North States Wood Frame Diamond Mesh Pet Gate

North States Wood Frame Diamond Mesh Pet Gate

North States Supergate Diamond Mesh Pressure Mount Wood Gate from North States

Main features

  • Adjusts to fit openings 26.5 to 42 inches wide and is 23 inches high
  • Ideal for bottom of stairs or between rooms
  • Pressure mounts instantly and securely without hardwar
  • Sturdy hardwood frame with rigid diamond mesh panels
  • No-mar rubber bumpers keep the gate in place without marking walls

Verified reviews


Useless until I figured it out

Ugh. They really need to put instructions on the thing. I hated this gate, I could never get it tight enough in a doorway for it to be any use at all. The slightest touch would topple it. But then I figured it out.What you need to do to get it tight in a doorway is to separate the two wooden bars where it says “open close”. Pull on the metal clasp and pull the bars apart. Then put the gate in the doorway, put the metal bit that sits in the grooves into the groove you want, and push down the top bar like a big lever, snapping it to the lower bar. Finally, it is secure in the door!!!

Lorna Slagle, LA

Works great – easy to adjust

This gate is sturdy. I have watched my kiddo pull on it and try and climb up it. The gate has held up. He loves to stand at the gate hold onto the top and yank it back and forth. The gate is very easy to adjust and locks into place firmly. I would definitely buy more of these if we needed them. We have had it for 4m now and there are no signs of damage.

Brandie Moreauville, LA

People, they’re the worst…these gates, they’re the best.

This gate requires common sense, not instructions. There is no sense in down-grading their rating for this reason. Why does toothpaste have instructions? People like you, who lack common sense and basic problem-solving skills.The height is better than the taller Evenflo model, because even at 5’4" it is still possible to step over the gate, even while holding a laundry basket. We’ve had this gate set up on the stairs (prior to setting up a permanent gate) and it is possible to step over the gate and down one step without issue.Bear in mind that the bottom corners must be placed above floor molding so that all four rubber nubs have equal pressure against the wall. Even with the added height, it is easy to step over. This is not the type of gate you want to unlock and replace every time you want to go by.We have permanently mounted gates in addition to these pressure gates since each gate has its own benefits. Permanently mounted gates are just that, you never intend to move them, just pass through. If you go this route, be prepared to use the screws they provide since they are not strong enough to hold back toddlers without the extra reinforcement.These pressure gates are for blocking off an open slider (the nubs fit into the slider so it is impossible to dislodge) or the kids’ bedroom during play time. We also use them on the front door when we are looking for a cool breeze.After a few weeks you will notice that the metal leaves marks in the commonly used settings, so it is quicker to install over time.

Reva Shakopee, MN

Serves its purpose

This gate works but you can tell it’s a “cheap” gate. Its frame is made out of soft, light-weight wood. Other than that, it’s great. Easy to use. To adjust the length, you just move a little metal “peg” to the desired length (there’s numbers on the adjuster, so you know you’re adjusting it to the right lenghth). To install, you just push the arm down. To remove, you just lift the arm up. How much easier can it get?!

Lorie Brackney, PA

Simple, Inexpensive, and it works!

We have a very expensive baby gate blocking our stairs, but wanted a cheap / easy to move baby gate to section off certain rooms of the house…this fits the bill! It’s lightweight, easy to operate, and it can be tight / sturdy enough to keep our toddler in the area designated. It’s a great solution if you need something flexible.

Natasha Wildie, KY

Wouldn’t lock.

I must be stupid because I could not get this thing on to lock… It is that simple. Maybe someone smarter then me has better luck.

Juana Sheldahl, IA

Decent Gate, ok quality

I bought a cpl of gates to keep my children from going into a room in my home. The gates get the job done just fine but my 2 and 4 year old can both open the gates if they really want to.. and they have. They can also pull them off of the door.. I guess it depends on what you really need the gate for :-)If you put them in tight they leave marks on the inside of the door frame.. i have busted one of them trying to put it in a little too tight in an attempt to keep the kids from entering :-(. The cats can get over the gates with no problem at all…I would recomend spending a bit more to get something of better quality. I would not buy them again.. but for now.. i have them and will do the best with what i already spent my money on :-(Also.. walmart has them for half the price listed here… just saying..

Krystal Afton, MI

Works great!

What else can I say? It does its job and I appreciate that it doesn’t need anything but pressure to keep it in place. No fancy hinges or anything. You really don’t need to buy anything more expensive than this!

Leeann Lakewood, OH