Nosefrida Hygiene Filters

Nosefrida Hygiene Filters

Nosefrida Hygiene Filters and#8211; Replacement filters (20 count) for Nosefrida “The Snotsucker” Nasal Aspirator. Clinically proven to prevent bacterial and mucus transfer.

Main features

  • Clinically tested to prevent bacterial and mucus transfer
  • Disposable
  • Replacement filters (20 count)

Verified reviews


Caution: Darwin Awards ahead

I bought a nosefrieda (along with these extra filter packs) despite that nagging voice in the back of my head telling me that sucking the snot out of my son’s nose is not a good idea.Turn’s out, despite 1100 reviews and a 4.5 star rating (for the main product), that voice was correct. These little pieces of foam will stop the snot from getting into your mouth, but will do -NOTHING- to stop any microbes in your kid’s nose. They are small enough to pass right though, and get lodged deep in
• your
• lungs.Let’s think on this for a second. Your kid has a runny nose. why? Because he’s harboring some kind of infection. You’re sucking that snot out of his nose WITH YOUR LUNGS. Normally you wouldn’t inhale these sorts of microbes that deep into your own airsacs because that’s not how breathing normally works. They would normally get stopped in your sinuses (duh) or your throat, or at worst, your upper airway. This little device however will put anything in your kid’s sinuses on a highway straight into your lower respiratory system.Anyway, long story short literally the
• 24 HOURS
• after the first time I used the main product,
• I
• had a sore throat and a cough. This was 12/24. Went to the Dr today, Dr presribed corticosteroids & levaquin. So yeah. Like i said, Darwin awards.Honestly, this product should be recalled, along with the nosefrieda. DO NOT BUY.

Ora Hawkins, TX

Good but expensive for long term use

I have the nosefrida and while I must say that it’s really safe for kids (doesn’t injure their nostrils) these replacement filters are expensive! You’re supposed to change the filters after each use to maintain hygiene but with my twins having to have their noses cleared at least twice a day, that’s 4 filters a day! What I do is use a filter per day and just rinse and airdry the filter after each use…

Phoebe Pierpont, SD

I love the Nosefrida.

The Nosefrida works so well on clearing my baby’s nose. It comes with spare filters, so you may want to wait to buy these.

Paulette Heflin, LA

Don’t need it.

All you need its the original Nas Frida, this is just extra money not needed to spend. I wish I didn’t purchase. I do however think the NASFRIDA product is a lifesaver and will order for any of my expectant friends.

Libby Soldiers Grove, WI

Great, But Don’t Follow The Directions!

I bought the Nosefrida for my son and I’m glad I did. He came down with an incredible cold when he was only a few months old and the traditional bulb syringes just don’t work anywhere near as well. The only problem was I forgot my refills and I was away from home visiting family for weeks. I looked in stores and no one sold replacements. So I was forced to wash and reuse them. It actually worked perfectly. I’m pretty sure that between the refills that came with the Frida and the one refill pack I have I’ll never need to buy more. They’re plastic and super easy to scrub out, the mucus rarely even gets that high into the chamber anyways. Tossing them after each use is just wasteful.

Tonya Matheny, WV

Dont work!

I got sick 2 times from my baby’s cold by using this product. the filters dont do jack. Use an aspirator.

Harriett Pear Valley, TX

Does the job

The nosefrida is a great product, and these are necessary to keep it hygienic. This product loses a star for charging five bucks for holes punched in a little piece of foam.

Jade Tintah, MN

Works great

I love this for my little one. I’ve used it since birth and my baby is going on 8 months now. I don’t think you need to replace these that often, because gunk doesn’t usually travel up high enough to touch it. So, thankfully, these will last forever. I was able to use just what came with the actual nose freda and not touch these for months.

Ellen Riverton, WV


These work great with the Nosefrida (which I LOVE!). The Nosefrida is the only thing that works for my baby so I don’t have any issues or complaints.

Maude Brandywine, WV

Great Price!

You will definitely need these when ordering the Nose Frida, which is a wonderful nose sucker. Nothing gets the snot out better than this. Great price for the quantity of filters you receive.

Rocio Hundred, WV

Just like those provided in the original snot sucker

These are just like the original snot-sucker filters. Truly a strange product but one that when needed fits the bill.

