NuAngel Washable Nursing Pads 100% Cotton – Natural – 8 pads – Made in U.S.A.

NuAngel Washable Nursing Pads 100% Cotton – Natural – 8 pads – Made in U.S.A.

NuAngel Cotton Washable Nursing Pads are made from 100% cotton for maximum air circulation, as recommended by breastfeeding experts. Cotton nursing pads are more comfortable and less irritating to sensitive skin offering plenty of absorbency. NuAngel Cotton Nursing Pads are made of four thick layers of quality American-made 100% cotton flannel. The reusability of washable nursing pads saves you money.

Main features

  • Made of 100% natural, unbleached cotton
  • Naturally conforms for a comfortable fit
  • Approximately 4.5″ in diameter to accomodate various sizes
  • Washable & reusable
  • Made in USA

Verified reviews


Dependable Cloth Nursing Pad

…so many choices! As a nursing mom, I would prefer to use washable nursing pads to save money and decrease waste. But what options do we moms have? After studying, I saw 12 different companies under “washable nursing pads” at the start of this project. Each one offered slightly different products. I’m working to test each product I can get a sample of. I believe most products fit one or more specific needs. I hope my research helps you make the best choice for your needs.So far, each brand’s strengths were as follows:>Kushies (3star)absorbed moisture immediately so they were the best inner doublers,>La Leche League (3star)appearance was best for use in B/C nursing bras,>Medela (2star) was easy to find in stores and absorption improved with time,>NuAngel (4star)was very affordable. “White/patterns” absorb a bit faster than “natural” so I like to put “natural” as an outer doubler and “white/patterns” as inner doubler during heavy let-downs.If you only drip a few drops during let-down any one of these brands would be fine. Read further if moderate to heavy let-downs are common.All products were machine washable, free samples, and pre-washed in hot or warm water and cold rinse at least once before use unless otherwise noted. No fabric softeners were applied as they can cause repelling. All samples were used at least a month before final opinions were noted.Categories: dry shirt test, rate of absoption, appearance, leakage, light use, heavy night use, doubler. Organic?, Made in USA/Canada?, Fair Trade?, Construction Material? Seam/Dart? Cotton/ Bamboo…?KUSHIES:Single layer/light use 4 starInner doubler 5 starOuter doubler 1 starheavy night solo 1 starRate of absorption 5 star (immediately absorbs 3ml during 2 secs dispersed).Shirt test – back of pad damp in 10 minutes (3ml), shirt not visibly damp, but slightly damp to touchAppearance 2.5 star (deep dart gives nipple effect on C cup(2), becomes less visible with time(3))Best speed of absorption and inner doubler. 2-second squirt of 3ml absorbed in same 2 seconds. Still fresh white color after 2 months use. 100% cotton, 4 layers, med contour and dart/seam, 6 pads/pk, ~5″ diameter, Made in Canada.LA LECHE LEAGUE:Single layer/light 4 starInner doubler 1 starOuter doubler 4 starheavy night solo 2 starRate of absorption 2 star: (3ml in 13-40 sec, variable)3ml within ~5 seconds after couple months of useShirt test – shirt visibly wet in 5 minutes (3ml)Appearance 5 star (Especially good for C/+ size in my experience)Best appearance for 36C wearing tank top/tight clothes. Variable speed of absorption. 13-40 seconds to absorb 3ml–improved after 2 months use. Excellent outer doubler. 95% Cotton/5% Polyester, outer shell 100% cotton, seamless deep contour, 4 pads/pk.MEDELA:Single layer/light 3 starInner doubler 3 starOuter doubler 2 starheavy night solo 1 starRate of absorption 2 star: (3ml in 23 sec), 3ml within 5-10 seconds after couple months of useShirt test – back of pad damp in 20 minutes, not visible on shirt (3ml)Appearance 3 starAbsorbed 3ml in 23sec, absorption improved thereafter following additional months of use. 100% cotton, min contour and dart/seam, 4 pads/pk w/ mini laundry bagNUANGEL INC:White/White Lace/PatternsSingle layer/light 5 starInner doubler 3 starOuter doubler 3 starheavy night solo 2 starRate of absorption – 3ml within 3 seconds after couple months of useShirt test – White/Patterns: back barely damp in 30 min / White Lace back not discernibly damp @ 30 min… in both cases shirt barely felt damp but not visibly dampAppearance 4 star (flat. smaller you are, better it probably looks)Natural/Natural LaceSingle layer/light 5 starInner doubler 2 starOuter doubler 4 starheavy night solo 2 starRate of absorption – star: 3ml within 5 seconds after couple months of useShirt test – Natural: back damp in 30 min / Natural Lace back not discernibly damp @ 30 min… in both cases shirt barely felt damp but not visiblyAppearance 4 star (flat. smaller you are, better it probably looks)NuAngel had the best price per unit. White & patterns absorb more quickly than natural tone (3ml in 24sec), absorption improved thereafter following additional month of use. Probably best to use white alone or as inner doubler depending on anticipated flow, and natural tone as outer or alone if only slowly dripping. May work especially well for smaller sizes like A or B. 100% cotton flannel, 4 layers (+ optional lace), 8 pads/pk (4 pair), no dart/seam, 4.5″ shrinks to ~4″ diameter, Made in USA.Definitions:Fully absorbed. liquid no longer beads/flows on surface when tiltedHeavy let-down. Can soak a Lansinoh disposable (most absorptive disposable I’d encoutered) in a single feeding and leak. Equivalent to about two & a half washable pads stacked to catch the flow. Heavy flow requires very absorptive inner doublers and low(er) absorption outer doublers so they have time to soak it all up without affecting your shirt. Hopefully a washable pad out there can improve on these statistics. I just haven’t met it yet. I’m still hopeful that the other 2/3 of these brands can provide a more efficient answer. I will gladly try any brand and report on my findings.Rate of absorption. 3ml water dispersed in 2 seconds. Dispersed/absorbed time: 2/2 = absorbed immediately. 2/20= 18 seconds after water dispersed until fully absorbedShirt test: After 1+ month of use, lay pad on favorite tank top, apply 3ml water, time how long until back of pad is damp to touch or shirt is visibly dampened. Check at 5, 10, 20, 30 minutes.If you would like another product reviewed, please let me know. This review goes into more detail at […]

