have to hold it in place above the molding with one hand, while using the other to bring down the locking bar. The “memory-lock” feature might sound good in theory, but it just doesn’t work as well as you think, as adjusting it often causes the memory bar to come undone. Maybe I still need to get the hang of it, but that aspect of it has been a disappointment thus far. At this point, we’ve resorted to just stepping over it, which is easy enough since it’s fairly low to the ground.The good thing is that it does work. Once you’ve got the gate into place, it has a tight, snug fit. My daughter has slapped at it a bit, leaned on it a little more, and it’s keeping her out (and not getting her hurt, which is as important as anything). Ultimately, it does what it’s designed to do. It’s ugly and sometimes a pain to actually use, but the North States Supergate Top-Notch Gate does keep my little one out of the kitchen and away from the trash, oven and cabinets. If it were easier to actually adjust, I could probably recommend it a whole lot more. As it is, I’ll deal with having to hop into and out of my kitchen.

Arlene Lakewood, PA

Great product

Great gate, not the most attractive, but who cares. It has a excellent fit much better than more expensive gates and my little one can’t get it open (she is learning how to press the release button on my Safety First gate). Well worth it,we own two.

Lenora Walkertown, NC

Difficult to Operate…

About two weeks after sending the last of my easy to use First Years baby gates to the Goodwill, we decided to get a puppy. I looked around for those same baby gates, but couldn’t find any. I found this gate and, while it is absolutely hideous, it’s was cheap, which is good since I didn’t know how long I’d need it for.I realize some people here have found this gate easy to use, but I am not one of them. I can’t imagine how people are able to operate it one handed. Sure, it’s easy to unlatch and remove from the door frame one handed, but setting it back up is a challenge. Maybe it was just my particular gate, but it didn’t slide easily AT ALL. It took quite a bit of effort to pull the one side out to make it larger, then I would have to carefully tap it down to the size I needed so it would fit the door frame again, since the four rubber stoppers prevented me from just slipping it back into the doorway. At first I thought it was just me, but even husband, a naval nuclear engineer, struggled with it…so that made me feel better. Again…it may just be our particular gate, but my experience with it has been mostly negative.In the end I’m glad I went cheap because we ended up not really needing it (puppy is kept in the bathroom at night with the door closed instead of a gate up), but we’ll keep it around just in case. If you’re planning on using this for a child, I say pass…unless you’re going to put it up in a doorway and leave it there. In that case it’s a great gate because it’s so cheap. But it your planning on removing it frequently from wherever you put it, look elsewhere.

Shelby Weaubleau, MO

Good gate

This gate does its job for the price. It is not the best quality gate out there, but it works. We have it in our doorwary leading to the garage. We like that it is low enough for us adults and older kids to step over.

Tracie Grosse Tete, LA

Pain in the butt!

If you’re anything like me and don’t have a lot of time to set up or take down a child gate then don’t buy this one.

Kerry Amesbury, MA

Works well, fits our stairway (and doorways), and it fits ABOVE our baseboard moulding.

I’ve read reviews about people saying that the “memory” feature isn’t working, or that pushing down on the plastic undoes the metal from the memory notches.If you have the metal secured in the notch and you press down and and the metal pops up, it’s more likely that you have your gate set up too tightly, so the metal is popping out from stress on the gate. Of course, it could be your individual gate. If you don’t feel the metal is hard to push into one of those notches, that maybe the gate should be replaced.On my gate it was incredibly difficult to put the metal into the notches, which is why my memory feature works great. I pull up on the plastic, it loosens, and I can remove the gate. The metal bar stays in the notch though, so all I have to do is replace it in the same opening, push down on the plastic, and it tightens up again. Easy enough that I can do it while carrying my son if he is asleep.Like I said in the title, the pressure mount for the bottom of the gate is above our baseboard moulding, which is something I was concerned about. This means that I can use this gate in any opening in my house safely. The only issue I had was that the gate is almost too small for our stairway (and I did not think that it was a large opening to start with). I had to put it on the very last notch for it to fit snugly in the stairway, but I suppose that is the largest opening I would need to use it for.

Erin Koshkonong, MO

sturdy gate

This gate is VERY sturdy and easy to install. Because you adjust the width of the gate by sliding the two panels, it will fit your doorway much better than the metal gates with the extensions. The only reason I ended up returning it was because I had a little trouble stepping over it every time I wanted to walk through the doorway (I’m only 5’2″) and I didn’t want to be trying to step over this while carrying a baby, laundry, etc. This gate might work better for taller people.

Adrian Delaware, OH

works great

and it’s cheap! great for fence off an area that you don’t use very often. the construct is good, plastic is strong enough, easy to adjust. it’s been a year and still holding up well.there’s also a wooden one, wider – very flimsy – don’t buy. i returned mine.

Janet Arenas Valley, NM

Terrible! Clunky and hard to use

I ordered this gate based on other Amazon customer reviews. It seemed most people liked it and only commented on the ugly appearance but were happy with the functionality. Yes, it’s ugly. Aren’t most gates? But this gate in particular is also clunky and hard to use. We already had a great gate, although it was priced a bit higher and we got it at Target. Our other gate looks very similar (gray, plastic…) but works like a charm, while this one and its weird “memory” clip make it difficult to set up and take down.I hated this gate so much that we just donated it to charity. I didn’t even want to bother returning it through Amazon because come on – what a pain! I would have to re-package it and lug it to the post office. I would not recommend buying this gate – get a tension gate that locks into place, as it’s much easier to use.

Mary Dickey, ND

hard to handle

This gate is very difficult to handle. I cannot get it to spread apart without turning it on its side and putting my foot on it and pulling up on it toward my chin. I don’t find that the memory feature works in the longer positions. I wish I had never purchased it. This also does not work with our baseboards. I know that this is a problem with any gate of this style, but something to consider prior to purchase.

Charlene Lake Park, GA

Good buy

For the price I paid for this gate, its totally worth it. I was hesitant to purchase this product after reading some reviews, but figured I’d give it a shot and am happy I did. We live in an apartment and I did not want any gates with hardware. It is not very easy to get it to the correct door size, but once that’s done its a breeze. If you don’t mind hopping over a gate, this is the gate for you. I ordered 2 more after I was happy with the first but.

Leslie Hyde, PA

you get what you pay for… :/

it isn’t a great quality – ours bowed and if the doorway isn’t completely squared off correctly it doesn’t work right. like, the side with the adjuster on it is bent away from the gate. i could try loosening it a notch or two but then it wouldn’t hold the doorway. next one i get will probably be wood – something more solid for sure. my 15 month old is already figuring out how to pull it down… not a good thing! 😀

Roxie Salem, NJ