Jacqueline Clayton, LA

save your money

i totally agree with the other reviewers. if you already own theNosefridaand have used it, you know one filter will last almost indefinitely. you can suck with the power of a thousand burning suns and the snot still won’t even come close to the top. unfortunately, i bought these refills at the same time when i got the aspirator (which does come with 3 extra filters). i’ve had mine for five months now and i’ve only changed it once and that’s only because my mother accidentally threw it away thinking it was trash – i had just cleaned it and laid the parts disassembled on a paper towel to air dry.

Vickie Newark, NY

Wait to purchase.

As previous reviewers have mentioned, it’s generally not necessary to replace the filter after each use so you might want to hold off on purchasing these right away. These do their job though!

Alexis Pierceton, IN

works well!

Seem to do the trick. I have used three times when baby was sick and haven’t gotten sick myself. (And I washed them in vinegar water to disinfect. Why not?)

Maritza Arcadia, MI


These let me know that my filters are always clean. I clean my nose frida after every use and tend to replace the filter at the same time, even if nothing touches the filter itself.

Marsha El Paso, IL

Nosefrida Filters

Replacement filters for the best baby invention ever. No more yucky filters. Out with the old, in with the new. Nose-Sucking for the win.

Joan Ralph, SD

Work great

These filters work well- and the nose frida itself is AWESOME. So much better than the bulb to suction out my little guy’s nose. I recommend the nose frida to all my mommy friends!!

Becky Sod, WV

great suctioner

accidentally threw out filter that came with it. had tough time locating in store. BRU said they didn’t have for weeks.

Kristina Berlin Heights, OH

Genius invention

Whoever invented the Nosefrida is a genius. The filters are easy to replace and cheap. Honestly I don’t "replace after each use" because I would go through a million filters per baby’s cold, but they work great and are easy to use.

Estelle Holmes Beach, FL

Great replacement

Now these are available in Target but I purchased from here because nobody sold the nose sucker or replacement filters a few months ago. Great to have handy because you’re supposed to replace filter after each use.

Janie Westlake, OR

Must buy!

The nosefrida is the best! My baby is only 3 months so we don’t really need all of these filters yet but its good to have for the future.

Mina Saint James, MN

Seems a waste

Such a awfully big piece of foam for one time use…or am I supposed to use it a few times? I’m not quite sure if that would be hygienic. And the surrounding foam just goes into the garbage? Not sure why they don’t just stick a dozen foam pieces in a box. I think it does what it’s supposed to in any case.

Marlene Page, ND

Great to have replacement filters

I originally didn’t think we would really need these after using the Nosefrida a few times and never having the snot come close to touching the filter. Then, one time he had really slimy, wet congestion and the snot did come up to the filter. We ended up throwing that filter away and using these replacements during his sickness. They work like a charm and are nice to have on hand for those really runny congested times!

Tania Keene, ND

Good price

I was happy to see that you get 20 filters for only 4.99. These are a must if you have the Nosefrida and they do what they are designed to do–keep the gross stuff out of your mouth!

Michelle Haralson, GA

Love My Nosefrida, so these are a must

I needed the replacements because I use my nosefrida so much, I wash the plastic over and over again, that I usually end up losing the filters somehow. Now I think I have plenty until the end of time.

Sonya Dermott, AR


I love the Nosefrida and being able to have a nice stock of the filters makes it so much more convenient.

Georgia Sheldahl, IA

must have

stock up …you need these for the Nosefrida (the snot sucker nasal aspirator)this way you avoid the nasty snot

Tamera Virginia City, MT

Fantastic product

These refills are needed for the nosefrida. At three dollars and free prime shipping, you can’t pass the deal up. I have to admit, it is gross to suck the snot out of my sons nose, but holy cow does this thing work!!!!! He has a lot of congestion due to reflux, so I get lots of use from this. It works a lot better than the bulb aspirator. The refills make sure that nothing gets in your mouth while you use it. Trust me, you want to get these!

Angela Sparkman, AR

Extra filters

Great add on item for the Nose Frida. The Nose Frida comes with 4 filters but it doesn’t hurt to have more on hand.

Jessica Sebree, KY

Does it’s job.

It’s a filter, what is there to write really? It works, the Nosefrida is fantastic and I absolutely love it. The filters do their job very well, no problems whatsoever.

Addie Hammond, WI