Deanna Richland, WA

Not much to it..

I bought these since I always just spaghetti strap sports bras now that it’s more convenient to nurse but the bras are thin and I hate it when "I’m cold" and it’s visible haha. I was using disposables which we’re easy but I realized how much I was wasting since I don’t really leak. These pads a thick enough for coverage but there’s no curve to it so it’s lumpy and doesn’t give your boobs a nice shape when wearing fitted clothes. These remind me of those cheap removable pads that come in bra tops. I might as well have just bought those for cheaper.

Kim Hopkins, MO

Work good

My wife bought these to use while nursing our son. She finds them very comfortable and they are large enough to fit her larger hmm.. chest size. She has had only one leak issue that occurred during the first few months of nursing. Overall, she rates them a 4.

Effie Robinson Creek, KY

Way better than disposable!

Love these. They are very soft, stay in place, absorb a fair amount and other people can’t tell they are there!

Chelsey Blue Creek, WV

Great for breast-feeding moms!

Loved, loved, LOVED these pads! Wicked soft, easily washable (tossed them in delicates bag with baby socks and hats), and felt so much less obvious compared to the plastic stick-on pads. Could also wear to bed for overnight coverage. Would occassionally wear two pads on heavy leaking days.

Rosie Pointblank, TX

Does not soak

These pads are not very absorbent and they will not be useful for night time use. Unfortunately, even though I am not a fan of disposable things, it is best to use disposable pads for night time use. However, even if you want to use cloth/ reusable pads through the day, these are not very absorbent and they start to feel wet pretty easily.

Ashleigh Arbon, ID

Great for nursing moms

I use these every day under my Bravado nursing bras. I like that they feel like cotton (some of the other brands are slimmer but feel like they have polyester in them), and they’re very absorbent.The only con is that they can look a little bulky, but I haven’t been wearing silky, filmy tops post partum. Not even sure you can tell that they’re bulky under the bra and under a shirt.

Lee Mayhew, MS

Very absorbent but you can see circle shapes through your top

I use these at night because when worn out, you can see the outline of the circle shapes through your clothes.

Mara Wallingford, KY

Soft and absorbant

Pads were soft and work well so far. Held up fairly well in the washer and dryer, though I did have to press one out with the iron because it kinda bunched and wrinkled too much to easily slip into my bra without being pressed. They seem to be adequately thick without feeling like pillows in your bra. So far they are proving much more economical and less harsh against my skin than the disposables.

Dorothea Spruce Pine, AL


If you want to be green this is a good product. However, please note that it will bunch up when washed in the washer/dryer.

Tricia Weippe, ID

Great alternative to throw-aways

I’m probably not a super soaker but I do leak throughout the day and night; I’ve had these about a week and never leaked through them. I put a pair in each morning and change them at night. Occasionally I have to change during the day if one gets out of place. I got these because I hated throwing away the disposables and I’m doing a load of baby laundry every 3 days anyway…

Terrie Ottsville, PA

great for the price

I love these pads. They are soft, comfortable, don’t show much in my bra, and inexpensive. I wish they had a waterproof lining for heavier leaking. I will be buying more for sure. They generally last all day but on the heavier days my bra will get a little moist, I haven’t have any leak through onto my shirt yet. For the price they are great.

Kelley Indianola, IL

Save money on disposables

I used disposables for months. These are softer, thicker and more absorbent. Great for new mothers! These won’t scratch sore nipples, and are holding up well in the wash.

Mia Roselawn, IN

It is okay

I purchased this pads because disposable pads irritated my skin. I tried two different kinds of disposable pads and both of them felt extremely uncomfortable. NuAngel washable pads do not irritate my skin and easy to wash. I was pretty happy with the purchase until I washed them several times. Shape of these pads have changed after few washes. They are no longer soft. They feel rigid and stiff. I have purchased another brand washable nursing pads and they are still soft even after several washes compared to this brand. I am not regretting purchasing these pads, but I would seriously consider purchasing another NuAngel nursing pads in the future.

Marsha Castile, NY

So comfortable!

I leak a lot…even at 16 weeks. They can certainly handle a beating and come out as soft as when I bought them after washing. I love them. I have issues with anything rough, and these are perfectly soft. They usually last me a full 24 hours, unless I have real supply issues that day, in which case I might change them overnight.

Jordan Simsboro, LA


I have been nursing for over 4 months and thought that since my letdowns have become less frequent and less forceful I could maybe get away with wearing these during the day. NOPE. While my little one was nursing on one side, I leaked right through the pad on the other side. I had just put the pads in place, so they were fresh and clean. I bet it didn’t even hold a teaspoon. I think a folded over paper towel would have held more, to be honest.I’m grateful that the return process was very easy!

Allene Cibola, AZ

Not absorbent enough for me

I have forceful letdown, and I always leak right through these till my shirt is soaked. 🙁 They also show through most of my shirts.

Linda Dallas, IA

really soft

I love this – it’s super soft! I washed it in the machine before I used it and it remained soft. It’s also big so it didn’t move around during the night unlike my other pad from another manufacturer. I give 4 starts because the only thing I don’t like is that it’s a bit lumpy but it doesn’t bother me so much.

Juanita Bass Harbor, ME


I got these to use after I had been breastfeeding 4 months and the leaking slowed down. I don’t see them working well for heavy leakers. They get so lumpy after I wash them. They flatten down after wearing, but they still show through your top unless you have a padded bra.

Kelli Burnettsville, IN

around the house – YES , in public… NO

I keep these on hand for use around the house under a sports bra or nursing tank, but I don’t even bother trying to fit them in a bra b/c they are perfectly flat and just don’t contour to the body. With that being said, I did still rate them a 4, because they are in fact really helpful to have around.

Susana Ashland, PA

Four Stars

Comfortable pads (more so than disposable), but they leak so I only wear them at home.

Deloris Destrehan, LA

No Leakage!

These nursing pads are great. I have never had a leaking problem with these ones, even at night. Easily washable. They don’t lose their shape after washing and drying.The only reason I gave it a 4 and not a 5 is because of how thick they are (I guess which helps with the absorbency). They can definitely be seen through some shirts, and that is really annoying.

Amie Colton, OH